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However, before long, it started again.

After a while, Yun Wu felt that her scalp was sticky and wet all over, which terribly disgusted her.

But that little thing enjoyed it very much.

At first, after Yun Wu reprimanded it, it felt afraid and behaved itself for a while, but now it gnawed on her hair freely and happily.

Every time Yu Wu pulled the hair out of its mouth, it started chewing hair on the other side. The more frequently she tried to stop it, the more happily it continued.

Eventually, Yun Wu gave up and didn\'t even bother yelling at it.

Chew on it. Chew on it. Chew on it as long as it wanted. The hair was so dirty. If it liked chewing on it so much, let the hair disgusted it to death.

Depressed as Yun Wu was, she still kept climbing upwards with great efforts.

In fact, she merely intruded into the nest of a phoenix by accident during her fleeing from enemies, but for some inexplicable reason she came by this red egg, out of which this chubby weird creature hatched. She directly became a wet nurse. Was her life easy?

Now, it turned out this little guy had such a weird addiction of chewing on people\'s hair, which made her feel speechless, resigned and embarra.s.sed.

After she climbed out of this pit, the first thing she would do was return it to its mother.

Yun Wu climbed and climbed. Finally, to her delight, she vaguely felt that the exit was close.

But all of a sudden.

"Bomb..." A loud explosion was heard and the pit started quaking violently.

"Ah!" Yun Wu cried out in alarm.

The corner of rock standing out from the inside of the pit loosened and with that she instantaneously started falling down like a kite without the restriction of a string.

When she collected herself, Yun Wu blurted out a four-letter word, "f.u.c.k! Which a.s.shole did this?"

She pressed her bracer made of silk spun by Golden Silkworm against the inside of the pit to steady herself but failed. The falling was unstoppable.

Was she by any chance destined to spend the rest of her life in this bottomless pit?

However, right at this moment.

She felt that her hair was given a sharp pull. The pain was so unbearable that Yun Wu grimaced and nearly blurted out curses.

But her falling instantly stopped at the same moment.

It turned out that the little thing lying prostrate on her head was holding on to her hair with its claws, arduously flapping its little wings on its back.

But Yun Wu was an adult human being, and it seemed to have exerted all its strength but still could barely stop her from falling down. "Heavy... " it laboriously uttered a word in an babyish voice.

Yun Wu couldn\'t see it but could feel that it was holding on to her hair sparing no strength.

She could also picture how ridiculous she currently looked hanging in mid-air.

However, taking advantage of this opportunity, she focused her attention on the willow twigs wrapped around her thin waist, exerted her spiritual power and stretched those twigs out, which then firmly adhered to the inside of the pit.

Yun Wu was hanging in the middle of those willow twigs like a spider on its web.

She could control those willow twigs sprouting from her waist with her spiritual power, as if they were part of her, which was very strange.

She didn\'t know whether this was a good thing or a bad thing.

"All right, we\'re safe now. You may release your grip. You nearly plucked my hair out." After steadying herself, Yun Wu hurriedly stretched out her hand and took that little thing off her head.

If it kept pulling so hard, her hair might actually be plucked out.

As if very tired, that little thing withdrew its little wings and tamely let her hold it in her hands.

It looked at Yun Wu with its big, round eyes, and then rubbed its delicate cheeks against her palms, saying, "Mom. Tired."

After that, like a loach, it crawled along her arm to her chest.

And then boldly wormed its way into her clothes and settled itself comfortably in there.

Before long, faint snores came from her chest.