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Publishedat 6th of November 2019 06:19:29 AMChapter 82

"How dare you attack your elder? This is rebellion . Guards! Tie her up!"

The Third Uncle reprimanded and with that guards quickly flooded into the courtyard from various directions .

Anxious, Grandma Medicine hurriedly stepped forward and hid Yun Wu behind her, "Third Uncle, please don\'t be angry with her . She\'s still young and didn\'t mean those impertinent words . "

"You old woman . It\'s not your place to talk . Get lost–"

Before that person could finish his sentence .


The sound of someone\'s face being slapped was distinctly heard .

Before that Younger Uncle could react, a clear handprint appeared on his face, his eyes glinting with confusion .

What she did also amazed everybody else present, including Grandma Medicine .

Yun Wu looked at him coldly, "This slap is for my granny, who\'s also your sister-in-law . "

After saying those words in an icy cold voice, Yun Wu swung the whip at Little Jing, who was trying to pick herself up from the ground, once again . She pulled the whip and Little Jing was dragged over lying prostrate in front of her .

Under the gaze of the crowd, Yun Wu raised her foot and then heavily trod on the back of her left hand .

"Snap!" a distinct sound of bones breaking was heard .

"Ah–" she let out a pained scream, which was so piercing that it seem to have split the air .

However, this was just the beginning . The next moment, the same thing happened to her right hand .


"Ah . . . " another shrill shriek was heard as the bones of her right hand broke .

The sharp pain in her hands was so unbearable that Little Jing rolled her eyes and pa.s.sed out on the spot .

Seeing this, all people present furrowed their foreheads, \'What a ruthless girl . "


"There are so many elders in front of you . What are you doing?" Sword Murong said in a cold, solemn voice . Watching Yun Wu who had just broken the bones of the handmaid\'s hands with two stamps, he felt that his authority was challenged . Angry as he was, he still retained his avuncular manner .

What he didn\'t know was that Yun Wu hated this manner of his the most .

"What am I doing? Are you blind? Can\'t you see it?"

Sword Murong\'s face went sepulchral after hearing this .

All the others present also instantly got provoked, torrents of powerful Qi circulating in them .

"So arrogant! How dare she talk to us like this?"

"Her behavior is way too unruly . His Lordship adopted her, and she really thinks that she\'s a lady of the Murong family now . . . "

"She\'s so ruthless . Let\'s eliminate her kung fu from her . . . "

" . . . "

"Third Uncle, Wu\'er is still young and unsophisticated . Please don\'t be angry with her," anxious and concerned, Grandma Medicine hurriedly interceded with Sword Murong .

But Sword Murong\'s face was sullen and full of rage .

"Granny, there\'s no need for you to intercede with them . These members of Murong Mansion are all hypocrites . You see . Even a cheap handmaid like her dares to bully you who are her Mistress . How much better could these haughty members of Murong Mansion possibly be? I think this is what they always have been like . "

What was humiliation?

At this moment, these remarks of Yun Wu\'s humiliated all members of the Murong Mansion .

"Swish . . . "

The sounds of powerful Qi surging out came from all directions . Killing aura almost instantly pervaded the whole courtyard .

Tension in the courtyard was reaching a flashpoint .

Startled, Grandma Medicine hurriedly walked up to Yun Wu and said, "Wu\'er, say no more . "

However, Yun Wu had an intention to make a scene .

"Why should I stop talking? Now that these hypocrites are all here, let them see with their own eyes how this venomous handmaid bullied her Mistress," Yun Wu grabbed Grandma Medicine\'s hand and raised it, revealing her red, swollen hand which blood was oozing out of .

On the back of the red, swollen hand, a footprint could still be distinctly seen . Even a fool could tell that somebody did this on purpose .

Sword Murong knitted his eyebrows . They all knew that Little Jing, who was lying unconscious on the ground, was Concubine Qu\'s personal handmaid .

Was she really . . .

"I–I\'m fine," Grandma Medicine withdrew her hand .

"Granny, I brought you back to this Murong Mansion not to let you be bullied . If I hadn\'t happened to see this, are you planning to keep this a secret from me? You are going to swallow all this? Granny, I\'m your granddaughter, and like I said, I\'ll never let anybody bully you as long as I\'m alive . "

"Wu\'er . . . " Grandma Medicine was deeply touched and her eyes reddened .

"Since this venomous handmaid bullied you, I must repay her the favor in double . Otherwise, they might think that we\'re duck soup . "

All people present heard Yun Wu\'s remarks distinctly .

Yun Wu\'s foot was still on Little Jing\'s right hand . Irrespective of how those people might react, she gave another stamp on that hand .


"Ah . . . " Little Jing, who was in a coma, woke up due to the agony, letting out another pained scream .

