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Yun Wu scattered those silver ingots and the news started spreading. After that, Yun Wu bought Little Leaf a lot of delicious snacks, hired a horse-drawn carriage and leisurely left the city, heading towards that remote village.

As regards what would happen next, she wasn\'t worried at all. After all, those who were supposed to turn up would eventually turn up on their own account.

Not long after they left, a news caused a sensation in the whole city. There was a panic among residents which resulted in a protest and the government nearly dispatched the garrison to suppress it.

After a short time.

The news spread to the Water City.

In the Ouyang Mansion.

"What did you say? Pestilence? How\'s that possible?" Ouyang Qing\'s face was full of disbelief when he heard the news reported by his subordinate.

The symptoms of the disease his father caught were exactly the same as those of the disease Wilderness Murong caught.

If what that Wilderness Murong caught was pestilence, wasn\'t this suggesting that his father also caught it? By no means could this be true.

"Second Patriarch, now this news has spread through the whole Luo City. In the Murong Mansion, the old Lord suffered a relapse. His skin cracked and blood spurted out. All those who got splashed with his blood were infected. So far, a couple of those who touched the blood has shown symptoms of distension. Even that best doctor in the Luo City himself is also infected."

With a frown on it, Ouyang Qing\'s mild face slightly changed when he heard this.

"Besides, I secretly made a few inquiries outside the Murong Mansion. Those infected people in the Murong Mansion has already been isolated. Lord Murong included, most people in the mansion are infected. Now a junior member of the Murong family\'s offshoot is temporarily in charge of the Luo City."

"What? Even Cloud Murong is infected?" a couple of figures quickly walked through the door and entered the room.

Ouyang Yu was in front of the others. There was a frown and a somewhat solemn look on his mild face.

"Second Uncle, we\'ve just got news from the Luo City. It is said that there\'s an outbreak of pestilence in the Luo City, and that Wilderness Murong is the source of it. Is it true?" Ouyang Ke followed Ouyang Yu into the room, a concerned look on his face.

If Wilderness Murong was really the source, then his grandfather might also be...

This news was also a bolt from the blue for the Ouyang family.

"I just heard the news myself," Ouyang Qing stood up and moved to another seat on the side, letting Ouyang Yu sit on the host seat.

A couple of other members of the Ouyang family sat on the two sides of the living room.

"Right before I came here, I sent someone to get the medic. This morning, I found that father was not in a very good condition," after sitting down, Ouyang Yu said in a deep voice.

"Your Lordship, if the news from the Luo City is true, we have to take precautions in advance," one of the people in the living room said.

"Yes. This issue could have serious consequences. Your Lordship and Second Patriarch should think twice and then make proper arrangements."

"... "

Ouyang Yu and Ouyang Qing furrowed their foreheads with solemn faces.

If that was the case, were they supposed to isolate their father?

At this moment, the guard who had just reported the news said, "Your Lordship, Second Patriarch, I also heard a rumor spreading among residents."

"Keep talking!"

"It is said that only one person in the world can cure this kind of pestilence – Lord Murong\'s mother whom he found no long ago. Her surname is Medicine. But for some reason, this woman and her two granddaughters left the Murong Mansion and returned to a village named Lian Village which is located to the west of the Luo City."

"Lian Village to the west of the city? Isn\'t that an out-of-the-way village on the border between the Luo City and the Water City?"

"Then what are we waiting for? Let\'s go invite that woman here right now," Ouyang Ke\'s Fifth Uncle hurriedly said in a gruff voice.

"Fifth Younger Brother, let\'s verify the news first. No matter that rumor is true or not. The first thing we should do is go to the Murong Mansion and sound them out. If it\'s really pestilence, then we go to invite her."

"Yes. His Lordship is right. It\'s really weird that this woman whose surname is Medicine left the Murong Mansion under this circ.u.mstance. Let\'s figure out what\'s going on before taking action."

"Then I\'ll go there myself and find out the truth... "

"... "


In the Lian Village.

News that Yun Wu had taken Grandma Medicine and Little Leaf back soon spread through this small village of simplicity.

The moment they returned to that humble cottage in the valley, all villagers came, bringing with them vegetables, rice, cured meat etc.

They showed their grat.i.tude and hospitality. It was not after solicitously talking about each other\'s well-being for quite a while that they left.

That primitive small kitchen was filled with gifts from villagers.

"Miss! Miss... "

As Yun Wu turned around, planning to go inside and have a rest, a loud voice came from far away outside the fence.

She twisted and looked out. Wasn\'t that Sister Li?

It was just that she was not alone but supporting a young man, slowly walking towards her.

That man was bronze-skinned, neither fat nor thin, and could be counted fairly handsome.

He was Sister Li\'s younger brother Li Xuyang, the man whose abdomen was cut open by a Wood Wolf that day and who was the first one that Yun Wu treated.

Li Xuyang\'s face was still a little pale, but judging by the fact that he was able to walk, he must be making a remarkable recovery.

