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Chapter 91

This imperial physician was the best in the Imperial Palace .

He had never made any mistakes in his diagnosis . If he said that this condition was caused by severe injury, then it definitely was .

The vigilance in Xue Liu\'s eyes seemed to be quietly dissolving after she heard the royal physician\'s words .

"Since the Ninth Lady\'s illness is really so serious, prescribe her some tonics . If there are not enough precious medicinal materials in Yun Mansion, get some from the Imperial Palace . Make sure the Ninth Lady has everything she needs for rehabilitation . "

"Yes! My Queen!" the old royal physician nodded .

After taking a glimpse at Yun Wu, who was sitting in a chair with face as pale as white paper, Xue Liu stood up from the host seat and slowly walked towards her .

"Take good care of yourself . After you recover, come to my palace and walk around . I like you," saying this, she stretched out her hand and patted on Yun Wu\'s shoulder .

But Yun Wu shivered when the Queen patted her, and her face appeared even paler .

After that, Xue Liu slightly curved her lips, turned around and glanced at Yun Qi, "Venerable Master Yun, General Li will stay in Yun Mansion for the next few days in case the demonic dragon makes trouble . I\'ll leave you to it . "

After saying this, she turned around in a n.o.ble, graceful manner and slowly walked out of the living room, followed by those handmaids and eunuchs .

"Have a safe trip home, My Queen!"

Those members of Yun Mansion, who had been kneeling on the ground all along, respectfully saw the Queen off with words .

"Cough . . . "

However, the moment Xue Liu stepped out of the living room, Yun Wu started coughing miserably and uncontrollably .

The smile on Xue Liu\'s face went bigger when she heard the cough after walking through the door .

In the Ning Courtyard .

n.o.body was allowed to enter this courtyard . Even those soldiers dispatched to Yun Mansion were kept out of it .

At this moment, in a room!

Yun Qi watched "Yun Wu", who was sitting on a chair with a "pale face" but was sipping at her tea languidly .

"Who are you?"

By no means was this "Yun Wu" the one he arranged before . However, if this person was not the "Yun Wu" he arranged before, who was her?


"Yun Wu" ignored him . After taking a couple of sips of tea, she slowly raised her eyes and looked at Yun Qi, "It seems that it doesn\'t matter who I am . What matters is that the flaw in your arrangements nearly got her into trouble . "

Naturally, that "her" she mentioned was Yun Wu .

On hearing this, Yun Qi furrowed his forehead, "Who are you exactly?"

Surprisingly, she knew the issue about Yun Wu .

"Her future husband," this remark was made not in Yun Wu\'s female voice but in a deep, magnetic male voice .

This answer surprised Yun Qi .

A man?

How was this possible?

Yun Wu was a teenage girl . How could a man disguise himself as her?

But right at this moment, that person casually threw back the cape, revealing the physique of an adult man .

Unexpectedly, he managed to camouflage himself perfectly with only a cape and cheated everybody\'s eyes .

Who was he exactly?

No . He just said that "her future husband" .

Her? Was he referring to Yun Wu?

"You just said that \'her future husband\' . What did that mean?" with a frown, Yun Qi looked at that man with the face of "Yun Wu" .

"It meant what you\'re thinking about right now . Venerable Master Yun, you\'re very smart, so there\'s no need for me to explain it to you," that man answered in an unconcerned, cold voice .

Long Qingxie stretched out his hand and slowly removed the skin mask along with the hair from his head .

Yun Qi was somewhat stunned when he saw that man\'s handsome features and silver hair .

He was a very charming young man, lips seductively curved up . That was not a smile but merely a habitual movement of his, which imparted him with an air of languor and wicked attraction .

This man was even more beautiful than women .

But Yun Qi instinctively felt that this man was dangerous .

Very few people could give him this kind of this feeling .

However, this man did give him this feeling . Yun Qi was unable to tell how powerful this man was . Was this man\'s level by any chance higher than his?

But he was barely in his early twenties . How was it possible?

"Where is she?" Yun Qi asked, watching Long Qingxie .

It had been a month, but there was no news at all, which greatly concerned him .

"She\'s fine for the moment, but I\'m not," Long Qingxie raised his eyes, staring at Yun Qi . "Did you block the entrance to the forbidden area on the hill behind your mansion?"

When Long Qingxie came back from the border of the Longxu Kingdom, he had originally planned to look for Yun Wu .

But at that time, rumor said that the Lord of Luo City adopted her and that he also found his natural mother .

When he heard this, he believed that there must be something she had to deal with, because otherwise she would never have agreed to be adopted, given her personality .

Afterwards, messages from the scouts he sent out confirmed his speculation .

She was saved by an old woman living in a remote village, who also happened to be Lord Murong\'s natural mother .

So she must have gone to Murong Mansion to repay the favor .

Knowing that she was not in danger for the moment, he decided to go back to the Imperial City and help her get what she needed . The next time when they met, she should have dealt with her matters .

