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Publishedat 5th of November 2019 06:13:09 AMChapter 81

"Granny, there\'s blood all over you . Why don\'t you go back and change clothes? I\'ll stay here watching him," Little Leaf was also standing beside the bed . She hadn\'t recovered from her injured fingers yet so she wasn\'t able to help with the treatment .

Grandma Medicine had just stopped the bleeding for Wilderness Murong and her clothes were splattered with blood, and so were the clothes of Cloud Murong and a couple of handmaids .

Cloud Murong also noticed the blood on Grandma Medicine, "Mother, you should go back and change clothes . Both I and my Second Mother are here, so there\'s nothing to be worried about . Everything will be fine . "

Hearing this, Concubine Qu, who was standing at the side, walked forward and dragged Grandma Medicine to her feet, "elder sister, Yun\'er was right . Your clothes are too dirty . Just go back and change your clothes . I got this . "

Displeased with her rudeness, Little Leaf frowned .

But Grandma Medicine hurriedly stopped her .

Much as she was concerned about Wilderness Murong\'s condition, she wanted to spare Cloud Murong any awkwardness . No matter what, he had been regarding Concubine Qu as his natural mother over the past forty or fifty years, so he must be having a tough time dealing with the sensitive relationship between them .

"All right, then . I\'ll go back first . If you need me–"

"Little Jing, walk her back," before Grandma Medicine could finish her sentence, Concubine Qu winked at her personal handmaid who was standing beside her .

Seeing her hint, the handmaid walked up to Grandma Medicine . She seemed to be supporting her but was actually dragging her with great force, which gave Grandma Medicine pain .

Seeing this, Little Leaf was so angry that her face changed, meaning to ran up to her .

"Granny . . . "

But Grandma Medicine shot her a warning glance and stopped her, "Little Leaf, stay here and help granny take care of grandpa!"

Little Leaf was very angry, but these days, her granny had repeatedly told her that no matter what happened, they had to put up with it .

However, these people had been bullying them all along . Little Leaf felt that they went too far .

It had been only a few days, but a lot of bruises had appeared on granny . Little Leaf was both distressed and angry .

But her granny still didn\'t allow her to tell anybody . . .

"Your Lordship, Elder Mistress, I\'ll walk the Venerable Mistress back to her room," Little Jing slightly bent her knees in front of Cloud Murong and Concubine Qu to pay her respect and then "a.s.sisted" Grandma Medicine to walk towards the doorway .

She was heavily pinching Grandma Medicine\'s arm, and the latter furrowed her brow in pain .


"Venerable Mistress, be careful . This threshold is tall . Watch your step," Little Jing said in a somewhat brittle voice in front of a threshold at the gateway of a courtyard . They had left the inner chamber and were out of Cloud Murong\'s sight .

Secretly, Little Jing gave Grandma Medicine a hard pinch on the arm and then kicked Grandma Medicine\'s leg while she was in pain .

Grandma Medicine directly fell over, as if she had been tripped by someone .



Grandma Medicine fell to the ground with a m.u.f.fled thud and uttered a groan .

Standing in front of the threshold, Little Jing gave a grim smile, \'This d.a.m.n old woman dares to groan?\'

She walked forward and "accidentally" stepped on Grandma Medicine\'s hand . Under the heavy strain, the sound of a bone breaking was heard .

Grandma Medicine broke out in a cold sweat due to the sharp pain, trying to withdraw her hand .

But Little Jing pretended that she didn\'t see it, a sneer on her face, "Old woman, why are you still on the ground? You want someone to raise you to your feet? Tsk, tsk . You really think you\'re the Venerable Mistress of the Murong family? You should have looked into the mirror more often . You think you deserve it?"

This old woman was like a thorn in Elder Mistress\'s flesh . Elder Mistress had ordered her to s.n.a.t.c.h at every chance to make this old woman\'s life miserable .

As the personal handmaid of Concubine Qu, this Little Jing naturally knew some ruthless tactics .

Seeing that Grandma Medicine was trying hard to suppress the pain and that there were beads of cold sweat all over her forehead, Little Jing felt an evil pleasure and trod even harder .

But at this moment .

Sharp-eyed Little Jing noticed that in the distance, a group of people were walking in her direction .

The sneer on her face instantly disappeared and she affected an air of humbleness .

"Venerable Mistress, are you okay? I told you this threshold was tall and reminded you to watch your step . Why were you so careless?" saying this, Little Jing raised Grandma Medicine to her feet with an affected concerned look .

"Are you hurt? It\'s my fault . I should have supported Venerable Mistress . . . "

Followed by a group of relatives, the Third Uncle, whose name was Sword Murong, saw this scene the moment he arrived at the courtyard, frowning .

"What happened?" the Third Uncle said in a deep, highly commanding voice .

Before Grandma Medicine could speak, Little Jing respectfully bowed and replied, "I\'m guilty . I should have supported the Venerable Mistress . The Venerable Mistress fell over . I deserve the punishment the Venerable Mistress meted out to me . "

Hearing this, Sword Murong\'s forehead furrowed and darted a severe glance at Grandma Medicine . His face darkened when he saw the blood on her clothes .

"I heard that you treated Huang\'er?"

"I did! Third Uncle!" Grandma Medicine respectfully answered Sword Murong, suppressing the pain in her hand .

