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The expression on Yun Wu\'s face was a mixture of resignation and speechlessness.

Did this little guy really regard her as its mother?


A distant sound of the ground quaking was vaguely heard.

Yun Wu furrowed her brow, \'What is going on out there exactly?\'


There was a magic beasts forest called Maple Ridge between the Zhou Kingdom and the Longxu Kingdom.

This Maple Ridge was an out-of-the-way place on the border between the two kingdoms.

However, the rear of the Maple Ridge bordered on the depths of the Magic Beasts Forest in the north, so magic beasts in this forest were all high-level ones.

There was even a rumor saying that a phoenix suddenly materialized in that forest a few years ago, and all humans had been forbidden to approach that forest.

Any human who entered that forest would end up dead.

Therefore, during the past few years, though there had been wars between the two kingdoms, the Maple Ridge remained unaffected.

But on this day, outside the Maple Ridge, on a vast and bleak battleground, a war between humans and magic beasts was about to start.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, only magic beasts at Tier VI and above possessed intelligence. Those at levels below Tier VI only launched attack when they were trying to catch prey or when humans intruded into their territories, just like common beasts.

But now, on this battleground, this scene was seen.

Numerous magic beasts formed up into orderly ranks behind a female, as if following their leader.

Human also dispatched ma.s.sive armies here, standing on the other side.

The two sides were confronting each other. Tension on the battleground was rapidly reaching flashpoint, as if the war might break out at any moment.

"Despicable humans, hand over my child!" the phoenix thundered with extreme anger, glaring at those dozens of hundred thousand human troops.

The moment she finished the last word, those magic beasts behind her roared in unison.


With a tremendous momentum, the roar made the welkin ring.

There were several commanders leading the human armies, but the Commander-in-chief was a fairly handsome, middle-aged man who was in his early forties.

"Phoenix, as a divine beast, you should know there are rules in Mortal Realm. You\'ve already killed all those humans who intruded into your territory that night. The missing of your child doesn\'t concern other humans."

"Humph! Doesn\'t concern other humans? You humans are greedy and despicable by nature. It was definitely you humans who took my child away from me. If you don\'t hand over my child to me, I\'ll throw the whole Mortal Realm into eternal chaos!"

That night, humans were the only intruders apart from the black dragon.

She remembered that back then a human teenage girl intruded into her nest. It must be when the black dragon swirled up the magma that the teenage girl stole her child.

As a result, during the past more than a month, magic beasts in the Maple Ridge had invaded border cities of Zhou Kingdom and Longxu Kingdom several times.

They ruthlessly killed all humans they caught sight of, no matter they were residents of Zhou Kingdom or Longxu Kingdom.

After over a month\'s invasion, Zhou Kingdom was finally driven beyond forbearance and dispatched ma.s.sive armies here.

The previous earthshaking explosions were caused by sh.e.l.ls fired by two Mighty Cannons transferred here from the Imperial City.


When Yun Wu finally managed to climb out of that bottomless pit, another explosion was heard, quaking the ground.

Unlike the m.u.f.fled sound she heard in the bottomless pit, this explosion was extremely distinct.

Yun Wu wiped the sweat off her forehead and couldn\'t help mumbling, "A cannon? There are actually such things as cannons existing in this exotic world?"

But the explosion seemed to be accompanied by vague sounds of people fighting. She felt that the source of the sounds was very far away.