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Chapter 97

Originally, Yun Wu entered the cavern by accident and then jumped into that pit because she had no other choice . She truly didn\'t want anything from that phoenix .

But now, out of curiosity, she decided to go in there and find out what this legendary creature, which had drawn so many people here, looked like .

Ignoring that spotted snake, Yun Wu tapped on the floating rock with the tip of her foot and swiftly leaped onto another rock . In this way, she headed for the depths of the cavern .

What did people call phoenixes "birds bathing with fire"?

When Yun Wu landed on a floating rock and saw that fiery red phoenix soaking in magma with flames all over its body, she couldn\'t help feeling somewhat excited .

It was so dignified, so beautiful .

Yes . It was majestic and beautiful .

That majesty was in its blood, and that beauty was beyond words .

Suddenly, the whole cavern started quaking .



As if from outside the cavern, a dragon roar came . The whole cavern was quaking, along with the magma in the pool .

Yun Wu was still in amazement, but because of the quaking of the cavern, she was losing her footing .

Almost out of instincts, Yun Wu immediately clenched her teeth, enveloped herself with s.p.a.ce element and disappeared out of thin air .

Right at this moment .

"Ah . . . "

The phoenix in magma raised its head and squeaked out a shrill cry, magma splashing around .

Finally, a fiery red egg was laid .

"Phoenix, how dare you gave birth to its child," at this moment, a gruff loud voice full of anger abruptly came from the entrance of the cavern .

It took almost merely an instant for it to travel such a long distance .

In the blink of an eye, a giant black dragon stormed over with furiously widened eyes .

"Black Dragon, don\'t go too far . You\'ve been pursuing me since I was in the Dragon-Phoenix Realm . Now I\'m in the Mortal Realm . What else do you want?" the female voice said with suppressed anger .

"You know exactly what I want! Hand over that b.a.s.t.a.r.d child to me . "

"No way!"

"Well, then . You leave me no choice . Roar . . . "

With a roar, potent Qi instantly pervaded the cavern and with that the black dragon rapidly hurtled towards the phoenix in magma .

The flames on the phoenix instantly flared up . It raised its head, let out a squeak and stormed towards the black dragon head-on .

The dragon was mighty and aggressive, while the phoenix, however, had an air of majesty about it, like that of a G.o.ddess .

However . . .

"Bang, bang!"

"Boom! Boom! "

Two potent powers clashed together, quaking the whole cavern .

Tightly clenching her teeth, Yun Wu struggled to shield herself with s.p.a.ce element . If she showed herself, there was no doubt she would become a hapless victim of that power the moment she did it .

But all of a sudden .

Yun Wu felt the rock beneath her feet start quivering . She lowered her head, flicked a look at it and was somewhat terrified .

The floating rock broke apart, magma splashing around .

Her whole body – no, all the magma and floating rocks in the pool instantly started churning .

And the cause of this was the phoenix and the dragon .

Yun Wu\'s face went ghastly pale . Heedless of other concerns, she immediately gave up the s.p.a.ce element shelter, enwrapped herself with wind element and leaped upwards .

Unlike that occasion when she was in the forbidden area, if she got entangled in this magma, she probably would be melted completely without a single piece of her body left .

"A human?"

"How dare this human intrude in this place . You\'re courting death!" the moment the black dragon finished the last word, it hurled a bolt of fierce Qi at Yun Wu .

"d.a.m.n it!"

Yun Wu cursed in a low voice and dodged aside in a fl.u.s.tered manner .

Fortunately, the black dragon\'s target seemed to be that egg the phoenix had just laid, and it had nothing but scorn for Yun Wu who was merely a human .


Taking advantage of the moment when the phoenix was distracted, the dragon created a tornado of energy and swirled the magma upwards .

Realizing what the dragon was trying to do, the phoenix squeaked furiously and erupted lances of flame towards the enemy . . .