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Chapter 84

"I vilified you? Do you know that the skin of the old Lord in bed has already been stretched to its limit? If you had touched him one more time, he would have exploded . "

Yun Wu\'s remarks astounded that doctor .

But soon, the doctor\'s face darkened, "You fledgling little girl knows nothing about medical treatment, so cut the nonsense . The old Lord is fine . How is it possible that his body–"

"Puh . . . "

Right on cue, a m.u.f.fled sound of blood spurting out abruptly came from Wilderness Murong\'s arm .

Blood splashed in all directions . Sword Murong, Concubine Qu, Cloud Murong and his two brothers as well as that doctor were all splashed with blood .

This sudden occurrence startled a lot of people .

"How–How did this happen?" with a slight change of his facial expression, the doctor was stunned .

At this moment, without walking forward, Yun Wu raise her hand and suctioned out the three silver needles sticking in Wilderness Murong\'s body .

However, Yun Wu didn\'t take back the three silver needles but casually waved her hand and tossed the needles to the ground .

Then in a seemingly unconcerned voice, she said, "It\'s done . Use the astringent drug my granny just used to stop the bleeding and bandage the wound . Your old Lord is safe during the next five days . "

Originally those elders didn\'t believe her, but then they saw that the moment those silver needles were pulled out, the distension of Wilderness Murong\'s body started reducing at a noticeable speed .

This weird scene stunned everybody present and they all went silent .

She really had medical skills?

Stunned as well, Sword Murong looked in Yun Wu\'s direction with a solemn face .

Cloud Murong was surprised and delighted, "Wu\'er, you–"

But Cloud Murong had just spoke when Yun Wu raised her hand and hushed him .

"Don\'t call me that . We\'re not that close to each other . As three freeloaders, we have already been evicted from the Murong Mansion, so she\'s no longer your mother, and I\'m no longer your G.o.ddaughter,“ Yun Wu slightly curved her lips in a faint smile and said .

However, faces of all people present darkened again when they heard her remarks, frowning .


What did this girl mean? Was she trying to put up a front at this moment?

"By the way, there\'s another issue I\'d like to tell you," as those elders became displeased, something seemed to have just occurred to Yun Wu .

"What is it?" asked Cloud Murong .

Watching them with a smile, Yun Wu said, "What your old Lord caught is a rare disease similar to pestilence which is highly infectious . Anyone whose skin got splashed with his blood will be infected . Symptoms might appear immediately or three to five days after infection at the latest . Infected people\'s bodies will slowly swell and eventually become just like that of him . When the swelling exceeds a certain point, their bodies will explode . So, if your old Lord\'s skin cracks again and blood spurts out, you should be careful and make sure you don\'t get splashed with his blood . "


Faces of all people present instantly changed as they heard this .

Got splashed with the blood?

Almost all people in this room had just crowded around the bed to check the old Lord and had been splashed with some of his blood . Yun Wu and Little Leaf, who had been standing behind them all the time, might be the only two who weren\'t splattered with the blood .

She knew this all along but didn\'t tell them until now . Wasn\'t this intentional?

No wonder . . . No wonder she had been standing behind them all the time and didn\'t even get those silver needles back .

This vicious girl .

"Oh . I almost forgot to tell you . This pestilence is highly infectious and my granny is the only one who can treat it . But, I\'m sorry to tell you – my granny is willing to treat everybody in this world but by no means will she treat anyone from this Murong family . If you think I\'m lying, I suggest you ask that quack to feel his pulse right now lest he infect anybody else . Now please excuse us, but we\'re busy . . . "

Yun Wu made these remarks .

In front of all those people, taking Grandma Medicine and Little Leaf with her, Yun Wu turned into a whirlwind and flashed out of the room .

Her speed was so fast that n.o.body had enough time to react before she left .

When Sword Murong, Concubine Qu and the others realized what had happened, the three persons were no longer in the room .

"I–I have an itch . Is it possible that the gir–girl was telling the truth?" someone in the room said .

Hearing this, all people in the room panicked . Everybody began to check themselves to see whether or not their skins were splashed with blood .

Concubine Qu\'s acupoint was struck and she was the one whose face changed the most drastically .

She had been standing at the bedside and was splashed with the most blood .

There was also a dramatic expression on Sword Murong\'s old face .

"Don\'t believe that fledgling little girl\'s words . Father has been ill for so long . If it were really pestilence, it would have spread already . How is it possible–" Sky Murong said with a sepulchral face .

However, an exclamation was heard before he could finish his sentence .

"It swe–swelled . . . " eyes full of horror, that doctor watched his bloodstained arm which had already begun to bloat .

Distending pain and numbness was slowly spreading towards other parts of his body from that bloated arm, which he could feel distinctly . His old face abruptly turned ghastly white .

Seeing this, all the others in the room immediately drew back almost subconsciously .

However, before long, a couple of others also began to feel that kind of strange distending pain and numbness .

