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Chapter 88

Upon hearing that voice, Guard Lin, who was standing behind Ouyang Ke, knitted his eyebrows, turned around and looked in the direction of those people sitting under a big tree .

It seemed that the villagers didn\'t allow them to enter the village either .

"You\'re members of the offshoot mansion of the Murong family?" Guard Lin noticed the symbols on their clothes .

Judging from the symbols on their clothes, they were members of the several offshoot mansions of the Murong family, but he didn\'t see any symbols of the main mansion of the Murong family .

"Of course . Grandma Medicine is the natural mother of Lord Murong . She\'s a member of Murong Mansion," a member of the sixth offshoot mansion of the Murong family said .

Members of other offshoot mansions all nodded on hearing this .

But Guard Lin snorted, "You guys from Murong Mansion are really thick-skinned . I heard that several days ago you evicted her from Murong Mansion, but now you\'re telling me that she\'s a member of Murong Mansion . Your shameless deeds really broadened my horizons . "

The Murong family and the Ouyang family had always been mortal enemies, so both sides showed undisguised hostility in this encounter .

Upon hearing his sarcastic words, all those people sitting under the tree abruptly stood up with a sullen face, anger surging through them .

"Don\'t go too far, dude . This is Murong family\'s turf . You\'re just an outsider . It\'s not your place to comment on Murong family\'s issue . "

"This is Murong family\'s turf? You–"

However, when the tension was reaching a flashpoint, a chilly voice came from somewhere, "Tsk, tsk . Did you come to my turf to fight for its ownership?"

Upon hearing this, everybody looked in the direction of the source of the voice .

When they saw that purple, neat figure, everybody was stunned, amazed by her beauty .

That was a beautiful, purple-eyed teenage girl clothed in purple .

Any man would have been attracted and stared at her .

Seeing Yun Wu walking over, the several villagers guarding the entrance of the village said with a respectful look in their eyes, "Miss Wu, why did you come here? Rest a.s.sured . We won\'t let them disturb you . "

"That\'s right . They\'ll have to kill us to get in . "


All people living in Lian Village respected Yun Wu very much . She not only had excellent medical skills but also was a Tier-VII warrior .

Among all villagers in this small village, the son of the Li family, Li Xuyang, who managed to reach Tier II, was the strongest .

As a result, all of them were in awe of this Tier VII warrior .

In their sight, a kung fu expert like her would never even degrade herself talking to them, not to mention treat their injuries .

But this Miss Wu not only treated their wounds, but also prepared a kind of herbal remedy which could help improve their const.i.tutions, giving villagers, who had no cultivation foundation, a chance to cultivate .

This great kindness was engraved in all villagers\' hearts, so when Miss Wu needed their a.s.sistance, they felt that it was inc.u.mbent on them to offer help .

"There\'s no need to put it so seriously, Uncle Li . It they really want to intrude in our village, just let them in . But once you intrude in, Grandma Medicine will be in a bad mood . And when she\'s in a bad mood, her memory will go bad . If she forgets how to treat the pestilence, then the disease will keep spreading . . . "

Saying this, Yun Wu vaguely grabbed a green bristlegra.s.s and clamped it between her lips .

She looked very casual and languid .

However, after hearing her words, all those people waiting outside the village clenched their teeth in anger .

Wasn\'t she putting on airs?

Ouyang Ke seemed exceptionally excited on the sight of her, and the look in his eyes were growing more and more ardent as he watched her every move .

He couldn\'t help but hurriedly take a few steps forward, cup his hands before his chest and said courteously, "Miss, I\'m Ouyang Ke from Water City . We once met in the Magic Beasts Forest in the west . Do you still remember me?"

Yun Wu vaguely raised her eyes and took a bland glance at Ouyang Ke, who was wearing a cyan brocade robe, looking genial, cultured and elegant, and fairly handsome, too .

"I think so," after sizing him up for quite a while, she answered blandly .

Her answer made Ouyang Ke feel both amazed and delighted . He walked a couple of steps closer and said, "Miss, I meant to pay you a visit back at the time when you were still in Murong Mansion, but because of–"

"If you want to talk, just talk . Don\'t try to slip into our village," before he could finish his sentence, a gruff voice interrupted him .

It turned out that Ouyang Ke had unconsciously crossed the village boundary of Lian Village, walking towards Yun Wu while talking .

Seeing this, Uncle Li and the other villagers immediately hurried forward, opened their arms and stopped Ouyang Ke from getting close to Yun Wu .

"How dare you be impertinent to our Master . You\'re courting death," upon seeing this, Guard Lin angrily walked forward, meaning to pull out his sword .


A green bristlegra.s.s shot over like a silver needle and hit the back of Guard Lin\'s hand .

Guard Lin\'s movement froze and his whole palm went numb and limp .

A astonished look flashed across Guard Lin\'s eyes . He raised his head and looked over those villagers\' shoulders at Yun Wu . The green bristlegra.s.s between her lips was gone .

