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Chapter 87

With a cold, sepulchral look on his face, Cloud Murong raised his head and looked at the two Grand a.s.sa.s.sins, "If nothing else here concerns Your Excellencies, please leave . Otherwise, Murong Mansion will have no choice but to inform our elders in closed-door cultivation . In that case, I\'m afraid we might cross swords with each other, and you\'ll have to excuse us for having no idea how to receive our guests with hospitality . "

"What? In our eyes, Murong Mansion is nothing . How dare you threaten us?" the look on the face of that taller Grand a.s.sa.s.sin, whose code name was Eighteen, went cold .

Saying no more, Cloud Murong produced a whistle-like object from somewhere and blew it .

No sound was heard .

But special sound waves had spread outwards .

The two Grand a.s.sa.s.sins seemed be surprised that this Cloud Murong did dare do this . Their faces instantly went angry and cold .

"You\'re courting death," after saying this in a sepulchral voice, Nineteen wanted to jump down .

"Wait," but Eighteen stopped him . "There\'s pestilence in this Murong Mansion . Don\'t be so impulsive . The task master a.s.signed to us is the most important thing . "

Eighteen\'s words calmed Nineteen down .

"Little girl, you just said that she was in a place in the west . Where is it exactly? Don\'t be afraid . As long as you tell us, we will kill her for you . You have my word," Nineteen looked in the direction of Snow Murong and tried to tempt her .

Snow Murong was eager to tell them .

However . . .

"It seems that Your Excellencies are trying to make things tough for us," Cloud Murong\'s voice instantly went cold and with that he leaped onto the roof .

Nineteen and Eighteen exchanged eye contact . In their sight, killing Cloud Murong, who was merely at Tier IX, was as easy as killing an ant .

However, they hadn\'t decided whether they should kill him or not when everybody vaguely sensed that several potent Qi were coming in their direction from various positions in Murong Mansion .

"Fine . Since you\'re unwilling to cooperate, prepare yourselves to face the consequences of offending Dragon Clan," Nineteen darted a cold glance at Cloud Murong .

The moment he finished the last word, the two black figures swished away .

However, the face of everybody in Murong Mansion changed when they heard the last remark .

Dragon Clan!

That was the biggest and most mysterious a.s.sa.s.sin organization in Zhou Kingdom . It was said that every a.s.sa.s.sin of Dragon Clan was top-notch kung fu expert .


There was a saying that most people living near marketplaces knew, "Smart people would rather offend the Emperor than offend Dragon Clan . "

Otherwise, one would get killed without knowing how .

The two people were members of Dragon Clan?

G.o.d . If they had known this, they would never have covered for that fledgling little girl .

Now they had offended Dragon Clan . The consequences would be . . .

Thinking about this, everybody was horrified .

But Cloud Murong knitted his eyebrows . It was not the consequences but Grandma Medicine and Yun Wu that he was worried about .

Since this Dragon Clan had come to Murong Mansion, it was very likely that before long, they would find some clues that would lead them to Lian Village . . .

In that cottage in the valley .

The candlelight was not very bright, but people in the room could see things clear enough .

At this moment, that small table was full of dishes .

Little Leaf cooked all these . Yun Wu had tried to help, but it turned out that her cooking skills were not as good as her killing skills .

Since she was more of a hindrance than a help, they ended up having dinner so late .

"Granny, this is an old hen Sister Li gave us . Elder sister and I stewed it for several hours . Have a try . See if it\'s delicious . "

Tough still a young girl, Little Leaf could do things as well as an adult . Her mouth had been watering all along, but as a very dutiful granddaughter, she chose to serve a bowl of chicken soup, with a big drumstick in it, to Grandma Medicine first .

And then she filled another bowl with soup, put a big chicken drumstick in it and pa.s.sed it to Yun Wu . After that she filled a small bowl with soup for herself .

"Elder sister . Have a try . Sister Li gave this chicken to you . You should eat more . "

Yun Wu was moved at Little Leaf\'s behavior . This girl herself probably had no idea how adorable she was and how deeply Yun Wu was touched .

With her chopsticks, Yun Wu put the chicken drumstick to Little Leaf\'s bowl, a doting look flashing across her eyes that were usually apathetic, "I don\'t like chicken drumsticks, so I want you to eat it for me . "

"This chicken drumstick is very delicious . Elder sister really doesn\'t like it?" hearing this, Little Leaf looked at Yun Wu with an earnest look .

After Yun Wu nodded very "earnestly", Little Leaf was relieved, grabbed the drumstick and started chomping on it .

Seeing this, Yun Wu smiled, "Slow down . You might choke on it . "

Then she moved her eyes to Grandma Medicine .

"Granny, have some . Don\'t worry about those people in Murong Mansion . Nothing will happen to them any time soon," Grandma Medicine had been preoccupied all day long, so of course Yun Wu knew it .

Hearing her words, Grandma Medicine involuntarily looked at Yun Wu, "You can tell?"

Yun Wu smiled blandly, "Granny, it\'s on your face . I\'m afraid not only I but also Little Leaf could tell . "

Little Leaf nodded on hearing Yun Wu\'s remarks, gnawing at the chicken drumstick .

