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Chapter 98

No human could survive the power undulation generated by a fight between two divine beasts . Given her overfatigued body, Yun Wu certainly didn\'t stand a chance .

Under the power, she felt as if somebody was dismembering her with a saber and a saw . The pain was so unbearable that she nearly spat blood .

This was an opportunity for her, so she immediately swished towards the entrance of the cavern .

However, a red sphere suddenly flew over to her . As if out of instincts, she stretched out her hand and caught it .

When Yun Wu saw what that thing in her hand really was, she was somewhat stunned .

An egg?

That was an egg about the size of a football, but it was giving off a mysterious, black Qi . It felt both a little hot and a little cold, which was very weird .

What was going on?

Wasn\'t this the egg that the phoenix had just laid? Why did it suddenly fly to her?


Did this egg by any chance have consciousness? Did it take to her at first sight and decide to follow her?

But clearly, she thought too much .

When Yun Wu saw that a whirl of magma driven by the tornado was coming squarely at her with a wave of scorching heat, her face suddenly turned colorless .


She nearly blurted out a four-letter word .

Instinctively hugging that egg tight, she swished towards the outside of the pit as fast as she could . . .

"My baby . . . "

A thundering bellow of rage rippled through the cavern like furious tides, everything in the cavern shaking violently .

The moment Yun Wu flashed out of the pit, she abruptly gasped in horror at the sight in front of her, eyes wide open .

Those black, wriggling creatures almost occupied the whole entrance of the cavern .

Some of those people who were fighting outside the cavern intruded inside and accidentally touched those black creatures crawling all over the wall and the ground .

"Rustle . . . " with a rustle, before they could scream, those creatures devoured them, not leaving a single bit .

The whole entrance of the cavern was blocked by those black creatures . She could distinctly feel that the scorching heat was getting closer and closer from the depths of the cavern, indicating that the energy undulation generated by the fight between the phoenix and the dragon was spreading outwards .

If she stayed here, she would surely be dead in a short while .

"G.o.d d.a.m.n it . You got me into serious trouble!"

There was no time for her to do more thinking . Yun Wu hurriedly exerted her spiritual power on the one third of the Primal Fire that she had withdrawn, guided it through her arm and with that a flame popped out of her right palm .

With facilitation of fire elemental power, the Primal Fire flared up and with that Yun Wu hurled it towards the ground .

"Rustle . . . "

On contact with the fire, those black creatures instantaneously ignited .

Feeling that she was depleting her spiritual power, Yun Wu gathered all her strength, enveloped herself in fire element and flashed along the path of fire out of the cavern .

On getting out of it, she focused her attention on the Primal Fire burning among those black creatures and withdrew it .

Taking advantage of the chaotic fight, she quickly fled in a direction where n.o.body was ahead .

She felt that she was about to collapse .

After she arrived in this exotic world, this was the first time that she had exhausted both strength and spiritual power . There was sharp pain all over her .

But she mustn\'t stop . She just kept rushing forward, as if with her formidable willpower . . .

Sounds of the fight between those people and between the dragon and the phoenix as well as the roars of rage let out by the two mythological creatures could still be heard . . .

Clearly, this was not going to be a peaceful night in this forest .

\'How long have I been running?\'

Yun Wu had no idea . She just knew that when walking in a wood, she suddenly missed her footing and started falling down .

\'What is this place?\'

Yun Wu also didn\'t know, because there was no light at all . It was pitch-dark around and she couldn\'t see anything, but she knew she was still falling . She could feel it .

It felt as though she was falling in a bottomless pit