Those villagers didn\'t notice, but Ouyang Ke did .

"Guard Lin, stay back," Ouyang Ke ordered in a deep voice and then politely drew a few steps back outside the village boundary .

"My apologies . My subordinate and I were impolite . I do beg your pardon, Miss, uncles . "

He was cultured, courteous and moderately humble . Uncle Li and the others involuntarily sized him up, their moods growing much better .

"Master Ouyang, you brought so many people here . Do you want to intrude into our village? All villagers here are unarmed," Yun Wu took a glance at those over ten guards standing outside the village, lifted her eyebrows and then looked at Ouyang Ke .

"Please don\'t get me wrong, Miss . We\'re not bandits or hooligans . It\'s just that my grandfather is seriously ill, so I came here to invite Grandma Medicine to Ouyang Mansion and help treat him," Ouyang Ke hurriedly said in a courteous manner, as if he was worried that she might misunderstand him .

"Really? But it seemed as if your guard was trying to draw his sword on us," Yun Wu curved her lips in a half smile . "Was that how people of Ouyang Mansion send an invitation? It was really special . "

A thoughtful look crossed the bottom of his eyes when Ouyang Ke heard her remarks .

And with that, he curved his lips in a mild, elegant smile, "You misunderstood us, Miss . We departed from Ouyang Mansion in a haste and forgot to bring some decent presents with us . That subordinate of mine doesn\'t have any valuables on him, so he wanted to offer you his sword as a gift . That sword was forged from refined materials in Ouyang Mansion . It doesn\'t count as a lavish gift, but villagers of this Lian Village could use it to defend themselves . Please accept it . "

With his amazing eloquence, Ouyang Ke managed to maneuver through this awkward situation with a tactfully worded reply .

After that, he turned his head around and winked at Guard Lin who was standing behind him .

That hand of Guard Lin\'s was still numb and stiff, but he hurriedly unfastened the sword from his belt . As if by tacit agreement, those ten plus guards behind him also did the same thing .

Before long, more than ten exquisite swords were placed before Uncle Li and other villagers .

"Are these for us?"

Having been in this village all along, those strong men beside Uncle Li had never touched this kind of premium sword before . On the sight of those exquisite swords, they got somewhat excited, their eyes lighting up .

However, they didn\'t took them but looked in the direction of Yun Wu .

"Since people of Ouyang Mansion are so courteous, we should accept their gifts . Lian Village indeed could use some decent weapons like these," Yun Wu said in a languid, casual manner .

Ouyang Ke\'s deep, black eyes lit up when he heard her words .

"These are just greeting gifts . Lavish presents from Ouyang family will arrive soon . We\'ll respectfully carry Grandma Medicine to Ouyang Mansion with a big sedan chair carried by eight person . She\'ll be our honored guest . "

n.o.body knew whether he was saying this to Yun Wu or to those people behind him .

Anyway, soon after he made these remarks, in a muted voice, Guard Lin said something to two guards who then quickly left .

Yun Wu made no response to Ouyang Ke\'s remarks .

She turned her head aside and said to Uncle Li and the other villagers, "Uncle Li, hand out those swords to villagers . It\'s about time for lunch . There\'s no need to stay here any longer . "

Then she turned around and walked towards the valley at a moderate pace .

Watching her receding figure, Ouyang Ke didn\'t walked forward but seemed to be waiting for something .

Hearing that n.o.body would stop them from going inside, those people of offshoot mansions of Murong family intended to enter the village, but then, seeing that Ouyang Ke was still standing outside, they dithered .

This Ouyang Ke was notoriously sly .

There must be a reason why he didn\'t enter the village .

Those people from the offshoot mansions of Murong family couldn\'t help but whisper into their subordinates\' ears .

Soon, several figures quickly left .

In the main mansion of Murong family .

Most of those who got infected that day had shown symptoms of distension .

Concubine Qu, whose distension was the severest, was confined to bed, her body swollen like an inflated balloon . The numbness and pains had been torturing her day and night, giving her insomnia .

The condition of Sky Murong and Earth Murong was no better .

Cloud Murong was the only one who didn\'t show that kind of symptom .

In the East Garden .

Wilderness Murong, whose swelling was reduced that day, had been swelling up again during the past two days .

At this moment, his arm was tied by a red thread the other end of which was held by a white-bearded old man sitting outside the door .

He was Medic Chen from that border city .

In case it was really pestilence, he didn\'t dare go inside but decided to feel the patient\'s pulse at the doorway .

Cloud Murong, Third Uncle Sword Murong and a couple of other elders whose symptoms were not that serious were all sitting in the room, waiting for Medic Chen\'s diagnosis .

After quite a while, Medic Chen stopped feeling the patient\'s pulse, a deep frown on his face . Then he stroked his white beard, face full of confusion and strange thoughtfulness .

"Medic Chen, how\'s my father?" Cloud Murong asked worriedly .