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He couldn\'t help feeling exceptionally curious about that girl named "Phoenix Wu". Who was that girl exactly?

It was surprising that the Seventh Prince, who was arrogant and picky and who always regarded women as toys, was now missing a girl morning, noon and night.

However, though he had been away from home for nine years, he was positive that there was no girl named Phoenix Wu in the Wu Family.

Before taking his leave, Coldness Wu seemed to have suddenly recalled something. He paused and said, "Your Highness, since that girl named Phoenix Wu appeared in the woods of the Murong family, maybe there\'s some kind of connection between her and people of the Murong Mansion."

Zhou Feiyu took a sip of the tea as vaguely as usual, but a piercing look flashed across his eyes.

"That\'s why I want you to deal with it!"

Hearing this, Coldness Wu was stunned and with that he secretly sighed, briefly feeling depressed. It was so difficult to deduce what his master was thinking about, since his thoughts were so unpredictable.

In fact, he had ordered an inquiry into this issue before. Rumors in the Luo City said that a teenage girl made a scene in the offshoot mansion of the Murong family and also bl.u.s.tered that she would ma.s.sacre members of the Murong family.

But eventually, the whole thing ended with Cloud Murong finding his natural mother and adopting a daughter, which sounded very tacky.

After that, the teenage girl never showed up. The result of a further investigation suggested that the girl and her grandmother were villagers of a small, remote village, which didn\'t conform to the prince\'s description of that girl named Phoenix Wu.

As a result, the scope of the investigation extended and some other cities were involved.

But Coldness Wu believed that a girl who was able to cause so much damage to the Murong Mansion was by no means an ordinary one, and that there must be something wrong with the result of the investigation.

Hearing his master\'s words, Coldness Wu nodded and left at a sure-footed pace.

"Show yourself!"

The moment Coldness Wu left, Zhou Feiyu in n.o.ble elegant attire raised his eyes, gave a glimpse at a corner and said in a deep voice.

The instant he finished the last word, a black figure flashed over like a shadow and knelt down on one knee in front of him, "Your Highness, we found her. The name of that teenage girl who made a scene in the Murong Mansion was indeed Phoenix Wu. She has purple eyes and is in early stage of Tier VII, and also has some weird medical skills. Currently, she\'s in a small village named Lian Village on the border between the Luo City and the Water City."

Finally, Zhou Feiyu paused, holding the teacup.

He cast his piercing eyes onto that man in black who was kneeling on the ground, "And? What about her background? Is she a member of the Wu Family?"

"I specially sneaked into the Wu Family and read the family tree, and I also made some inquiries, but there\'s not a girl named Phoenix Wu in the Wu Family. I also mobilized resources of the underground intelligence network and investigated all families bearing the surname Wu in the whole Zhou Kingdom but didn\'t find any information about the background of the girl named Phoenix Wu."

Clearly Zhou Feiyu was rather displeased with this answer. He frowned, a look of callousness tinged with anger flashing across his face.

The man in black seemed to have sensed his master\'s mood. He lowered his head and hurriedly said in a respectful tone, "Your Highness, though I failed to get any information about Miss Wu\'s background, I found something highly suspicious."

The look of apathy mixed with n.o.bility reappeared on Zhou Feiyu\'s face. In a cold voice, he said, "What is it?"

"Eyes of the inc.u.mbent Empress also turn purple when she mobilizes her fighting spirit. A few days ago, she sent eight Tier VIII peak-stage a.s.sa.s.sins and a Tier IX middle-stage a.s.sa.s.sin, who were all members of her \'Dragon Clan\', to search for somebody, but they were wiped out in the Magic Beasts Forest in the west. It is said that a Grand Kung Fu Master was also killed, his body unaccounted for," after saying this, the man in black paused.

The look in Zhou Feiyu\'s piercing eyes went rather cold when he heard these remarks.

Purple eyes? She also had purple eyes.

Was there by any chance some kind of connection between that Phoenix Wu and the inc.u.mbent Empress?

"A few days ago, news about what Miss Wu did in the Murong Mansion also spread to the imperial city. The Empress secretly dispatched two Grand a.s.sa.s.sins of the Dragon Clan to the Luo City. It seems as if they\'re looking for someone."

Levels of a.s.sa.s.sins: Tier I to Tier IX a.s.sa.s.sin, Grand a.s.sa.s.sin, a.s.sa.s.sin Saint, Venerable a.s.sa.s.sin.

Grand a.s.sa.s.sins were elite a.s.sa.s.sins. Since the Empress dispatched two of them at one time, it seemed that the person she wanted to find was no ordinary person.

Judging by the current clues, it was very likely that her target was Phoenix Wu.

After hearing the report, Zhou Feiyu didn\'t show any expression on his face, and neither did he say anything, so naturally that man in black also kept silent, kneeling on one knee.

After quite a while...

"You may leave."

No order was issued. His voice returned to normal, which was callous and unconcerned.

The man in black answered "Yes" respectfully and then disappeared into this luxurious living room with a swish.

Instantly, Zhou Feiyu, who was sitting in the main seat, became the only one in the living room.

However, right at this moment, the air about him instantaneously became sepulchral.

The Empress?

An icy look appeared in his piercing eyes and his s.e.xy, thin lips clamped tightly together, which made the contours of his handsome face look somewhat grim.


