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Publishedat 7th of November 2019 07:01:57 AMChapter 83

When Concubine Qu saw Little Jing\'s body in the corner, her face instantly changed, but she managed to cover all her other moods very well .

"What happened? Why\'s the courtyard in such a mess?"

"Your Lordship . Elder Mistress . "

Everybody present respectfully greeted Cloud Murong, except for Sword Murong .

"Yun\'er, today, as your Third Uncle, I want you to evict these unrelated people from Murong family right away . Otherwise, I\'ll call the Elder of the Family here . "

Hearing this, Cloud Murong was stunned . Grandma Medicine was transfixed, but Concubine Qu was delighted .

"What do you mean, Third Uncle?" Cloud Murong furrowed her brow, clearly having no idea what was going on .

"You don\'t understand? Look around here . You will understand my words once you know what has just happened here and what that fledgling little girl has just said . Now for the second time, as your Third Uncle, I\'m asking you to evict these three irrelevant people, immediately . "

That so-called avuncular, steady manner of Sword Murong had been long gone due to the fury in him . On his face was an extremely black look .

Hearing this, instead of getting anxious and angry, Yun Wu slightly curved her lips, "Is this embarra.s.sed, angry old man asking us to leave? I was actually expecting this, because we really don\'t want to stay here any longer . "

"Wu\'er, don\'t get emotional . G.o.dfather will handle this," Cloud Murong turned his head around and looked at Yun Wu .

But Yun Wu showed him no respect . Arms folded before her chest, she coldly looked at him, "You\'ll handle it? Can you? Look at your mother\'s hand . That handmaid trod on it and almost broke it . As a son, you failed to protect your mother, and you don\'t even know which one of your mother\'s hands got hurt after I told you this . "

Rather anxious, Grandma Medicine hurriedly withdrew her hand and stopped Yun Wu, "Say no more, Wu\'er . I\'m fine . "

"Granny, I brought you back to live a better life with your son, not to be bullied by these haughty people . Now even a servant dares to hurt you . If things keep going this way, maybe one day you\'ll be killed by some blind b.a.s.t.a.r.d and this son of yours might not know about it . What good is it having a son and a husband if that\'s the case?"

Cloud Murong\'s brow furrowed as he heard Yun Wu\'s remarks, but out of the corner of his eye, he also saw Grandma Medicine\'s red, swollen hand which she was trying to hide .

A cold, angry look flashed across the bottom of of his eyes .

"Who did this?" his deep, commanding voice was tinged with rage .

A sneer appeared on Yun Wu\'s face, "You\'ll have to ask all these people present this question . That cheap handmaid had just given the name of the mastermind when she got killed by this Third Patriarch of your family . Now, I think he\'s going to make a countercharge against us . "


Earth Murong\'s face went lived as he heard these sarcastic words, his fists clenching until clicking .

But at the same time, Concubine Qu\'s face also slightly changed . Her cold, sinister eyes darted squarely at Yun Wu, \'This G.o.dd.a.m.n b.i.t.c.h . . . "

"You . . . "

"What about me? You want to say that I\'m talking nonsense again? Or do you want to say that I made it up? All these \'elders\' present heard it with their own ears . If they hadn\'t, then they must have gone deaf just now . "

"But, since that Third Uncle has already made his point, naturally we will leave Murong family . Rest a.s.sured . There will be n.o.body competing with your mother for the position of the Venerable Mistress, and we, three freeloaders, will no longer \'bewilder\' your Lord of the City . "

Before Earth Murong could speak, Yun Wu talked . Though her tone was casual, she directly conveyed all that should be conveyed .

The faces of Sword Murong and those elders went extremely sepulchral after they heard these words .

Hearing this, Cloud Murong glanced at Little Jing who was already dead in the corner, and then glimpsed at Earth Murong, face gradually going cold .

He was just about to speak . . .

"The Venerable Master\'s skin cracked and he\'s bleeding again . . . " suddenly, a handmaid urgently ran up to them, yelling in anxiety .

This shocking news immediately ruined Yun Wu\'s plan, as if a bomb had just exploded .

Cloud Murong and others rapidly went to Wilderness Murong\'s room .

Meanwhile, a guard hastily led a doctor carrying a medicine chest into the room .

Anxious, Grandma Medicine wanted to get in but those \'elders\' stopped her outside the room with a clear intention of evicting her .

Yun Wu was relaxed, and she also told Grandma Medicine to calm down .

Handmaids were going in and out of the room frequently . Water in those basins they carried out was red, and there were also stains of blood on their clothes, indicating that the condition of the patient was not very optimistic .

"Venerable Mistress, His Lordship requires your presence," finally, a handmaid hastily walked out of the inner room and said respectfully to Grandma Medicine .

On hearing this, Grandma Medicine, who had been eager to go inside all along, rapidly entered the room .

Yun Wu didn\'t try to stop her but wanted to follow .

"Not everybody is allowed to go inside," a man about thirty years ago blocked Yun Wu\'s path .

"You snotty girl . What happened to your c.o.c.ky att.i.tude? You said that you would leave, so get your a.s.s out of Murong family right now–"

However, before that man could finish his sentence, Yun Wu\'s figure twisted in front of him and disappeared in the blink of an eye .

