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In her eyes, Yun Wu must be the human who had despicably s.n.a.t.c.hed her baby.

Even tearing Yun Wu to pieces wouldn\'t be enough to dissolve her anger.

Watching that murderous phoenix swooping towards her, Yun Wu hiding in dense foliage was terrified by the intense killing aura.

Without a single moment\'s hesitation, Yun Wu took a flying leap and shot towards the chaotic battleground.


Seeing that Yun Wu was taking her to the battleground, Little Reek in her arms was very excited. It raised its head and let out another piercing phoenix squeak.

"You brat still dare to squeak? It was all your fault."

Feeling that the phoenix was pursuing her hotly and spewing flames, Yun Wu was terribly anxious. She enveloped herself in wind element and started swishing around aimlessly on the battlefield.

Little Reek in her arms had no intention of correcting its mistakes. Instead, as if excited by this chase, it started squeaking again.

Yun Wu itched to strangle it with her bare hands. She subconsciously stretched out her hand and directly clamped it on its little mouth which had small zombie fangs revealing outside the lips.

On seeing this, the female phoenix widened her eyes and let out an extremely angry squeak which resounded around the whole battlefield.

"Human, let go of my child. Give me my child back... "

The sound waves of the female phoenix\'s roar was so powerful that Yun Wu nearly spat blood, a sharp pain in her eardrums.

Little Reek was enjoying this very much. Though Yun Wu was covering its mouth, it was happily waving its two little claws which were not too sharp, its chubby little legs kicking around constantly.

It looked like a puppy swimming.

But in outsiders\' sight, it seemed as if Yun Wu kidnapped this little guy which was madly "struggling".

"Clash... "

The female phoenix let out an extremely angry shriek which made the welkin ring, as if even wind and clouds were changing their directions due to this scream.

The female phoenix started spewing lances of flames but she didn\'t dare to hit Yun Wu for fear that the flame might hurt her child.

Fl.u.s.tered, Yun Wu kept rushing madly. Wherever there was a way, she took it. The battlefield was so vast that she had no idea which part of it she was in.

However, at this moment, all fighting on the battleground stopped.

Both magic beasts and humans concentrated all their attention on that "kidnapped" phoenix baby and that girl in black, who was fleeing on the battlefield.

Who was she?

However, no matter who she was, anybody who saw her coming in their direction dodged aside as quick as possible.

Because wherever she went, flames spewed by the female phoenix flying in mid-air would soon follow.

Those who failed to dodge in time, no matter magic beasts or humans, were instantly toasted.

Seeing that all magic beasts and humans were avoiding her, which left her nowhere to hide, Yun Wu felt resigned and depressed.

"Give me my child back."

In mid-air, the phoenix was hotly pursuing her, breathing fire, eyes wide with rage.

Yun Wu felt that sooner or later she would become a roast human if things kept going this way.

After flicking a glance at the little guy in her arms, which was happily waving its claws and kicking its chubby legs, she began to wonder whether she should just return this guy to that phoenix.

Though it was her indentured beast, this little guy\'s fighting capability was zero, and now she was about to be exhausted to death trying to flee from its mother who was chasing her and trying to kill her, but this little guy was having so much fun.

Did it have any idea that it was indentured to her? It seemed as if this guy regarded her as a nanny.

Thinking of this, Yun Wu, who had been swishing around rapidly, abruptly stopped.

Seeing that the phoenix was spewing another pike of fire towards her, Yun Wu grabbed little Reek and lifted it up above her head.


Yun Wu, who was panting heavily, let out a cry which resounded through this b.l.o.o.d.y battlefield.

Fortunately, the phoenix stopped in time. Otherwise, the giggling little guy, which had no idea what was going on, and which thought that Yun Wu was just teasing it, would have been toasted.