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Feeling the change in her body, Yun Wu couldn\'t help but frown glaring at little Reek who was in her arms.

Seeming to have sensed her anger, little Reek flicked a piteous look at her with its liquid big eyes, pulled her clothes with its little claws and then rubbed itself against her chest.

Was it acting pitiable?

Looking at its affectedly pitiful look, Yun Wu tried hard to suppress her annoyance.

However, right at this moment, all of a sudden...


A pang of burning pain clutched at her shoulder, as if something was corroding her body.

The pain was so sharp that she broke out in a cold sweat.

Confused, little Reek tilted its head and looked at Yun Wu\'s face. Seeing that she seemed to be in great pain, it knitted its little eyebrows.

And then, it stretched out its little claw and patted on the wound in her shoulder.

"It\'s okay. It\'s okay... "

Its voice was babyish, but it was imitating an adult\'s tone.

Yun Wu pulled a wry face in depression.

All of a sudden.

A dull-red light instantly flashed out of the wound in Yun Wu\'s shoulder and abruptly shrouded both of them in it.

Little Reek\'s chubby claw was slit open by something and its blood was dripping down onto the wound in her shoulder.

Their blood mixed with each other and with that a small cloud of dull-red blood shot out of the wound and landed beside Yun Wu\'s feet. Surprisingly, it twisted itself and formed into a complex, bizarre circle giving off a cold and a hot Qi both of which were mysterious and ancient.

Seeing this sudden change, Yun Wu stood transfixed with shock for quite a while.

"Is this by any chance... " After arriving at this exotic world, she had read a lot of books on general history and seen patterns similar to this circle in one of them. Wasn\'t this circle the long-lost...

"An Indenture Circle?" an amazed voice came from inside the pendant, as if the speaker had just waken up from a deep sleep.

An Indenture Circle?

Was this really an Indenture Circle peculiar to summoners?

"Elder White, you woke up!" Yun Wu, who had been in shock, said in surprise and delight after hearing the voice.

But meanwhile, a beam of scarlet light and another one of black light abruptly shot upwards into the sky from the circle, as if connecting the welkin and the earth.

Right at this moment, all magic beasts in this forest raised their heads in awe and looked in the direction of Yun Wu as if by tacit agreement.

Some low-level magic beasts even prostrated themselves, trembling, horror and panic glinting in their eyes.


In the innermost area of the Magic Beasts Forest in the north.

In that cave, an old man, who was sitting cross-legged like a statue, abruptly opened his eyes when the two beams of light shot into the sky.

A puzzled look flashed across his old eyes of wisdom.

An Indenture Circle?

Looking in the direction of somewhere outside the forest, he knitted his white eyebrows, "A summoner? How come there is Qi of a summoner\'s birth?"

At this moment, a middle-aged hurriedly waked into the cave.

"Master Shifu. A vision suddenly appeared in the sky. It seems to be in the direction of our Ambrosian Fruits Orchard," a middle-aged man walked inside and said urgently.

Last time, they were late and somebody stole the Flame Fruit soon after its ripening.

He calculated the time and found that those ambrosian fruits in the Ambrosian Fruits Orchard would soon ripen. Just now, there had been a sudden vision in the sky above the orchard, so the middle-aged man naturally went nervous.

The old man stood up and cast a glance in the direction of that vision with his eyes which had witnessed vicissitudes of his life, a somewhat solemn look on his face. "Go there and check."


"Yes!" the middle-aged answered. The moment he walked out of the cave, with a sudden move of his figure, he disappeared into thin air.

However, after thinking for a while, as if concerned, the old man also walked out of the cave and vanished on the spot after a flick of his body.