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Chapter 89

"His pulse is steady . Actually, it\'s steadier than before . Judging from this symptom, old Lord\'s condition is better than the last time I felt his pulse . Did old Lord show any special symptoms a couple of days ago? Or did you have another doctor treat him?"

Cloud Murong gave him a general account of what happened a few days ago .

After hearing his words, Medic Chen kept silent for a while and then raised his head and said to Cloud Murong, "Your Lordship, I have no idea what kind of disease old Lord caught . I feel really shamed . But that bleeding therapy you mentioned seemed to be helpful in reducing the swelling of old Lord\'s body . I suggest Your Lordship might as well invite that doctor here to treat old Lord . "

On hearing Medic Chen\'s words, Sword Murong and the other elders knitted their eyebrows .

Others waiting outside the courtyard exclaimed in amazement .

Even Medic Chen couldn\'t treat this pestilence . Was that old woman really the only one who could treat it?

However, right at this moment, a guard hurriedly rushed over .

"Your Lordship, an offshoot mansion sent a message here, saying that people of Ouyang Mansion in Water City went to Lian Village to invite Grandma Medicine . "

In the room, Cloud Murong was stunned .

The frown of Sword Murong and the others creased deeper and their faces went somewhat sullen .

It seemed that people of Ouyang Mansion in Water City immediately took action after receiving the news .

However, to others\' surprise, Cloud Murong was expressionless and made no response, which made Sword Murong and the others become somewhat inexplicably anxious .

Especially Sword Murong .

He was the one who evicted Grandma Medicine from Murong Mansion by using the authority of his ident.i.ty of an elder, so at this moment, he was the last person who should talk .

However, Cloud Murong, who was the most suitable person to make a decision, chose to keep silent at this moment .

"Your Lordship, given that there are so many elders infected, maybe we should invite Grandma Medicine back–"

However, before that person could finish his sentence, Cloud Murong said in a deep voice, "Fifth Uncle, they\'ve already been evicted from Murong Mansion . Naturally, I can\'t disobey Third Uncle and invite her back . Any further discussion on this issue is unnecessary . Let Medic Chen feel your pulse . I\'ll go check on my father . "

After saying this, he walked inside the room .

Hearing his words, all the others present moved their eyes onto Sword Murong .

Sword Murong\'s face was rather cold and sullen .

He was one of those whose family status was the highest in Murong family . Was he supposed to admit his mistake at this moment?


If he did that, wouldn\'t it cause disastrous damage to his dignity and authority?

Outside that cottage in the valley .

Yun Wu was leisurely lying on a shabby rocking chair with her eyes closed, enjoying the tranquil afternoon and waiting for the big bait to come to her on its own account .

However, all of a sudden .

Yun Wu abruptly opened her purple eyes, a piercing and cold look flashing across the bottom of her eyes .

She produced a sword as she stood up from the chair, eyes sweeping around the woods .

It was still quiet .

But that familiar undulation in the air failed to escape her sharp intuition .

Killing aura!

A kind of well-hidden but bloodcurdling killing aura .

She sensed extreme danger .

She developed this intuition in her last incarnation after killing numerous people and undergoing countless trials . It had never failed her .

However, right at this moment, a cold laugh came from amid the woods . In the blink of an eye, a middle-aged man in black appeared on the top of a tree, standing steadily with the tip of his foot on a leaf .

"Hha . It seems that you little girl are not bad . You detected our existence . "


After a breeze through the woods, another black figure weirdly appeared on the top of another tree, haughtily looking down at Yun Wu .

"But it\'s really a prost.i.tution of our talents to send us both here to deal with this little girl," in his tone, there was arrogance and scorn commonly found in most powerful people .

Composed, Yun Wu looked at the two a.s.sa.s.sins who had suddenly turned up, her heart sinking .

Because, judging from the undulation she had just detected, these two people probably had broken through into the rank of Grand a.s.sa.s.sin .

As far as she remembered, even Grand Kung Fu Masters were fairly rare in the whole Zhou Kingdom .

But here, two Grand a.s.sa.s.sins appeared at the same time .

However, when Yun Wu saw the special symbols on their clothes, a cold killing aura involuntarily started spreading outwards from her .

"You\'re members of Dragon Clan?"

Dragon Clan was an organization subordinate to the inc.u.mbent Queen, so who sent them here was very obvious .

It was just that the Queen shouldn\'t have known she was Yun Wu from Yun Mansion . Why did she send people to kill her again and again?

Hearing her words, Nineteen lifted his eyebrows and looked at Yun Wu with a sneer on his face, "You little girl actually know that we\'re from Dragon Clan . No wonder master wanted to . . . "

However, he broke off in the middle of a sentence .

It was probably because he realized that he was talking too much .

"You know too much, little girl . Be cooperative and we\'ll make your death quick and clean," Eighteen said in a deep, cold voice .

Yun Wu curved her lips into a sneer, "Only if you can catch up with me can you give me a quick death . "

Grandma Medicine and Little Leaf were still in the cottage, so this was by no means the right place to fight .

The next second she finished the last word, Yun Wu\'s figure turned into a beam of light and disappeared into the woods in the twinkling of an eye .

Faint sneer flashed across the bottom of their eyes when the two Grand a.s.sa.s.sins saw this .

