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When Yun Wu approached the depths of the forest, a distant roar of a tiger was vaguely heard.

A tiger?

Hadn\'t she just heard wolves\' roars?

However, Yun Wu didn\'t slow down a little bit, flashing towards the source of the roar as fast as she could.

Because she could sense that the two a.s.sa.s.sins were getting closer and closer...

The whole sky was shrouded in boundless dark night.

It was just that this night was different. An intangible compressive Qi was gradually pervading the s.p.a.ce above the whole forest.

Was it because of the two Grand a.s.sa.s.sins?


It wasn\'t!

Because, under that Qi, even those low-level magic beasts on the periphery of the forest seemed to have felt that intangible stress, lowering their bodies. They stayed still even when Yun Wu pa.s.sed them.

This was by no means from the two a.s.sa.s.sins.

Originally, Yun Wu barely felt anything.

But suddenly, an inexplicable, weird feeling clutched at her heart and with that she intuitively sensed danger.

And what gave her that feeling was in the front.


Another howl was heard. It was more distinct than those previous vague ones.

This suggested that Yun Wu was getting closer and closer.

"d.a.m.n girl. I\'ll break your legs the moment I catch you," a cold, angry yell emanated from a position not far away behind her.

Yun Wu knitted her eyebrows tightly together.

It seemed that she didn\'t have any time to hesitate. She had to either fight the two Grand a.s.sa.s.sins behind her or keep progressing.

Yun Wu always trusted her intuition.

At full speed, she shot towards the depths of the forest. No matter what kind of danger was in there, she could definitely drag the two a.s.sa.s.sins into it.

An unusual smell of blood wafted across the dark sky.

In the pitch-black night, three figures just kept going deeper and deeper into the forest.



"... "

From time to time, roars of magic beasts rippled through the forest under the black sky.

However, those magic beasts seemed to be not fighting but cooperating, since those roars were let out very regularly.

However, this regularity was soon ruined by a figure intruding in the depths of the forest.

Yun Wu barely had any time to observe, since the two Grand a.s.sa.s.sins were closing in on her.

She seemed to have sensed that something blocked her path.

Almost instinctively, Yun Wu directly leaped upwards, enveloped herself in wind element and abruptly dashed towards a dark cave in the distance at full speed.

Those magic beasts guarding the cave at the entrance didn\'t have enough time to react.

After being stunned for a second, they reacted...





Furious roars of magic beasts instantly came from all directions.

If it were during daytime, this scene outside the cave could definitely scare people to death.

There were tigers, wolves, lions, leopards, snakes, eagles...

Both terrestrial beasts and flying beasts congregated outside this cave on this night. Innumerable magic beasts crowded almost the whole depths of this forest, green light gleaming in their eyes.

However, when those magic beasts were provoked, another two figures shot over at full speed.

"Quack... "

Eagle Condors\' piercing shrieks were heard.

Before the two Grand a.s.sa.s.sins could enter the black cave, a flock of Eagle Condors flew upwards, letting out furious shrieks that could almost perforate people\'s eardrum.


Wrathful roars of numerous beasts were heard.

It was at this moment that Eighteen and Nineteen realized what kind of place they had just intruded into.

In order to catch up with Yun Wu, they also didn\'t observe the surroundings, and they just shot right towards the target as fast as they could when they were getting close.

But now, when they saw the scene down below and that more and more flying beasts were coming at them, their faces changed almost at the same time.

"Thi–This seems to be the Land of Beast King in this forest," holding his sword, Eighteen looked around with a slightly startled look on his face.

There was a king of magic beasts in almost every forest, just like there was a ruler in every country in human society.

But situation in the territory of magic beasts was not as complex as that of human territory.

The Beast King of this forest was the head of all magic beasts living in this forest.

Generally speaking, the Land of Beast King was surrounded by a lot of magic beasts. Humans, once intruded into the Land of Beast King, would be attacked by magic beasts living in this forest.

As a result, even if humans wanted to hunt magic beasts, they usually did it on the periphery. Hardly anybody would venture into the depths of the forest.

Today, they dared to intrude into the Land of Beast King?

Nineteen swallowed hard. That Eagle Condor leading the pack was at Tier V, and all those behind it were at Tier IV at the lowest.

Tier-V magic beasts were nothing in their eyes if there were only a small number of them.

But currently, there were hundreds even thousands in front of them.

Even a whole team of a.s.sa.s.sins probably wouldn\'t be able to handle so many magic beasts, not to mention only the two of them.


"What about the task master a.s.signed to us?"

"You think the girl has a chance of survival after intruding the Land of Beast King? Even if she survived, we should leave first and come back after the crisis is resolved."

"Then what are we waiting for? Let\'s go... "

The moment their conversation ended, the two figures turned into two rapid blurs and doubled back.

