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"What a vicious human." The female phoenix transformed herself into a woman, an angry and murderous look on her face, glaring at Yun Wu who was using her child as a shield.


What kind of vicious thing did she do?

This little Reek had devoured one third of the Primal Fire. There was no way the flames spewed by her could hurt it.

However, Yun Wu scorned to argue with her. She raised the chubby little guy in her hands, as if she was doing weightlifting.

"You\'ve been demanding the return of your son all along, so I\'ll just give it back to you. Actually, I\'ve been meaning to return it to you all the time, but you yelled at me and tried to kill me the moment you saw me, which made my heart lurch, so I started running," Yun Wu said in a loud voice, bold and straight.

However, judging by the look on her face, she wasn\'t scared at all.

On hearing this, the female phoenix went even angrier, and even those standing in the distance could sense her anger.

A red figure flashed down and s.n.a.t.c.hed that little guy from Yun Wu\'s hands as quick as she could.

In a seemingly relieved voice, Yun Wu said, "All right. Now you got your kid back. For the record, whatever it is that is going to happen in the future has nothing to do with me."

After saying this, with a twitch of her hand, Yun Wu turned around and left.

She did this in such an elegant and unrestrained manner that anybody living in modern society, had they seen this, would be reminded of that sentence in a famous poem "I waved my hand and brought no cloud with me."

However, she had just taken one step forward and the leg behind was still on the ground when something grabbed it.

She lowered her head and took a look.

She saw that little Reek was tightly holding on to her pant leg and staring fixedly up at her with its big round eyes filled with tears, a pitiful look on its face.


Its babyish, tearful voice was quivering, as if it was a child whose parents were abandoning it.

Yun Wu was speechless with embarra.s.sment, her lips twitching violently.

She was really not a wet nurse. She had no breast milk for this little guy. Would anybody please take this little fatty away?

However, the phoenix darted a murderous look at Yun Wu when she heard the little guy calling her mom.

The look on the phoenix\'s face instantly switched from anger to iciness, and there was intense killing intent at the bottom of her eyes.

If her gaze were able to kill, Yun Wu would probably have been torn to pieces by now.

"Reek, get your claws off me," Yun Wu hurriedly darkened her face and thundered for fear that the phoenix might take action.

But little Reek ignored her yell and her "angry face".

It not only grabbed her pant leg with its claws but also clamped its chubby little legs around her shank like a Chinese doughnut.

Pouting its little mouth, it called in a tearful voice, "Mom, mom... "

This brat still dared to call her mom!

Any woman who saw her child regarding another woman as mother would get furious and try to kill that woman.

A murderous, wrathful look flashed across the phoenix\'s eyes.

This time, Yun Wu\'s heart really lurched.

There was a saying which said that inviting a G.o.d to one\'s home is easy, but having the G.o.d leave is difficult. This little guy had come to her on its own account, why was it still so difficult to have it go back home?

Beneath the murderous gaze of the phoenix, Yun Wu was horrified.

Eventually, resigned, she secretly clenched her teeth, stretched her hand into her sleeve and fished out a big, red fruit out of her Storage s.p.a.ce. In outsiders\' eyes, it seemed as if the fruit had been stored in her sleeve.

"Here you are. This is the last one I got. Take this and go with your own mother. Don\'t follow me. Understand?"

The moment Yun Wu took out the crimson fruit, a gratifying and refreshing fragrance spread out. A single sniff of it made people feel comfortable and relaxed.