"Miss, we heard that you brought Grandma Medicine and Little Leaf back, so we immediately came here. There\'d been no news of you since you left, and we were all very concerned. We worried that something might happen to you, so we had Old Chen, who lives near the entrance of the village, go to the Luo City to make some inquiries, but he never sent any messages back, which was why we thought that something really had happened. We\'re very glad that all of you came back safe and sound."

Sister Li walked up to Yun Wu and couldn\'t help saying all these words.

But Yun Wu could distinctly feel the concern in her tone.

Yun Wu slightly curved her lips and politely smiled at Sister Li, "Thank you for your concern, Sister Li. We\'re fine. We were just handling some issues."

"It\'s good to have you back. Oh, this old hen is for you. I reared it myself. You saved my younger brother and my husband. I have nothing else, so I want to give you this hen to show my grat.i.tude to you. You must accept it."

Upon these words, Sister Li handed an old hen to Yun Wu.

In both her last incarnation and this one, this was Yun Wu\'s first time to be offered a thank-you gift, so she was not very accustomed to this kind of occasion.

But Yun Wu didn\'t decline.

Sometimes it was better to allow people to return the favor, which would make them feel better sparing them the burden of thinking that they owed someone a favor.

Seeing that Yun Wu accepted the gift willingly, Sister Li was very happy.

At this moment, she seemed to have remembered that her younger brother was beside her, "Oh, this is my younger brother. His name is Li Xuyang."

Yun Wu moved her eyes onto Li Xuyang.

He looked pretty decent and inoffensive.

When his eyes met Yun Wu\'s, a look of timidity crossed Li Xuyang\'s pale face, but then he thanked Yun Wu in a natural, polite manner, saying, "Thank you for saving me, Miss. I owe you my life."

He said this with a serious look on his face.

"It was not that big a deal, and you don\'t owe me your life. Well, don\'t just stand here. Let\'s go inside and have a cup of water," Yun Wu didn\'t take his words seriously. Upon these words, she turned around and walked into the cottage.

Sister Li turned his head aside and gave a glance at Li Xuyang. Naturally, she noticed the timid look on his face when he was watching Yun Wu.

It was just that this girl was extraordinary, and she believed that her silly younger brother had only a slim chance.


In a border city.

One day, a signalman carrying a dispatch from the Water City arrived.

He galloped directly towards a luxurious mansion.

"Report – the Lord of the Water City requests Medic Chen\'s presence in the Water City. The former Lord of the Water City is terminally ill."

However, almost immediately after he finished his report, another signalman hurried inside.

"Report – the Lord of the Luo City urgently requests Medic Chen to go to the Luo City. There\'s an outbreak of pestilence in the Luo City and residents are in dire need of medical treatment."

Two reports were soon delivered to the owner of the mansion.

In the sumptuous living room of the mansion.

All furnishings were rich, adding a touch of n.o.bility and extravagance to the living room.

At this moment, sitting on the host seat was n.o.body else but that Seventh Prince, Zhou Feiyu, whom Yun Wu met in the training base located in the suburban forest of the Murong family.

He seemed to like black very much. The black brocade robe imparted an air of mystery tinged with unfeelingness to his handsome face.

There was barely any reaction when he heard the reports. He slowly picked up a teacup beside him and sipped at the tea, looking n.o.ble and solemn.

But there was an undetectable, piercing look in his seemingly calm eyes.

"Your Highness, both the Lord of the Luo City and the Lord of the Water City wanted Medic Chen to go to their cities. There must be something urgent that needs to be dealt with immediately."

Beside him stood a man of dignified bearing. He was in his early thirties, eyes piercing and full of wisdom. People could tell at first sight that he was no ordinary person.

After slowly taking a sip of the tea, Zhou Feiyu lifted his eyes and gave a glimpse at the man beside him, "Since you\'ve already had a grasp of the situation, give the order and make arrangements."

Coldness Wu smiled resignedly but still said to Zhou Feiyu respectfully, "Your Highness, I\'m merely a petty counselor around you. By no means will I dare to give orders on behalf of Your Highness."

"Save it. Don\'t act humble in front of me. Go handle this petty issue," Zhou Feiyu gave a cold glance at him and said.

This Coldness Wu was a member of the Wu Family. He had been serving Zhou Feiyu ever since Zhou Feiyu fought the first battle at the age of twelve. Now it had been nine years.

Nominally, they were prince and counselor, master and subordinate, but actually they were also brothers.

Seeing the leisurely, uninterested bearing of Zhou Feiyu, Coldness Wu knew exactly what he was thinking about.

The Murong family and the Ouyang family had been mortal enemies for generations, but His Highness managed to secretly co-opt both of them. Given the current situation of these two families, he should do something for reasons of either his personal relationship with them or his position.

It was just that ever since His Highness returned here from that training base located in the magic beast woods of the Murong family after receiving a dispatch, he had been uninterested in anything, as if he lost his soul.

Even his att.i.tude towards Coldness Wu was somewhat inexplicable.

And the reason was a girl named "Phoenix Wu".