With a wry smile, Grandma Medicine said, "Granny is useless . You both were wronged in there because of me . "

Her brow furrowing, Little Leaf stopped eating the chicken drumstick, "What are you talking about, granny? As long as I\'m with you, I\'ll never feel wronged . "

Feeling wronged?

With Yun Wu\'s ability, who could wrong her? Others should feel lucky if she didn\'t wrong them .

However, seeing the bitter look on Grandma Medicine\'s face, Yun Wu still couldn\'t help letting out a sigh .

"Granny, after dinner, I\'ll teach you acupuncture, and then manipulation skills . "

Grandma Medicine had some pharmacological knowledge, but it was primitive compared with advanced medical skills of modern times, especially when it came to preparing remedies with herbs .


Manipulation skills?

There were all new words .

"Wu\'er, you\'re talking about . . . " Grandma Medicine clearly didn\'t quite understand .

"If I\'m right, with acupuncture, manipulation of a couple of special acupoints and some antiphlogistic herbal medicine, Wilderness Murong\'s illness will be cured," said Yun Wu .

"Antiphlogistic herbal medicine? Wu\'er, is antiphlogistic herbal medicine really a cure for that pestilence?"

Grandma Medicine was uncertain . Even Little Leaf was very curious about it .

Yun Wu couldn\'t help curving her lips in a smile, "Granny, there\'s no need for you to ask so many questions . Just regard it as pestilence, and you\'re the only one who can cure that \'pestilence\', so when you go there to treat the disease, remember to have others leave the room . As for the herbal medicine, I\'ll have Little Leaf pound the herbs for you in advance . "

Her words were somewhat confusing . Grandma Medicine only understood part of them .

But knowing that the pestilence could be cured, Grandma Medicine was greatly relieved .

"Elder sister, we were evicted from Murong Mansion . How could granny get in there to treat them? They will surely try to chase us away," Little Leaf pointed out the key issue .

This was also another thing that Grandma Medicine was worried about .

Now that they had been evicted from Murong Mansion, the Third Uncle and the others probably wouldn\'t believe her, even if she was willing to go back .

Hearing this, Yun Wu smiled, a self-conceited look flashing across her purple eyes .

"Just enjoy the dinner . You don\'t have to worry about this issue . Do what I tell you to do and in just a couple of days, you\'ll be able to return to the Murong family in fine style, and n.o.body will dare bully you ever again . "

The next day .

Dawn had just broken when a group of people came to this small village of simplicity .

Yun Wu had scarcely walked past the threshold and stretched out a little bit when Little Leaf rapidly rushed back .

"Eld--Elder sister, there\'re a lot of people outside the village . They requested granny\'s presence," face red, Little Leaf was panting heavily due to the fast running .

"Where\'s granny?" it was just after dawn, but Grandma Medicine was nowhere to be found .

Little Leaf said, "Granny got up very early and went up the mountain to collect three-leafed medicinal herbs with antiphlogistic properties . "

The night before, Yun Wu taught them acupuncture and manipulation skills, but they still needed a kind of three-leafed medicinal herb with antiphlogistic properties, so Grandma Medicine went uphill to collect some early in the morning .

Hearing this, Yun Wu asked Little Leaf, "Do you know who those people outside the village are?"

However, there was no need for Little Leaf to answer . They saw that in the distance, several groups of people carrying sedan chairs were walking in their direction .

Seeing those people, Yun Wu slightly raised her eyebrows and curved her lips in a faint smile, "Little Leaf, go tell them that Grandma Medicine is not in . And then ask Sister Li to bring some strong men here and get these people out of our village . If they want to resort to violence, ask Sister Li to tell them that Grandma Medicine will never treat them if they attack our people . "

"Why?" Little Leaf asked subconsciously .

But the next moment, she scratched her head and giggled, "I understand . I\'ll do whatever elder sister tells me . I\'ll go there right now . "

Upon these words, Little Leaf ran towards those people .

Most of those people were distant relatives the Murong family . Back then in that room, a lot of them got infected . Family members of that "best doctor" of Luo City also came .

This was also a contributing factor to the panic among residents of Luo City .

Even the best doctor was infected . Who else could possibly treat them?

It had been a couple of days, some of them must have shown symptoms of edema .

But none of these insignificant people was Yun Wu\'s target . She wanted to use a big bait to catch a big fish .

At noon .

Another group of people arrived at the outside of the village, but unlike those arrived in the morning, they were led by a young, handsome man, the team behind whom was neat and orderly .

However, they had scarcely arrived at the entrance of the village when a couple of strong male villagers blocked their path .

A villager said in a gruff voice, "Who are you people? Grandma Medicine is not meeting anyone of you . Please return . Stop wasting time here . "

"Fellow-townsman, we\'re from the Ouyang Mansion in Water City . There\'s an emergency and we really need Grandma Medicine\'s help . Please do us a favor and let us through," Ouyang Ke walked forward and said in an elegant, courteous manner .

His att.i.tude was far more polite than that of those who arrived in the morning .

However, before that villager could answer him, one of the several groups of people who had been waiting all along said in a cold, sarcastic tone, "You think they\'ll let you through just because you called them fellow-townsmen? Take a rest and then retrace your steps back home . Grandma Medicine won\'t even meet people from Luo City, not to mention you guys from Water City . "