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Chapter 96

However, for some reason, the phoenix was on the verge of extinction in the Mortal Realm .

If someone took advantage of this opportunity, obtained a phoenix egg, hatched it and tamed the phoenix, then they would be able to conquer the world with its power .

Humans were greedy by nature, which was why it was actually not surprising that these people risked coming here scrambling for it .

As regards Yun Wu, she came here because some people were trying to kill her . She didn\'t even know what kind of place she was in .

However, maybe she was lucky, and maybe she was unlucky, anyway, she accidentally intruded into a nest of a phoenix .

Now, she was facing a dilemma .

Under the circ.u.mstances, she didn\'t have time to think it through, because she saw that those black things on the wall were converging on one spot and stretched towards her bit by bit in mid-air .

The only way out was to dissolve the Phoenix Saliva beneath her feet and then immediately jumped into that deep pit .


Exerting her spiritual power on the fire above her palm, Yun Wu moved it towards the viscous Phoenix Saliva beneath her feet .

In order not to burn her own feet by accident, she was did it with great caution .

However, it was highly strength-consuming and spiritual-power-consuming to manipulate the fire .

After only a short while, Yun Wu started panting for breath, beads of sweat the size of beans dropping down from her forehead, her body in stabbing pain .

She watched as the Phoenix Saliva gradually softened under the heat of the fire and eventually turned into a puddle of water .

Yun Wu withdrew the fire, clenched her teeth and leaped squarely down the pit that diagonally descended .

The moment she leaped down the pit, out of the corner of her eye, she saw that those black things on the wall pounced and landed on her previous position . Rustlings were heard, as if they were gnawing away at the ground . . .

What were those things exactly?

Yun Wu felt chills down her spine .

If she had been a little slower, would she have been eaten by those things?

However, as she descended along the wall of the pit, what she saw brought her heart to her mouth instantly .

It turned out that there was a pool of magma at the bottom of that pit . Except for some rocks floating on the surface, there was nothing for her to stand on .

If common people came here, they would surely be suffocated, if not roasted, by the blazing air .

That spotted snake coiled up at the entrance, seeming to be on guard .

The moment it saw Yun Wu landed, the spotted snake opened its giant, hideous-fanged mouth and abruptly came at her .

"d.a.m.n it!"

Yun Wu dodged the attack almost instinctively and then leaped onto a floating rock in the magma pool .

On her sudden landing, the rock jerked, magma splashing .

A couple of droplets of magma splattered across the spotted snake that was hurtling towards her . Its skin spat, giving off smell of burning flesh, and it abruptly drew back .

The heat of the magma was undoubtedly terrifying .

After regaining her footing, Yun Wu was also somewhat amazed .

The temperature of the magma in this pool was several times higher than that of the magma in the pool in that forbidden area where that Red Fire Dragon lived .

Yun Wu felt as if her body was being roasted, even if she was merely standing above the surface of the magma .

However, to her surprise, her whole right hand didn\'t feel the heat at all, as if the residual Primal Fire in her blood was enough to counteract the scorching heat of the magma .

But right at this moment .

"Ah . . . "

A shrill, pained yell suddenly came from the depths of a cave near the magma pool .

"Hiss . . . " Somewhat restless, that spotted snake frighteningly stared at Yun Wu, letting out seemingly threatening hisses .

It seemed to be warning her that she was not allowed to go inside .