The next moment, on the treetops, two figures vanished and pursued Yun Wu at a weirdly fast speed .

Ever since she acquired seven kinds of element, when Yun Wu mobilized wind elemental power, her speed was so fast that even Cloud Murong, who was at Tier IX, couldn\'t catch up with her .

However, this time, she could sense that the two figures behind her were approaching her .

\'d.a.m.n it!\'

It seemed that those who broke through into another rank were far more powerful than those at the lower rank .

In fact, on that day in the Magic Beasts Forest, the reason why Yun Wu managed to kill that Grand Kung Fu Master was partly because of the favorable terrain and her powerful ally – Long Qingxie had wounded him before she fought with him .

But now, she was facing two Grand a.s.sa.s.sins .

She was good at killing enemies in a forest, but she was uncertain whether she could kill two Grand a.s.sa.s.sins who were just as good at killing enemies in a forest as she was .

"It\'s surprising that you little girl can move so fast with wind elemental power at merely Tier VII," Eighteen leaped down and blocked Yun Wu\'s path . There was a ghost of surprise in his cold voice .

Yun Wu stopped, holding her sword tightly . Without saying anything, she soundlessly twitched her hand and shot several poisoned silver needles towards Nineteen who was behind her .

"Watch out!" Eighteen\'s eyes went cold and he intended to move .

But at this moment, Yun Wu flipped her hands and clasped two flames together . A fire dragon appeared and abruptly pounced on Eighteen .

On another side, Nineteen hurriedly sidestepped those silver needles which then shot into a tree trunk not far away .

Cold light gleamed at the ends of those poisoned needles .

Nineteen\'s eyes darkened with a murderous look flashing across . He waved his hand and hurled a bolt of potent Qi at her .

Yun Wu leaped up and abruptly shot towards Nineteen at full speed .

Her speed was daunting and her momentum was wild .

The look in Nineteen\'s icy eyes was somewhat scornful . He produced a sword out of nowhere, mobilized his potent Qi and prepared to fight back at Yun Wu head-on .

"You fledgling little girl . Even I haven\'t made my move yet . But you dare to come at me–"

Before his voice died away, a cold light flashed past his eyes . A amazed look abruptly crossed the bottom of his eyes and with that he instantly jerked his upper body back and dodged the blow .

The moment she missed, Yun Wu frowned .

But almost at the same time, she seized this opportunity and rapidly swished towards the depths of the forest .

"s.h.i.t!" Nineteen angrily cursed, stretched out his hand and stroked his neck . His eyes became even colder when he saw the blood on his finger .

It turned out that Yun Wu pretended to launch a frontal attack on him, but the moment she got close enough, she stabbed the dagger in her other hand at his neck .

That blow was so quick that Nineteen could barely dodge it .

This was the first time that he had dodged a strike in such a fl.u.s.tered manner . Fury instantly consumed him .


A dragon roar was heard .

At this moment, the fire dragon pouncing on Eighteen was directly cleaved by a single sword slash .

When this task was a.s.signed to them, they had been informed that this teenage girl was capable of condensing fire element into elemental beasts .

However, they were still somewhat surprised when they saw it with their own eyes .

"Is it possible that this girl killed the nine a.s.sa.s.sins and a warrior sent by Lord Zuo last time?" Nineteen asked in an extremely icy voice, watching in the direction in which Yun Wu had fled .

"No matter she did or not, we\'ve already past the deadline set by master . Don\'t let her escape . Let\'s get her head and fulfill the task . "

"Let\'s go!"

Two figures giving off furious killing aura rapidly shot in the direction that Yun Wu had fled in .

However, soon after the two people left, the s.p.a.ce beside a tree suddenly twisted, out of which Yun Wu\'s figure appeared . It was s.p.a.ce element .

She found that using s.p.a.ce element was far more strength-consuming than using other kinds of element . And it also didn\'t last long .

Fortunately, the two a.s.sa.s.sins were provoked by her and left without checking carefully .

Yun Wu didn\'t have time to hesitate . She immediately rushed towards the cottage in the valley .

The arrival of the two Grand a.s.sa.s.sins suggested that her whereabouts were exposed, which meant the situation would get more dangerous . If Grandma Medicine and Little Leaf stayed with her, they would be in danger as well .

Besides, after the two Grand a.s.sa.s.sins failed to find her, they would soon realize that they were tricked .

Yun Wu returned to the cottage as soon as she could and happened to see that Li Xuyang was walking in her direction with a pheasant .

Upon seeing Yun Wu, Li Xuyang was stunned but with that his face briefly flushed . He hurriedly moved his face aside, "Miss Wu, how did you . . . you get hurt? And your clothes was torn . "

Yun Wu moved her head aside and saw that the shoulder of her clothes was slit open, revealing her snow-white skin and a small cut .

It was caused by the sword light of that a.s.sa.s.sin .

However, given the circ.u.mstances, she ignored it .

"Brother Xuyang, there\'s something I have to deal with and I have to leave . I want you to do me a favor," in this village, people preferred to use forms of address like "brother", "sister" and "uncle", etc .

On hearing her words, Li Xuyang seemed to have sensed that something unusual had happened . He briefly frowned but after that he still nodded, saying, "There\'s no need for you to be so polite, Miss Wu . Just tell me what you need me to do . I promise I\'ll get it done . "