At the same time, she broke out in a cold sweat . As the saying goes, \'Ten fingers are connected with the heart . \' That great pain clutched at her every nerve . Little Jing was unable to faint even if she wanted to .

"Le–Let me go . It hurts . . . " Little Jing attempted to withdraw her hand, which caused greater pain, her face going deathly pale .

Instead of moving her foot off the hand, Yun Wu trod on it even harder, blood flowing from beneath her foot . All those who saw this felt that this girl was so cold-blooded .

Little Jing\'s pained scream seemed to be making this game even more bloodier .

"You cheap handmaid . Your scream is still so loud . It seems that this little punishment is far from enough for you," after saying this, Yun Wu wrapped the whip around her and threw her aside again .

"Bang!" a m.u.f.fled thud was heard, accompanied by the sounds of bones breaking .

Like what she had done to Snow Murong in the offshoot mansion of the Murong family, with earth elemental power, Yun Wu lifted Little Jing up and heavily threw her down to the ground with her feet landing first .

It was painful .

Little Jing felt all achy and her feet were numb .

Before Little Jing could scream, she was thrown away again and hit the arch hard . With a m.u.f.fled groan, she nearly pa.s.sed out, pained moans emanating from her throat .

"You master-bullying venomous handmaid . It seems that you don\'t die easily . Then this time I\'ll try your neck . I\'d like to find out whether I can separate your head with your body . . . " seeming to be displeased with what she had seen, Yun Wu swung the whip again, which then wrapped itself around Little Jing\'s neck like a snake .

It seemed that Yun Wu would either break Little Jing\'s neck or strangle her if she gave the whip a sharp pull .

At this moment, Little Jing panicked .

"Cough . . . Thir–Third Venerable Master, help . . . Elder–Elder Mistress ordered me to do that . I didn\'t . . . "

Sky Murong and Earth Murong had been standing among the crowd . Their faces instantly went livid when they heard Little Jing\'s words .

Earth Murong couldn\'t help hurling a strong bolt of Qi towards Little Jing .

"Puh . . . "

Eyes wide, Little Jing spat a mouthful of blood and died after being hit by Earth Murong\'s blow .

Yun Wu didn\'t try to stop Earth Murong from killing Little Jing, since all these people had already heard what she wanted them to hear anyway . Eventually, she would also kill her if Earth Murong hadn\'t .

But Earth Murong\'s behavior gave her a opportunity to expose his true intention .

"Tsk, tsk . A natural son is a natural son after all . You know that your mother did shameful things, so you murdered the witness in front of so many people, but all these people are pretending that they didn\'t see it, as if they were blind . You guys of Murong Mansion are really one of a kind . "

The look on Sword Murong\'s face was extremely sepulchral .

And all the others present also furrowed their brows and glanced at Earth Murong, wavering between launching an attack on Yun Wu and figuring out what was really going on first .

They all heard what Little Jing just said .

The question was, even so, who would step forward for this unidentified old woman?

Hearing Yun Wu\'s impertinent remarks, they felt humiliated and furious .

"Little girl, don\'t go too far . It\'s not your place to make haughty comments on the Murong family\'s business–"


"Bomb . . . "

Before that person could finish his sentence, Yun Wu suddenly gave a lateral whip blow and with that the high wall beside the arch cracked abruptly .

With an almighty crash, a long length of the wall collapsed to the ground, large blocks of concrete rolling around .

The man who had just talked was shocked, a look of horror crossing his face .

All the others present gasped, amazement gleaming in their eyes .

That ornamental wall beside the arch was built with the hardest stone the hardness of which was almost the same as that of refined iron, but that little girl smashed it with a single whip blow?

"Listen, old men, don\'t think that you\'re a cut above others just because you\'re older . If I decide to respect you, you\'re my elders, but if I don\'t, you\'re nothing . When I said that I could ma.s.sacre the Murong family, I wasn\'t joking," her bloodthirsty purple eyes swept through the crowd .

Was she trying to provoke them? No, she was telling the truth .

It was not difficult for her to kill these people . Don\'t forget what she did for a living in her last incarnation . She was best at a.s.sa.s.sination .

She had taken a dislike to this Murong Mansion at the very beginning . If it weren\'t for Grandma Medicine, she would have left this so-called "the Murong family" long ago .

All the others were clenching their fists unitl they clicked .

A murderous look flashed across the bottom of Sword Murong\'s eyes .

However, right at this moment, Cloud Murong and Concubine Qu walked out of that room at a quick pace .

This was part of Yun Wu\'s plan . She had smashed that wall to attract the attention of people in the room in case these old men got pushed too hard and made some desperate moves .

"Mother, Third Uncle, Fifth Uncle, Younger Uncle . . . Why are you all here? What happened?" seeing that collapsed stone wall, Cloud Murong\'s forehead furrowed and walked towards the crowd quickly .

Concubine Qu closely followed him .