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"Have you had enough?" Yun Wu lowered her head and looked at the little guy.

The little guy nodded, looking robust and vigorous. It raised its big, round eyes, watched Yun Wu and stroked its full belly, saying, "Full."

What an adorable sight.

"That\'s good. Let\'s go. I\'ll take you to your mother." Yun Wu subdued her urge to pinch its cute chubby face. After saying this, she turned around, face full of satisfaction.

She had eaten her fill and also packed a lot of fruits into her Storage s.p.a.ce, so of course she was in a good mood.


On hearing this, little Reek tilted its head and thought for a while but failed to figure out the meaning of that word.

But it still joyously followed Yun Wu on its chubby little legs.

When they were pa.s.sing the Tiger Condor, little Reek suddenly stopped, as if something had just occurred to it.

Yun Wu noticed that there hadn\'t been any footsteps behind her for quite a while. She couldn\'t help turning her head back and took a look.

"Little Reek, what are you doing?" Yun Wu said with a frown on her face when she saw the little thing lying prostrate on the Tiger Condor\'s body.

The little guy jumped off the Tiger Condor, looked at Yun Wu and repeatedly shook its head like shaking a rattle, knitting its eyebrows tightly together.

"It\'s awful and foul. Mom, don\'t drink it again."

At first Yun Wu didn\'t quite understand why it did that. After hearing its words, light suddenly dawned on her.

It was imitating what she had just done?

Yun Wu pulled a wry face.

She drank beast blood because she had to, but this little guy imitated her purely out of curiosity.

"Little Reek, you little thing, be careful about what you try to imitate from now on. Don\'t just blindly imitate everything others do." Upon these words, Yun Wu turned around, walked over and picked it up.

Being held in Yun Wu\'s arms, it was very happy.

"Mom!" it said excitedly in a babyish voice.

Yun Wu\'s heart was slightly melted. "What is it?"

"I\'m hungry!"


Yun Wu was stunned. Didn\'t it say that it was full just a moment ago?

She lowered her head and was just about to asked when that little guy in her arms opened its mouth full of sharp fangs and bit into her shoulder extremely ferociously.

"Ah!" Yun Wu\'s face changed due to the stabbing pain and abruptly tried to throw it away.

But its two little claws gripped her clothes.

She not only failed to throw it away but also caused her shoulder to be slit by its claws, blood gushing out.

That little guy drank even more happily.

Blood vessels rippled beneath the skin of Yun Wu\'s forehead. For an instinct, she could scarcely suppress an urge to strangle this weird creature.

"Tsk, tsk!"

Totally unaware of this, little Reek drank even quicker, clicking its tongue.

The burning pain on her shoulder made Yun Wu feel both depressed and annoyed, her eyes ablaze with anger.

"Little Reek!"

Yun Wu thundered and stretched out her hand, attempting to pull it off her shoulder.

But the moment she touched it, "Sizzle..."

Its body temperature seemed to be as high as eight million degrees Celsius. Her palm instantly blistered.

It was so hot.

Yun Wu\'s eyes were full of astonishment.

Staring at little Reek who was still drinking her blood, she inexplicably felt restless and anxious.

What kind of monster was it?

That was clearly a phoenix egg, but this guy not only didn\'t look like a phoenix but also liked drinking human blood.

While Yun Wu was agitated, she suddenly felt a pang of burning pain in her shoulder.

That pain was somewhat familiar. Yun Wu was suddenly stunned. The Primal Fire?

Right on cue, one third of the Primal Fire in her body was instantly sucked by it.

It was sucking the Primal Fire in her body?


As if it finally had enough, the little guy on her shoulder let go and gave a loud belch.

One third of the Primal Fire disappeared from her body!