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It seemed as if Chen Ling hadn\'t expected that this black-faced little girl was so eloquent and cunning.

After hearing her words, he was at a loss what to say, because it would always be his fault no matter how he answered those rhetorical questions.

Instantly, he felt embarra.s.sed and was unable to find a way out of this awkward situation.

"Deputy General Chen, General-in-chief Yun asked you to invite this lady, but you started chatting with her. This is not the right thing to do." However, right at this moment, a mild, amused voice came.

A tall and straight figure not far away was walking towards them at a steady pace.

The man was about thirty-five or thirty-six, looking refined, elegant and very amiable, a big smile on his face. He was wearing a gray rob instead of a military uniform, which made him seem like a teacher.

"Please pardon him for his impertinence, lady. Deputy General Chen has always been like this. If his words offended you, please allow me to apologize to you on behalf of him. But our General-in-chief would like to have a talk with you. Would you mind walking a few steps?" His voice was mild and elegant. Though his words were polite, his att.i.tude was neither humble nor haughty.

Because of this, Yun Wu couldn\'t help sizing him up.

Just now, when he was walking over, his steps was sure-footed, and his Qi was stable, which indicated that he was probably a kung fu expert, but he managed to conceal his warrior\'s Qi with his cultured and elegant appearance. Even Yun Wu could barely detect it.

By no means was he a common person.

Judging from his clothing, words and manners, he probably was a military counselor, and his status was probably pretty high.

"Now that Lord Counselor put it this way, I\'m actually interested in meeting this General-in-chief Yun you mentioned," Yun Wu withdrew her gaze, curved her lips and said.

On hearing her calling him "Lord Counselor", Wen Yu couldn\'t help lifting his eyebrows. He watched Yun Wu and a flash of amus.e.m.e.nt crossed the bottom of his eyes.

How piercing this girl\'s eyes were .

She actually guessed his ident.i.ty after briefly peering at him.

"This way, please, lady."

Seeing that Wen Yu led the way himself, all those soldiers nearby were amazed.

Counselor Wen was invited back by General-in-chief himself. Even General-in-chief was respectful to him. But now he was leading the way for this black-faced little girl?

Chen Ling\'s face was a little sudden. Watching Yun Wu, who was leisurely, languid and didn\'t have the right att.i.tude that she should have when she was about to meet the General-in-chief, he felt a little uncomfortable.

But he didn\'t say anything, following them with a sullen face.

After a while, they walked through ranks of soldiers and finally arrived at a broad open s.p.a.ce at the rear.

Corpses in this area had been sketchily cleared off.

After bringing Yun Wu to this place, Wen Yu took a step forward and said very respectfully to a heavily-armed, tall figure who was standing among some officers, "General, she\'s here."

That tall figure, who was standing with his back to Yun Wu, turned around after hearing his words.

This man was n.o.body else but Yun Lengyi, the General-in-chief Yun of Zhou Kingdom.

Originally, Yun Lengyi was in a border city in the south. When magic beasts brought chaos to this border city in the west, in order to ensure the safety of the Seventh Prince who was garrisoning this border city, the Emperor issued an order and dispatched him to the west to deal with magic beasts.

Yun Wu had been in this exotic world for more than half a year, but this was the first time that she had seen her natural father.

He was wearing military uniform covered by silver armor, barely in his forties. His face was a mixture of seriousness and apathy.

In his piercing eyes gleamed strictness and solemnity specific to service men.

After flicking a glance at Yun Wu whose face was black, he briefly frowned.

But the look on his face was still serious and apathetic. In a cold, deep voice, he asked, "You were the one who stole the phoenix egg? Are you aware of the crime you committed?"