"Third Uncle, it–it\'s true . Wh–What should we do?"

"Your Lordship . . . "

There was an instantaneous change of atmosphere in the room .

Cloud Murong might be the calmest person in the room . He took a small bottle from the tray beside him, which contained the styptic powder that he had once seen Grandma Medicine use, walked up to the bed and applied the powder to Wilderness Murong\'s bleeding arm .

"Yun\'er, don\'t!"

"Your Lordship, it\'s too risky . "

Seeing this, Sword Murong and all the others hurriedly tried to stop him .

Cloud Murong was now the Lord of Luo City as well as the Patriarch of the Murong family . How could he take such risks?

"Third Uncle, if this is really pestilence, then we\'re now all infected . You think there are still risks?" hearing Cloud Murong\'s words, all people in the room became pale and silent .

Yes . If it was really pestilence, then all of them must have been infected already, so . . .

Right on cue, a voice and some footsteps came from the doorway .

"Your Lordship, I just saw that fledgling little girl left with that old woman and that kid . Did something happen?"

"Don\'t come in . Go to the Eastern Garden . From now on, all those who once touched old Lord or his blood must be isolated," Cloud Murong\'s deep, cold voice instantly came from inside the room .

On a street in the Luo City .

Yun Wu was strolling around, seemingly curious about those commodities in the busy street .

"Elder sister, look at these colorful candies," Little Leaf\'s delighted voice tinged with amazement came . Then she started raking around in her pockets, as if trying to find the copper coins she hid as case-dough .

"We\'ll take these," Yun Wu directly tossed a silver ingot to the vendor, which was more than enough to pay for those candies .

Grinning from ear to ear, the vendor hurriedly wrapped up those colorful candies and pa.s.sed it to Little Leaf .

Watching that big bundle of candies, Little Leaf was both astonished and rejoiced, but also a little worried that they overpaid the vendor .

"Elder sister, you overpaid for these candies," Little Leaf hastily ran up to Yun Wu and said .

"It\'s okay . Elder sister has a lot of money and can buy you a lot of candies," smiling, Yun Wu stroked her little head and said .

More than half of her Storage s.p.a.ce was filled with treasures, which was probably several times more than how much she could spend in her life .

She was always generous to those who were good to her .

Though still feeling that it was a waste of money to pay a silver ingot for these candies, Little Leaf was still very happy when she looked at that big bundle in her arms . All kids liked snacks and sweets, especially colorful ones .

But she didn\'t eat them herself but hurriedly pa.s.sed the bundle of candies to Yun Wu, "Elder sister, try one . Back then I said that I would buy you sweetmeats . There\'s no sweetmeats for sale for the moment, but candies are just as delicious . "

Actually, buying sweetmeats was exactly the reason why she went downtown that day . It was just that she was caught halfway home, and that small pack of sweetmeats she bought was also lost .

Yun Wu was stunned . Watching Little Leaf who was handing her the candies with a broad grin, she couldn\'t help being touched .

\'This silly girl keeps this in mind all along?\'

Yun Wu took a candy and put it into her mouth, and then stretched out her hand and stroked Little Leaf\'s little head, "Well, elder sister had one . You can keep the rest of them . "

"There are so many . "

"It\'s okay . You can share them with your friends after you go home . "

"Go home? Are we really going to go home?" Little Leaf\'s eyes lit up .

Though the living condition was very good in the Murong Mansion, in her eyes, it was merely an unfamiliar place . Besides, people in there frequently bullied her in private, so she didn\'t like that place at all .

But that place was her granny\'s . . .

Seeming to have just thought of something, Little Leaf hurriedly turned her head back and looked at Grandma Medicine who was slowly walking behind them with a preoccupied face .

Grandma Medicine was wearing a cape which was given to her by Yun Wu to cover her bloodstained clothes .

After they left the Murong Mansion, Yun Wu didn\'t take them back to the village right away but led them to this street to do shopping .

Though Grandma Medicine didn\'t say anything, judging by the concerned look on her face, Yun Wu could tell that she was definitely worried about those people in the Murong Mansion .

Pestilence .

Grandma Medicine had never heard of this kind of disease before, but she had seen Yun Wu\'s medical skills, so she knew by no means would Yun Wu have made a wrong diagnosis .

How could Grandma Medicine not worry?

Watching Grandma Medicine\'s concerned face, Yun Wu was somewhat depressed .

In face, she couldn\'t quite understand why Grandma Medicine wasn\'t angry after what members of the Murong family had done to her . Why was she still worried about those people?


Maybe it was because of the so-called bonds of kinship between family members, but for the moment, she couldn\'t quite understand .

After looking around the busy street, Yun Wu asked Little Leaf to stay with Grandma Medicine and then headed for the busiest part of the street .

Of course, she was not really planning to go shopping .

She tossed some silver ingots onto the ground at the most uproarious spot from which a shocking news soon started rippling outwards like a furious wave .