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There were flowers, pools and also a small pavilion.

Apparently, somebody built this secluded place.

Among everything in this valley, the giant, ancient tree in the middlemost position of the valley was the most intrusive. Its trunk was so thick that even ten people opening their arms hand in hand wouldn\'t be able to encircle it.

The source of that fragrance was the fruits on that gigantic tree, which were colorful, of strange shapes and giving off a special fragrance.

That fragrance was really tempting, especially for Yun Wu, who had been starving for a long time. She swallowed hard and could barely subdue her urge to rush over, pick a couple of those fruits and gobble them down.

But she had just raised her foot when she saw a magic beast on the other side of the valley out of the corner of her eye.

It had a tiger\'s head and a condor\'s body, which looked familiar to Yun Wu. Wasn\'t it a Tiger Condor a specimen of which she had once seen in the Magic Beasts Forest in the north?

Why was a Tiger Condor here? And it seemed as if that Tiger Condor had died not long before.

"Mom. Savory."

Yun Wu was contemplating with a frown on her face when a babyish voice came from that gigantic tree.

She flicked a careful look at the tree and saw that fatty Reek sitting on a branch amid dense foliage was gnawing away at a red fruit in its hands, its little legs dangling.

Yun Wu cast a resigned glimpse at it.

But she didn\'t walk up to the tree but turned and headed for that Tiger Condor.

Though her strength had been fully restored after that sleep she had had in the bottomless pit, and she had no uncomfortable feelings, she still had to drink beast blood whenever she had the chance, just in case, since her body hadn\'t revived yet.

This Tiger Condor was in middle stage of Tier V. There were no wounds caused by fight in its body, except for two tiny, almost undetectable tooth marks in its neck.

Who else could have done this apart from that little guy?

Yun Wu felt that this was very strange. Was Reek not a descendant of a phoenix? It could breathe fire, but other than that, she really didn\'t see this little thing was a phoenix\' descendant.

Instead, it was more like a baby zombie.

Little Reek, who was enjoying the fruit on the tree, suddenly paused. It blinked its big eyes, tilted its little head and looked at Yun Wu who was drinking beast blood down below, a confused look on its face.

\'What is mom doing?\'

Feeling that she had drunk enough blood, Yun Wu stood up and wiped her mouth.

The lingering smell of blood in her mouth disgusted her, but she ignored it and flashed straight towards the giant tree.

She casually plucked a white fruit about the size of a honey peach and took a bite of it.

So refreshing!

Immediately, the refreshing, juicy flesh of the fruit as well as the pleasant scent of it dissolved the foul smell of blood in her mouth. Yun Wu\'s eyes involuntarily lit up.

"Reek, you little thing are really a picky eater. This fruit tastes so good. No wonder you had me travel so far to come here. Let\'s have some more." Yun Wu gobbled down the fruit, feeling both amazed and delighted at its delicious taste.

On hearing Yun Wu\'s compliment, little Reek grinned, revealing its wicked-looking, sharp teeth, which made it a congenitally ferocious sight.

However, Yun Wu\'s attention was on those colorful fruits, so she didn\'t notice this.

Unknowingly, Yun Wu consumed over ten fruits, but she was still not full. Instead, the more she ate, the more she wanted to eat more.

\'These fruits are so good. I should take them all. When I get back, I can give some to Grandma Medicine and Little Leaf, and that man, too...\'

Thinking about this, Yun Wu started plucking those fruits like crazy.

When Yun Wu leaped onto the ground, the tree, which was originally full of fruits, had not a single fruit left on it.

Little Reek had eaten four or five red fruits and was full. At this moment, it also climbed down the tree with its claws and chubby little legs.