Wild Malicious Consort: Good For Nothing Ninth Miss - Wild Malicious Consort, Good-For-Nothing Ninth Miss 117: Condemning All My Family Members To Death

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She was supposed to have some special feeling since this was the first time that she had met her natural father.

But Yun Wu didn\'t feel anything. Instead, she took an instant dislike to him on hearing the first remark he made.

"What do you mean, General-in-chief Yun?" Yun Wu cast a cold, languid glance in his direction, saying, "Does General-in-chief Yun by any chance also think that I was the one who deliberately stole the phoenix egg? That I\'m the cause of this war?"

"You were not?"

"I never expected that General-in-chief Yun, the supreme commander of Zhou Kingdom\'s armies, is also so stupid."

The latter half of her remark was very sharp.

She stared back at him, the look in her eyes just as apathetic.

Faces of other generals changed as they heard this.

Chen Ling\'s face abruptly fell as he heard her words. He thundered, "Little girl, do you have any idea who you\'re talking to? How dare you be so impertinent? I can mete out punishment to you according to military laws for what you have just said."

Yun Wu was not afraid at all. Instead, she curved her lips and turned her head aside, saying, "Deputy General Chen, those were quite big words. General-in-chief didn\'t say anything yet but you started yelling. Do you think that your status is higher than his?"

"You... Bulls.h.i.t!" Chen Ling\'s face was dark with rage after he heard her words.

What an eloquent girl.

This girl really wouldn\'t let anybody get the best of her.

Wen Yu had been silently observing her all along.

Right at this moment when Chen Ling was so angry that he was about to pull out his saber, Wen Yu hurriedly walked forward and said mildly with a smile, "That\'s enough, Deputy General Chen. Stay out of this. Let General-in-chief handle it."

"You\'re taking her side?"

"I\'m not taking anybody\'s side. But if you keep doing this, you\'ll only end up embarra.s.sed." Wen Yu deliberately lowered his voice when he said the latter half of his remarks.

Though she was merely fabricating it when she said that Deputy General Chen wanted to arrogate himself the right to mete out punishment, there were hundreds of thousands of soldiers watching this. If he really did something on an impulse, there would be no way back.

After hearing this, Chen Ling was speechless with anger for quite a while. He darted a ferocious look at Yun Wu and took his leave silently with a twitch of his hand.

Yun Wu slightly squinted her purple eyes, flicked a glance at Wen Yu and then briefly sized him up.

This counselor had been smiling all along. He seemed unthreatening but was absolutely far more sophisticated and smarter than that deputy general.

He was a typical "smiling tiger", outwardly kind but inwardly cruel.

However, Yun Wu had no interest in competing with him.

Now that she had seen this so-called "father", Yun Wu didn\'t want to waste any time continuing to talk with them.

"You don\'t have to deal with this any longer. Now that you suspect I was the one who did that, just take it as the truth. Now if you\'ll excuse me, I have to take my leave." After saying this blandly, Yun Wu turned around, planning to leave.

However, Yun Lengyi\'s apathetic, commanding voice came from behind.

"Now that you admitted you did that, I can\'t let you leave. Guards, take her."

On hearing the order, soldiers nearby flooded over and solidly surrounded Yun Wu.

Their wicked-looking swords reflected cold gleams.

Yun Wu\'s eyes swept around with iciness gleaming at the bottom of them. She turned her head back and looked in the direction of Yun Lengyi whose face was sullen all along.

"What are you doing? You want to arrest me?"

"You\'re the cause of this war and responsible for the deaths of so many people. No matter what the reason was, I have to escort you back to the capital. His Majesty will decide how to punish you," Yun Lengyi said apathetically and seriously, watching her with an expressionless face.

"May I ask what kind of punishment His Majesty will mete out to me? Beheading me? Or, condemning all my family members and relatives to death?" Yun Wu lifted her eyebrows and asked.

Yun Lengyi made no response.