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Lingqi nodded and said, "Yes!"

After that, Lingqi turned around and took his leave.

But he was very curious about that girl.

Having been serving his master for twelve years, he knew very well that his master was a man with lofty ambitions, that before the time was right, he would always make sure the situation was well in hand and consolidate at every step.

But during the past over a month, in order to find that girl, his master even dispatched the forces that he had been hiding all along.

What kind of girl was she exactly? How come his master cared about her so much?


A figure was swishing in the forest.

Which part of the depths of this forest was she going to?

Yun Wu didn\'t know. Anyway, she was going in the direction that the little thing on her head was pointing to.

They arrived at a place where there were thistles and thorns all around. It was rather dark in this forest, and there was a faint air of mystery and danger around this place.

"Savory, savory... "

Little Reek on her head took a few sniffs, stretched out its chubby little claw and pointed at the depths of the bush surrounded by thorns in front of them.

"Stop saying \'savory\'. Can you see these thorns as dense as spider webs? They\'re poisonous. What is it that you little thing want to find exactly?" watching those th.o.r.n.y bushes, Yun Wu said sourly to little Reek, which was still waving its claws on her head.

She looked around and found that the area within a ten-mile radius around this place was probably full of thorns, that she would have to slash her way through these thorns if she wanted to get to the depths.


Right at this moment, little Reek on her head suddenly jumped down.

It toddled towards those th.o.r.n.y bushes on its chubby little legs.

Yun Wu was startled, saying, "Reek, you want to become a hedgehog?"

However, before her voice died away, that little thing raised its head and took a deep breath, "Ah, puh...".

With a sneeze-like sound, it suddenly breezed a line of fire out of its little mouth, which shot straight through the bushes like a fire dragon.

Instantly, the fire dragon devoured all thorns in its way and with that a path appeared.

Seeing that there was a path now, little Reek grinned, revealing its wicked-looking fangs, and then happily said to Yun Wu, "Mom, savory... "

After that, before Yun Wu reacted, it joyously toddled straight towards the depths of the bush on its chubby little legs. In the blink of an eye, its figure went out of her sight.

"Hey, Reek! Wait a moment."

Seeing this, Yun Wu hurriedly rushed forward.

Along the path made by that little thing with fire, she went squarely into the depths of the bushes.

However, though she had tried to catch up at a very fast speed, she didn\'t see that little guy\'s figure.

In the depths of those bushes, there was a dense wood, and the path branched off in several directions.


Standing at the intersection, Yun Wu yelled.

But there was no response. \'That d.a.m.n Reek. Its legs are short and fat. How come it disappeared so soon?\'

Yun Wu frowned. Resigned, she randomly took one of those paths.

It was dark, and fog started showing up around. After only a few steps, the path branched off in several directions again. It seemed as if she was in a maze.

What the h.e.l.l was this place?

However, right on cue, an inexplicably pleasant smell wafted over, which gladdened her heart and refreshed her mind.

Yun Wu lifted her eyebrows and followed the scent.

A land of idyllic beauty?

Along a winding path, she walked through a wood of giant, ancient trees and arrived at a valley of idyllic beauty.