However, the faces of those people behind Sword Murong darkened when they heard her answer . It seemed as if they went angry .

"You old woman . Murong family has already taken in you three freeloaders . What is it that you\'re still displeased with? What is it that you\'re up to? Why do you want to kill my Elder Uncle?"

"Humph . I wonder what kind of overpowering drug this old woman used on His Lordship . He actually allowed her to risking old Lord\'s life . "

"I\'m telling you, old woman, if anything happened to old Lord, I\'ll skin you alive with my own hands . "

" . . . "

Grandma Medicine\'s face went paler and paler as she heard those doubts and threats expressed in angry voices .

She knew that almost the whole Murong family doubted her ident.i.ty . They disagreed with her return and even suspected that she had bewildered Cloud Murong with some kind of trick .

For the sake of her son, she was willing to swallow any humiliation and any pain was bearable for her, but today, after hearing all these suspicions and angry voices, even if she could swallow all their remarks, how could she not feel miserable?

Seeing that Grandma Medicine kept silent, everybody believed that she admitted her sins tacitly .

"Humph, like I said, this old woman harbors malevolent intentions . I believe the reason why old Lord\'s health deteriorated so rapidly was because this old woman did something to him . "

"I can tell she\'s an evil-doer on the sight of her looks . . . "

" . . . "

"Then in your eyes, what does a \'good-doer\' look like?" right on cue, an extremely apathetic voice came from behind the crowd like a giant rock fallen from the sky .

Hearing that voice, all those who were making harsh remarks furrowed her brow and asked in a deep voice, "Who is it?" "Who\'s talking?"

"What is it?"

After they turned their heads back and looked in the direction of the source of the sound, everybody was stunned .

That was a very beautiful teenage girl about fifteen or sixteen years old, with willow-leaf shaped eyebrows, starry purple eyes and snow-white skins . Her purple clothes provided a perfect foil for an air of n.o.bility mixed with apathy about her .

This teenager girl seemed to be exerting a kind of lethal charm even if she wasn\'t talking .

When did this teenage girl as beautiful as a figure in a painting came to the Murong Mansion?

Yun Wu coldly glanced at the crowd and then slowly walked forward . Surprisingly, those people involuntarily made way for her .

"I heard that all you gentlemen are very displeased with us three freeloading outsiders . "

Hearing this, everybody was stunned .

What did she mean?

"You, old man . You led all these people here to express your displeasure . What do you want to say? Today, you might as well spit it out in front of me . You don\'t have to tell outsiders that we\'re the Lord\'s mother and G.o.ddaughter, when actually, in private, you all despise us . You might not think it\'s shameful, but I do," upon these words, Yun Wu looked in the direction of Sword Murong .

Sword Murong\'s face was sullen . Given the extraordinary endowments of this teenage girl, he believed Cloud Murong did the right thing by adopting her to co-opt her, but she was too arrogant . How dared she talk to him like this?

The faces of all the others present also instantly went livid after hearing her words .

She was the G.o.ddaughter of His Lordship?

Many people of the Murong family hadn\'t met Yun Wu yet . Seeing that she made such remarks in front of the elders of the Murong family at the first encounter, all people present were somewhat annoyed .

Grandma Medicine hurriedly walked up to Yun Wu and grabbed her hand, "Wu\'er, this is the Third Uncle, one of the elders of our family . Don\'t talk to him like that . "

An elder?

In her eyes, even that Cloud Murong was merely a thick-skinned guy, and this so-called elder was just a dotard whose authority was based on his old age .

However, sharp-eyed Yun Wu noticed Grandma Medicine\'s red and swollen hand on which there was still half a distinct footprint .

Abruptly, a murderous look flashed across the bottom of her eyes .

She turned her head aside, purple eyes sweeping around . Eventually, her eyes rested on Little Jing who was stealthily hiding behind others .

When the piercing look was darted at her, Little Jing\'s heart lurched and she subconsciously took a step backwards .

With a flip of her hand, Yun Wu drew a black whip out of thin air and swung it . Like a swift snake, the black whip abruptly shot at Little Jing .

Standing in front of Little Jing was a member of the Younger-Uncle generation . Seeing Yun Wu\'s sudden move, he thought that she was targeting him . His face suddenly darkened . Tier VI peak-stage Qi surging out, he quickly fought back against Yun Wu .


Two forces impacted with each other, making a m.u.f.fled bang .

That Younger Uncle\'s face abruptly changed . When that whip came at him again, he sidestepped the blow in a somewhat embarra.s.sing way .

"You . . . " she was actually more powerful than him?

When that Younger Uncle\'s face blushed scarlet, that black whip quickly wrapped itself around Little Jing\'s waist . With a violent swing of the whip, Yun Wu heavily threw her away towards the stone arch .

With a loud bang, that stone arch seemed to have been cracked under the force of the collision .

"Puh . . . "

With a m.u.f.fled crash, Little Jing\'s body hit the stone wall and spat a mouthful of blood as she landed . She nearly pa.s.sed out .

Seeing this, the faces of Sword Murong and all others present darkened .

"Phoenix Wu, why did you do this?" Sword Murong reprimanded in a deep, angry and cold voice .

Seeing that Little Jing was thrown away, that Younger Uncle, who had just dodged aside, still thought that Yun Wu was aiming at him, and that she mistook Little Jing as the target . His face was extremely sepulchral .