She was nowhere to be found and they couldn\'t even detect her Qi, as if she had vanished into thin air .

"Wha–What happened?"

She was right in front of them just now . How could she just disappear like that?

Astonishment and disbelief gleamed in the eyes of those outside the door . . .

Inside the room .

There were a lot of people standing in the s.p.a.cious inner room, which made it seem a little crowded .

At this moment, Sword Murong was standing beside the bed . Grandma Medicine wasn\'t treating the patient . Clearly Sword Murong didn\'t allow her to do so . That doctor was still trying hard to stop the bleeding caused by the cracked skin .

Little Leaf was standing behind the crowd . She was crowded out by those elders .

"Elder sister!" Little Leaf grinned at her and called when she saw Yun Wu who had just suddenly appeared behind her .

Yun Wu raised her finger to her lips as a sign for silence .

She looked in the direction of Wilderness Murong lying in bed . Compared with what he looked like the first time Yun Wu sneaked in here to see him, Wilderness Murong was now clearly a lot more bloated .

She exerted her spiritual power on Wilderness Murong and found that his body was reaching its limit . Without proper medical treatment, his body would probably explode in a day or two .

Originally, Yun Wu planned to stand by, but seeing Grandma Medicine\'s red eyes and her anxious look, she couldn\'t help giving a sigh . In front of all those people, she strode forward and pulled aside the doctor who was sweating buckets .

And then, with a sudden move of her fingers, three silver needles swished forward and stuck into Wilderness Murong\'s arteria carotis, right shoulder and armpit .

Everybody present was stunned by her abrupt behavior .

Sword Murong was standing beside the bed . His face suddenly darkened, "What are you doing?"

"You cheap little girl . Stop!"

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Concubine Qu mobilized her fighting spirit and swung a slap in Yun Wu\'s direction . She had been meaning to teach this d.a.m.n girl a lesson for a long time .

But the next second, her hand instantly paused in mid-air .

It turned out that a silver needle had stuck into one of her acupoints .

But right at this moment, Yun Wu slit Wilderness Murong\'s left hand with her palm and almost at the same instant when the skin was cut open, a fountain of blood abruptly spurted out, splattering around .

However, Yun Wu managed to take Grandma Medicine and flash behind Little Leaf .

"Father . . . "

"Old Lord . . . "

Exclamations of panic were heard in the room . Cloud Murong and all others present flooded towards the bed and were splashed with blood .

"Wu\'er, why did you . . . " Grandma Medicine also appeared startled, face full of anxiety .

Yun Wu said to her in a low voice, "Granny, his body is reaching its limit . If we don\'t bleed him, he will explode and die in one or two days . Rest a.s.sured . He\'ll survive the bleeding . "

Grandma Medicine was stunned by her words and with that she was relieved . Pulling a wry face, she looked at Yun Wu and said, "Wu\'er, don\'t do such scary things again . I\'m really frightened . "

"If I want to scare people, I\'ll scare them," Yun Wu made an inexplicable remark, a cold look flashing across the bottom of her eyes .

Naturally, Grandma Medicine and Little Leaf couldn\'t understand .

But at this moment, one of those people at the rear of the crowd turned his head back and saw Yun Wu and the other two who were standing behind him . Face full of anger, he thundered, "You b.i.t.c.h! How dare you kill old Lord . Today, I\'ll kill you and avenge old Lord\'s murder . "

Saying this, the man instantly launched an attack on Yun Wu .

Grandma Medicine wanted to explain but Yun Wu stopped her .

"It seems that you people of Murong family always try to kill us whenever you got the chance," saying this in a cold voice, Yun Wu flashed aside, dodged that man\'s blow and then dealt an edge-hand blow to that man\'s neck .

"Thud!" that man fell to the ground .

The man who attacked Yun Wu was n.o.body else but that Younger Uncle who was at Tier VI and had tried to fight her in the courtyard .

Some people just couldn\'t stop courting humiliation . No matter what the reason was, as long as they felt that they lost face, they s.n.a.t.c.hed at every chance to take revenge .

"How dare you continue hurting people . . . "

After seeing what Yun Wu did, all those elders in the room went furious, their Qi flaring up .

"Enough! Everybody stop! This is my father\'s room . Please be quiet, uncles," Cloud Murong reprimanded in a deep, angry voice .

Hearing this, all people present furrowed her brow .

Sword Murong\'s face was also sepulchral .

"Wu\'er, do you by any chance know how to treat my father\'s strange disease?" Cloud Murong looked in the direction of Yun Wu .

He saw Yun Wu treated people with bizarre medical skills before, and the drugs she made also had great efficacy . Besides, Grandma Medicine was here, so she wouldn\'t do anything she shouldn\'t do .

As a result, after seeing what Yun Wu did, Cloud Murong was wondering whether she was rendering medical treatment to his father .

But Yun Wu didn\'t even turn her head back, saying in a cold voice, "I don\'t know how to treat him . Neither do I want to . But this quack doctor you invited here was merely pushing your old Lord closer to death . "

"What did you say? You fledgling little girl . How dare you vilify me like this . . . "

After hearing Yun Wu\'s remarks, that doctor, who had just been pulled aside by her, got so angry that even his mustache lifted .

Everybody knew that he was the best doctor in the Luo City .