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Chapter 95

"Ah–" at this moment, the pained shrieks coming from the depths of the dark cavern was becoming louder and more frequent .

Was the egg about to be laid?

For some reason, a sudden pang of horror clutched at Yun Wu\'s heart when she heard the piercing, pained scream and she was distracted .

"Zih, zih . . . "

The skin of her shoulder spat and with that, as if someone had just pressed a red-hot branding iron on her, a weird mark which looked like the shape of a flame appeared on her shoulder,

The pain was sharp!

Yun Wu broke out in a cold sweat but didn\'t dare to be distracted again, though she was in burning pain .

Bit by bit, she guided the Primal Fire through her right arm and gather it in her right palm .

When the Primal Fire popped out of her palm, the heat was so intolerable that she felt as if all the water in her body instantly evaporated, which almost knocked her out, since she was already exhausted .

This fire was so powerful .


That was just a tiny, magenta flame, which was only one third of the Primal Fire, but the power it contained was so great that even Yun Wu felt horrified .

She seemed to have partially understood why it was called "the Primal Fire" .

It was actually the origin of all fire in this world . If somebody managed to harness the energy it contained, he or she would be able to burn everything in the world .

Burn everything in the world?

How much energy would it take?

Yun Wu didn\'t know why she had this kind of feeling, but she just instinctively knew it .

However, right at this moment, a sudden wave of fear swept over Yun Wu, as if a sharp dagger was about to stab into her back .

What was that?

Yun Wu turned her head back and looked around the cavern .

When she saw those unknown black things all over the wall wriggling, an ominous premonition rose in her .

"Rustle . . . "

A chilling rustling giving people gooseb.u.mps was heard, as if something was sliding across sand .

What was that?

Yun Wu really didn\'t know, but she had an intuition that those things would eat every single bit of her if she touched them .

However, seemingly afraid of the saliva of a 1000-year-old phoenix on the ground, those black things were merely wriggling on the wall, as if they were waiting for Yun Wu to dissolve the Phoenix Saliva .

Waiting for her to dissolve the Phoenix Saliva?

Yes, for some inexplicable reason, Yun Wu had this strange feeling .

\'These d.a.m.n things were really cunning,\' she thought .

It was very likely that they would launch an attack on her the moment she dissolved the Phoenix Saliva .

Thinking of this, Yun Wu wavered between dissolving it and standing by .


Judging from the roar, that dragon seemed to be getting closer and closer . The roar made her eardrums ache and her blood vessels dilate .

"Ah . . . "

The pained screams from the depths of the cavern were also getting louder and more frequent .

Meanwhile, those magic beasts outside also became excited, roaring all at once .

"Clash . . . "

Sounds of a struggle and weapons clashing together were heard . . .

Sounds of a struggle?

No . If the dragon had come here, there shouldn\'t be sounds of weapons clashing together .


Judging by the sounds, there were plenty of people out there .

It was merely a phoenix laying eggs . Why did so many people come here?

A dragon coming here was understandable . What did these human come here for? It seemed that they were really not afraid of death .

What Yun Wu didn\'t know was that on this Shenzhou continent, dragons and phoenixes were divine species of the same status .

In human society, many people tended to compare an emperor to a dragon, and an empress to a phoenix .

But in fact, dragons represented water and were hailed divine beasts of water, while phoenixes represented the sun and were hailed divine beasts of fire . Technically, phoenixes were of n.o.bler blood than dragons .