"Quack... "

A shriek of Eagle Condors heard and with that those flying beasts in the sky instantly pursued the two people.


Packs of wolves also howled and those wolves on the periphery rushed in the direction of the two people.


While the tension built outside the cave, Yun Wu, who had just dashed into the cave, was also having a torturous experience.

It was dark all around and she could barely see anything.

As a result, she fished out a Legendary Luminous Pearl out of the Storage s.p.a.ce.

It was under the light of the Legendary Luminous Pearl that she had a clear view of this place.

A cave?

No, it was a black cavern, a big black cavern, a bottomless black cavern. Even with the Legendary Luminous Pearl, she still couldn\'t see how deep this cavern was.

However, she was now standing on a soft, sticky ground.

That seemed like some kind of viscous liquid, but Yun Wu had no idea what that was exactly.

She just felt that her shoes were firmly stuck on the ground, and that she couldn\'t move a single step as if she was immobilized.


While Yun Wu was trying to pull her feet out of that liquid, a foul wind blew out past her from the depths of the cavern.

That was a funky smell of blood. Yun Wu knitted her eyebrows tightly together.

That smell was very disgusting.


At this moment, a spotted snake about the thickness of human trunk slowly slithered through the entrance inside the cavern.

In its green eerie beast eyes, there was a murderous look like that of human.

"Hiss..." it closed in on Yun Wu.

Yun Wu\'s face went slightly pale. This spotted snake was in peak stage of Tier V.

That Red Fire Dragon she met in the forbidden area of Yun Mansion aside, this spotted snake was the most powerful one she had seen since she arrived in this strange world.

She could distinctly feel that this spotted snake wanted to devour her.

She flipped her hands and condensed some fire element.

Abruptly, she threw the flames at the viscous liquid, hoping to free her feet from the ground.


That spotted snake paused after seeing the flames, but it was not anxious, staring at her with a chilly look in its eyes.

Surprisingly, the flames weirdly disappeared without any sounds when they touched the liquid.

This scene somewhat horrified Yun Wu. With a deep frown on her face, she watched the transparent, sticky liquid.

What the h.e.l.l was this liquid?


As if it possessed modalities like those of human, a faint sneer appeared in the eyes of the spotted snake. Eyeing her like she was a prey in the bag, it flicked its scarlet tongue and moved closer to her bit by bit.

Yun Wu\'s frown creased deeper as her face grew even paler.

Because at this moment, she felt powerless again.

As if the spotted snake could devour her in a single gulp if it decided to launch an attack on her.

Yun Wu was in an exceptionally bad mood due to this kind of feeling.

Yun Wu clenched her fists.

Anger and unwillingness instantly rose in her.

Even if her feet were stuck on the ground, even if she was already exhausted, even if her sore body was warning her, it was not easy for anybody to take her life.

With a flip of her hand, a sword appeared out of thin air.

However, right at this moment!

"Huh... Ah... "

A gust of foul wind blew out from the depths of the cavern. This time, it was accompanied by a scream of a female.

The spotted snake was about to pounce on Yun Wu, but when it heard the scream, it ignored Yun Wu, twisted its body and quickly slithered towards the depths of the pitch-dark cavern, as if it had just received some kind of order.

Soon after that female scream was heard, those magic beasts outside the cave also started roaring.

It turned out that on this night, those magic beasts\' roars were in response to the yells of that female in this cavern.

However, Yun Wu wouldn\'t naively a.s.sume that it was really a human who let out this female voice from the depths of this cavern.

Magic beasts above Tier VI possessed intelligence, and most intelligent magic beasts could speak.

So inside this black cavern was a magic beast the level of which was above Tier VI?

Above Tier VI?

Currently, her whole body was sore, and she was also suffering from overconsumption of strength and in desperate need of beast blood. If she could get some blood from a magic beast above Tier VI...

However, it was just Yun Wu\'s fond hope.

Given her current strength, she probably couldn\'t even get blood from that spotted snake in peak stage of Tier V, not to mention from a Tier VI magic beast.

Besides, there must be some kind of connection between those flocks of magic beasts outside and that beast inside this dark cavern.

If she did something reckless, there might be unimaginable consequences.

Under the circ.u.mstances, her best choice was to leave first.

However, the viscous liquid beneath her feet...

Since fire element didn\'t work, she started trying other kinds of element. However, none of the seven kinds of element was able to free her feet from that liquid.

Yun Wu\'s heart sank. Eventually, she established a connection with the Soaring Dragon Scroll in her Consciousness Sea.

However, after quite a while, there was no response from the Soaring Dragon Scroll.

Was she really going to be defeated by this puddle of viscous, salivlike liquid?

She was unreconciled – really unreconciled to this situation!

However, when Yun Wu was clenching her teeth, a long piece of information suddenly popped into her mind.