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The moment the phoenix saw the fruit taken out by Yun Wu, her pupils contracted noticeably and a flash of amazement crossed the bottom of her eyes.

A Crimson Ambrosian Fruit?

She was merely a human. How come she had a Crimson Ambrosian Fruit?

Crimson Ambrosian Fruits contained concentrated fire element. Ambrosian Fruit Trees blossomed every a thousand years, and it took them an extra millennium to yield, so this kind of fruit was very precious and very rare even in the realm of divine beasts, not to mention in the Mortal Realm.

For Fire-Attributed magic beasts, Crimson Ambrosian Fruit was very nourishing. It could also help a magic beast make a breakthrough when the beast was evolving.

If a Fire-Attributed human ingested this kind of fruit, not only would his or her Fire-Attributed const.i.tution be strengthened, but also his or her power would double.

Crimson Ambrosian Fruits were especially precious for human alchemists, because even a single droplet of Crimson Ambrosian Fruit juice could add amazing property to the product.

Surprisingly, this human gave a whole Crimson Ambrosian Fruit to her child?

The killing intent in her eyes unnoticeably abated to a large extent.

However, what she didn\'t know was that Yun Wu, who had poor discernment, merely felt that this fruit was refreshing and crisp.

Back then she gobbled down over ten fruits to fill her belly.

She didn\'t feel anything unusual after eating them, so she didn\'t think much.

Of course, Yun Wu took all the fruits from that tree and stored them in her Storage s.p.a.ce, the total number of which was fifty to sixty at the smallest, regardless of their colors.

So she generously gave one to this little guy and didn\'t feel that it was a painful loss at all.

Little Reek was indifferent to Yun Wu\'s "generosity".

It clung on to her pant leg, raised its chubby face and looked at Yun Wu, shaking it head, big eyes full of tears.


Yun Wu\'s lips twitched.

Did this brat by any chance feel that one fruit was not enough? It had indeed seen her take all those fruits.

She stretched her hand into the other sleeve, produced another big fruit which was blue, then pa.s.sed it to the little guy, saying, "This is the last one. Behave yourself. Don\'t be too greedy."

The phoenix\'s pupils contracted again as she saw the fruit. Astonishment gleamed in her eyes.

A Water Ambrosian Fruit?

This human also had a Water Ambrosian Fruit?

But little Reek still shook its head, saying, "No!"

Finally, Yun Wu\'s face went angry. She glared at it. "You brat. What is it that you want exactly?"

Why did it cling on to her when its natural mother was right beside it? Did she really look like a wet nurse so much?

Yun Wu was very resigned and depressed.

However, she still stooped down, roughly grabbed it, raised it and stuffed the two big fruits into the arms of the little guy, which was pouting and looking at her with cute, pitiful and fluid eyes.

"Stay with your mom and behave yourself. Some day, when you\'re weaned, I\'ll come back to pick you up," said Yun Wu, as if coaxing a kid.

After saying this, with a twitch of her hand, she directly threw it at the phoenix, regardless of whether it had understood or not.

"Leave here right now. And remember to teach it how to behave, so it won\'t mistake someone else as a wet nurse. Doesn\'t it have any idea that will embarra.s.s others? I\'m still single."

After hearing Yun Wu\'s words, the phoenix also felt depressed.

Her child chose a human over her, and so many people saw this. She was terribly embarra.s.sed.

But this human sounded as if she was the one to be blame for all this.

And she couldn\'t even contradict her, which was very annoying.

But the phoenix didn\'t hesitate. As if worried that her child might follow this human and leave her, she carried little Reek, leaped upwards, turned into a fiery red phoenix and flew away immediately.