However, he could never have expected that some accidents were destined to happen .

On hearing his question, Yun Qi frowned and glanced at him, "Yes, I had some men block it . Is there by any chance you were the one who did that to the entrance?"

When he found that there was another pa.s.sage leading to the forbidden area, he immediately had some men block it .

There were many pythons and cannibal vines in the forbidden area . If those creatures went through that pa.s.sage into the outside world, there would be dire consequences .

"I need to enter the forbidden area . Lend me the key to it," Long Qingxie said directly without beating around the bush .

After the last time Yun Wu intruded into it, Yun Qi specially installed a hidden lock on the gate of the forbidden area .

In order to get in, one had to either use the key to unlock the gate or destroy the gate .

Currently, there were a large number of soldiers in this mansion . Any noises would surely bring him unnecessary trouble .

"Don\'t you think you need to tell me the reason why you want to get in there? The forbidden area is not a place open to everybody," Yun Qi said in a manner just as direct .

"She badly needs some dragon blood . Is this reason good enough?" said Long Qingxie in a casual tone, languidly watching Yun Qi .

Dragon blood?

This answer stunned Yun Qi .

The demonic dragon imprisoned in the forbidden area had been under the guard of the Yun family for hundreds of years . It had also been decades since Yun Qi a.s.sumed responsibility, so he had a general idea how powerful that demonic dragon was .

Even he himself didn\'t dare approach that dragon . But this man sounded as if getting some blood from that dragon was as easy as shopping at a market .

Was he too self-conceited? Or was he really that powerful?

"Rest a.s.sured . That 1000-year indenture between the Yun family and the dragon is still valid . That demonic dragon is not powerful enough to break the seal of the indenture yet," Long Qingxie added .

His words surprised Yun Qi .

This man actually knew about the 1000-year indenture between the Yun family and that demonic dragon?

"Who on earth are you?"

Hearing this, Long Qingxie curved his lips into a half smile, "I\'m whoever you think I probably am . But, as long as she acknowledges Yun Mansion, nothing will happen to this place . . . "

He broke off in the middle of a sentence .

Did he mean that once Yun Mansion she disowned Yun Mansion, Yun Mansion would no longer be in peace?

It was late at night .

But in this dense forest, two figures were chasing a third one .

It had been a full day . Yun Wu had almost tried every method she could think of but still couldn\'t get rid of the two Grand a.s.sa.s.sins .

That uncomfortable feeling caused by overconsumption of strength was getting intenser . If it weren\'t for that her will was strong enough, she would have gone limp and fallen down by now .

"That d.a.m.n girl is really good at fleeing . I swear to G.o.d I\'ll break her legs after I catch her . "

After chasing her for a full day, the two a.s.sa.s.sins got somewhat annoyed .

Two Grand a.s.sa.s.sins actually failed to catch a teenage girl who was merely in early stage of Tier VII after chasing her for a full day . If word got out about this, would they have the nerve to stay in this profession? And would they have the nerve to show their faces?

This was so humiliating .

Nineteen yelled furiously while pursuing her . His voice rippled through the whole forest .

Yun Wu felt that she was exhausted . She couldn\'t just keep running .


Howls of wolves suddenly came from the distance . There seemed to be a pack of them .

Her Qi was more powerful than before now, so the two Grand a.s.sa.s.sins would probably detect her even if she tried to hide in this forest .

\'Since I can\'t escape, I should kill them!\' Yun Wu thought .

However, if Yun Wu decided to fight them, she would never suicidally launch an attack on the enemies when she knew very well she was no match for them .

If she wanted to kill them, she had to seize the initiative .

Even if she couldn\'t kill them, she would at least make them pay a heavy price .

Instantly, Yun Wu clenched her teeth, gathered her strength and flashed towards the source of the wolf howls as fast as she could .

Meanwhile, she fished out a book out of the Storage s.p.a.ce .

That was a book on training animals, which she put on the bottom of the Storage s.p.a.ce and scorned to read .

In her sight, most tamed magic beasts were no different from livestock, which she was totally uninterested in .

But she recalled those tamed magic beasts that she saw in the training ground located in the forest of the Murong family in the suburb of Luo City .

Maybe she could find some kind of secret method of taming magic beasts without erasing their beast nature .

But after reading every page of the book, she found that all those beast-taming skills recorded in it were just common ones . Clearly it was impossible to have a magic beast follow orders while it still had its beast nature .

\'d.a.m.n it . \'

If Elder White was still in contact with her, maybe she didn\'t have to flee in such a flurried manner, but since that weird twig entered her body, Elder White had been out of touch all along .

Right now, her only option was taking advantage of the beast flock to overpower her enemies .

But now even this option was no longer available . Was there really nothing she could do?

Did she really had to wait for death?


Since she came to this exotic world, she had overcome so many hurdles and been through so many trials . Now, even if it was the G.o.d of the Underworld himself who had been pursuing her, she wouldn\'t yield without a fight, not to mention two Grand a.s.sa.s.sins