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Chapter 9 — Yun Manor’s First Madam

On Shenzhou Continent, the possibility of an Apothecarist appearing was one in a minimum of ten thousand, and amongst a thousand Apothecares, only with the aid of luck could one become an Alchemist.

In addition, Alchemists were tiered; producing a Tier II pill would require an Alchemist to be on at least the second tier.

Don\'t mention Zhou Dynasty—even in Shenzhou Continent as a whole, there were probably less than a thousand Alchemists in existence.

Think: To have a country as large as Zhou Dynasty, with an understated population of tens of millions, plus the other two leading countries, and the smaller neighboring countries, yet all in all, the combined total of Alchemists could not exceed a thousand.

It went without saying how valuable a Tier II Elemental Wind Pill was.

When Yun Wu heard Yun Qing Er\'s accusation, her eyebrows furrowed. She ate Yun Qing Er\'s Tier II Elemental Wind Pill?


The previous Yun Wu was weak and feeble; just walking out of the door would drain all of her energy and send her wheezing, so how could she possibly possess the ability to run to Yun Qing Er\'s courtyard? Moreover, to steal a pill?

This; wasn\'t this obviously pouring s.h.i.t on her head1“扣屎盆子” = To make a scapegoat of someone; to slander.?

However, Yun Qing Er was stubbornly clinging onto her own suspicions, firmly believing her pill was stolen and consumed by Yun Wu and thus didn\'t give Yun Wu a chance to refute. Yun Qing Er felt like her anger could turn the sky upside down.

She no longer held back her strength as yellow battle spirit began to violently whirl. Her whip whistled, determined to claim Yun Wu\'s life.

Pah, pah!

Yun Qing Er\'s weapon took after a serpent; extremely fast and exceeding ruthless as it lunged at Yun Wu. Her expression sunk into coldness. She leaped and nimbly dodged the attack. For a short while, Yun Wu could not get near Yun Qing Er\'s body; instead, a couple more bloodstains appeared on her own.


Yun Wu\'s predicament once again reminded her that she was too weak. Her killing abilities still had room for improvement, but even if she reached the peak of perfection on that, she would not be able to take on the strength of this world\'s martial arts.

Actually, Yun Qing Er was also a little stunned. She was issuing full-forced attacks, yet to her surprise, the former good-for-nothing was able to dodge again and again. The thought of Yun Wu gaining such quick speed from consuming her Tier II Elemental Wind Pill instantly replaced her astonishment with sinister rage.

"s.l.u.t, you dare to hide.. See if I don\'t beat you to death!"

Her whip, enveloped in battle spirit and vicious strength, flew towards Yun Wu. On the ground, a train of welts surfaced. Yun Wu knew if she let things continue like this, she would suffer. Immediately and without a trace of hesitation, she turned head and ran quickly in the direction of Yun Manor.

Yun Qing Er\'s eyes were red with anger. How could she let Yun Wu escape? She waved her whip and gave chase.


Year-round, General Yun Lengyi was stationed at the border. Thus; Yun Manor\'s matters, both big and small, were overseen by Old Master Yun. However, he disliked having to manage the manor\'s trivial happenings, so after he put Yun Lengyi\'s official wife in charge of the manor, he retreated into closed-door training and more or less so vanished.

Yun Manor — Presence Chamber2A room where guests are received.

First Madam3The raws don’t actually use “First Madam,” it actually uses something like “Great Madam,” so I compromised and used First Madam instead. It’s just referring to the main wife, similar to the empress in an imperial harem. Liu Qingyue was talking to Housekeeper Wu Gang when suddenly, they heard a fighting commotion from outside.

Their expressions changed. Wu Gang hastily took the small wooden box that was sitting on the table and carefully put it away.

"What\'s happening outside?" Liu Qingyue asked, frowning. A guard hurriedly arrived at the door and reported, "Answering First Madam; it\'s Sixth Miss and Ninth, Ninth Miss. They are fighting in the garden." Rather than call it a fight, \'pursuit\' was a more suitable term.

The Ninth Miss was originally declared dead, but the way it looked now, she was not only still alive, but also br.i.m.m.i.n.g with energy as she dodged the Sixth Miss\'s attacks.

Wasn\'t the Ninth Miss a sickly good-for-nothing?

Strange—how strange.

"Ninth Miss? Are you sure you weren\'t mistaken?" Wu Gang\'s voice carried an odd lilt.

"Answering Housekeeper Wu; this subordinate definitely was not mistaken, it is indeed Ninth Miss and Sixth Miss who are fighting." The guard answered a.s.suredly.

A strange look came across Wu Gang\'s square face. He subconsciously turned his head to look at Liu Qingyue. Her eyebrows were scrunched together, but she quickly regained her quiet calmness.

"Let us go and see what\'s going on." With that, she rose from her seat and slowly walked to the parlor entrance.

"Yes, First Madam." Wu Gang resumed his solemn look and respectfully followed.

Yun Manor — Garden

The other Madams and Misses caught wind of the commotion and also arrived with some maidservants, followed by Liu Qingyue and Wu Gang. When they noticed Yun Wu in the process of agilely dodging Yun Qing Er\'s whip, astonishment appeared on their faces while Liu Qingyue and Wu Gang\'s expressions immediately changed.

"What do you think you\'re doing?" A dark voice thundered.

Liu Qingyue angrily waved her hand, signaling the guards to intervene, but they neared only to be forcibly flung away. Everyone present could sense the force of the battle spirit behind that whip attack—it was the strength of a Rank Two, initial-stage Pract.i.tioner.

Wasn\'t the Sixth Miss at the late-stage of Rank One? When did she have a breakthrough? Liu Qingyue\'s eyes narrowed slightly. She inclined her head to one side and looked at Fifth Madam Liu Qinshui; Yun Qing Er\'s mother and Liu Qingyue\'s younger cousin.

Liu Qinshui wore an expression of delight, but she felt Liu Qingyue\'s gaze and quickly restrained herself. Liu Qinshui said weakly, "Biaojie4“表姐” = A term meaning ‘elder female cousin’., this is also my first time learning of Yun Qing Er\'s breakthrough." With so many women in the manor, scheming was an inevitable affair.

Liu Qingyue withdrew her gaze and turned her head to give Housekeeper Wu Gang a look.

VIN: When you realize the MC cusses.. phew. And the way she admitted her shortcomings was quite refreshing, no? Also, does anyone think Yun Qing Er’s reason for getting mad is legit enough? Hm?

Is it just me who found that part where Yun Wu turned and fled kind of funny? Especially when Yun Qing Er “waved her whip and gave chase.” I know she probably waved it in more of a withdrawal motion, but I can’t help imagining a cowgirl.

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