Night had just fallen.

Two mysterious figures swished onto the roof of the Murong Mansion and then deliberately gave off their powerful Qi which then spread towards the mansion.

"What is it?"

"Intruders! Move!"

"... "

Lamps and torches were instantly lit up in the Murong Mansion. Batches of guards flooded towards the source of the potent Qi.

The pervasive powerful Qi also alarmed many other people in the mansion, including Cloud Murong, Sky Murong who were isolated in the East Garden.

"Qi of a Grand Kung Fu Master?"

"No. Grand a.s.sa.s.sin."

Sky Murong and the others walked out of the courtyard and raised their heads. Seeing the two middle-aged men in black on the roof of the highest house, they furrowed her brow.

"If I may ask, why did you pay us a visit at night?" Cloud Murong cupped his hands before his chest as a friendly gesture and said in a fairly respectful tone.

Showing respect to the strong was necessary. He didn\'t want to offend anybody.

Especially on this occasion when these two Grand a.s.sa.s.sins gave off their potent Qi but didn\'t launch an attack, which indicated that they were probably not here to fight.

Hearing Cloud Murong\'s words, the slightly shorter and thinner one of the two a.s.sa.s.sins said in a deep, cold voice which sounded as if it had been amplified by some sort of device, "Which one of you is the Lord of Luo City?"

Hearing this, all people in the Murong Mansion heightened their vigilance.

Sky Murong tried to step forward but was stopped by Cloud Murong.

"I am. What can I do for you?" Cloud Murong took a step forward and said.

The two glimpsed at Cloud Murong who was down below. Naturally, they noticed that those guards were all standing by outside the courtyard, as if they were not allowed to enter the East Garden, so all they could do was staring up at the targets with vigilant eyes.

It seemed that people in this Murong Mansion had really been infected with pestilence.

"I heard that a few days ago a teenage girl made a scene in Murong Mansion. And after that, the Lord of Luo City adopted her. I\'d like to see that girl. Is she in?" another Grand a.s.sa.s.sin said.

His words stunned all people of the Murong Mansion.

Surprisingly, these two Grand a.s.sa.s.sin were here for Phoenix Wu?

Didn\'t that Phoenix Wu come from that small village? Why these Grand a.s.sa.s.sins wanted to find her? Did she have a secret ident.i.ty?

Cloud Murong kept silent for a while and then said, "Sorry. She\'s already left Murong Mansion. Currently, we don\'t know where she is either. May I ask why you want to find her?"

"She left?"

The two Grand a.s.sa.s.sins furrowed their brows and a murderous look flashed across the bottom of their eyes, "You adopted her merely a couple of days ago, but now you\'re telling me that she left and that her whereabouts are unknown. It seems that you guys of Murong Mansion are trying to hide her from us."

Killing aura specific to a.s.sa.s.sins accompanied by their powerful Qi spread outwards.

Earth Murong took a step forward and said in a deep voice, "Why would we lie to you? The day before yesterday, she was evicted from Murong family."

"Yes. Everybody in the Luo City knows this."

It seemed that the two Grand a.s.sa.s.sins hadn\'t expected the target would leave before they arrived.

"Then is there anybody who knows her whereabouts? Anybody tells me where she is will be handsomely rewarded," the shorter a.s.sa.s.sin, whose code name was Nineteen, fished out a gold ingot and said to those people down below.

Seeing this, Cloud Murong knitted his eyebrows.

In a poised voice tinged with coldness, he said, "Your Excellency, I\'ve already said that she left. We don\'t know where she is. Currently, we\'re troubled by pestilence. Who has the time to look for that little girl?"

No matter what, the Murong family was the ruling family of the Luo City. How could they be bribed with a gold ingot? If they took the offer, how were they supposed to face residents of the Luo City?

As a result, although Sky Murong, Earth Murong and some others held grudges against Yun Wu, they didn\'t interpose to offer any information.

However, right on cue, a loud voice came from a courtyard.

"I know!"

Snow Murong, supported by two handmaids, slowly and arduously walked out of the courtyard of the west wing. Then she raised her head and looked at the two black figures standing on the roof of the highest house.

Hearing this, the two Grand a.s.sa.s.sins instantly looked in the direction of the courtyard in the west.

"Very good, little girl. Tell us and this gold ingot is yours," Nineteen slightly curved his lips and said.

But Snow Murong despised that gold ingot, "I don\'t want your gold ingot. I want you to kill that d.a.m.n b.i.t.c.h when you find her."

Yesterday Yun Wu humiliated and threatened her. She was horrified but also deeply hated Yun Wu.

Hearing this, the two Grand a.s.sa.s.sins burst into laugh.

"What a ruthless little girl. But I like you. Now tell us where she is. Your wish will surely be fulfilled."

A vicious look flashed across the bottom of her eyes when Snow Murong heard his words, "She\'s in a western–"

"Snow Murong!" suddenly, a sedate, resonant voice came, as if amplified.

Naturally, that voice was Cloud Murong\'s.

Hearing that voice, Snow Murong paused. With a frown, she looked in the direction of the East Garden which was not far away.

Eyes cold, the two Grand a.s.sa.s.sins darted a sideways glance at Cloud Murong.

"It seems that you guys of Murong Mansion are really hiding something."