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The moment the two beams of light shot into the sky, Yun Wu had this weird feeling that there was a close ident.i.ty between her existence and that of the welkin and that of the earth.

She felt as if she was capable of controlling the welkin and the earth if she wanted to, as if she was the dominator of them.

Was this how it felt to be a summoner?

This feeling was so tempting.

However, the light soon turned into a crimson dazzlingly luminous sphere, split into two parts. One of them shot into Yun Wu\'s forehead and the other into little Reek\'s.

She felt a sudden constriction in her forefinger, as if something had just clasped it.

Yun Wu involuntarily lowered her head and took a look. To her surprise, a crimson ring had appeared around her forefinger out of thin air.

Was this by any chance, like what legend had it, an Indenture Ring which was a symbol of the ident.i.ty as a summoner?

Right at that moment, a sudden pang of stabbing pain clutched at Yun Wu\'s head and with that pierces of information flooded into her mind.

A summoner?

An equal indenture?

The general meaning of those pieces of information was that she had comprehended an Indenture Circle of her own which had indentured little Reek, that she had become a summoner.

There was also a long piece of information that she didn\'t quiet understand.

But she believed the meaning of it was probably similar to that of other information.

However, her body still hadn\'t revived yet. How come she became a summoner and also indentured this little guy?

She had a lot of confusions but couldn\'t figure them out no matter how hard she tried.

Since an indenture had been signed, an unbreakable bond had also been forged between her and little Reek.

Yun Wu could even feel the change of little Reek\'s mood as well as its fighting capability without verbal communication with it.

Yes, she could feel its fighting capability, which was amazing.

However, this little Reek\'s fighting capability was zero? It had no fighting capability at all.

Yun Wu was embarra.s.sed.

No matter what, wasn\'t it a descendant of a phoenix? How come it had no fighting capability?

Wasn\'t this guy too weak?

"Mom." Seeming to have felt that the relationship between it and Yun Wu had just become closer, little Reek grinned happily.

When it grinned, its sharp fangs were revealed, which startled Yun Wu.

Fine. Though it had no fighting capability, at least its fangs made it seem ferocious enough.

In the future, when she encountered an enemy she couldn\'t defeat, she could just ask it to reveal its fangs, and hopefully the enemy would be scared.

Totally unaware of her thought, little Reek smiled even more brightly.

"Elder White, what happened to you? You\'d been quiet for such a long time." After the indenture was reached, Yun Wu didn\'t stay there.

Carrying the little guy who kept trying to rubbed itself against her chest and acting cute, Yun Wu couldn\'t help asked this question while walking towards the periphery of the forest.

In the pendant, that aged voice gave a resigned sigh.

"I don\'t know either. I just feel that the seal has become much firmer recently. It seems as if I\'m going to be sealed again."

"You\'re going to be sealed again? Hasn\'t I removed the seal already?" Yun Wu frowned.

"I don\'t know what is going on either. Now the seal is restoring itself bit by bit. If it weren\'t for that you just comprehended an Indenture Circle and woke me up, maybe I\'ll be sealed while asleep."

"How did this happen? Elder White, I\'ve already become a summoner. Do you think I can indenture you?"

"You can\'t. Your body still hasn\'t revived yet." Elder White\'s aged voice sounded somewhat resigned.

Her body still hasn\'t revived?

Was it by any chance because her body hadn\'t revived and she hadn\'t indentured him that the seal began to restore itself?

Thinking about this, Yun Wu inexplicably felt a little anxious.

If that was the case, she had to find Long Qingxie and return to the Imperial City as soon as possible.

Yun Wu had just walked out of the forest when miscellaneous loud sounds of fighting were heard...