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Chapter 8 — Tier-2 Elemental Wind Pill

At first, victims of this poison would look like any other ordinary person, but with perennial consumption, they would slowly fall into a weak and morbid state; no different from an invalid. Since the very beginning of Yun Wu\'s acquired memories, she was known to have a feeble physique, which meant she was poisoned at birth.

Who was it that laid down such a cruel hand?

Anyhow, regardless of who, they must be someone from Yun Manor; it would be impossible for an outsider to make the former Yun Wu unwittingly ingest over a decade’s worth of poison. The culprit had better pray they don\'t get discovered by Yun Wu, or else they’ll definitely get a taste of how being corroded by poison felt.


Yun Qing Er\'s current mood was especially foul. The reason being: that afternoon, His Highness the Crown Prince had sent out some people to arrange for a lake outing with Yun Lingshui and Yun Xing Er while Yun Qing Er received a cold reception, so how could she be feeling good?

Normally, she would head for the back mountain and cool down by beating up the sickly Yun Wu. Unfortunately, that good-for-nothing had died.

And yet!

When Yun Qing Er saw the figure lazing on top of a rock, her expression shifted, her steps halted, and her anger also vanished.

Her eyesight wasn\'t dimming, was it?

She forcibly blinked, and nothing happened.

Yun Qing Er reached behind her, pulled aside a maidservant and then pointed in Yun Wu\'s location. "What do you see?"

"It\'s Ninth, Ninth Miss!" The maidservant’s voice was trembling while the other two maidservants were also visibly shocked.

The matter of the Ninth Miss\'s death and her being thrown off a cliff to feed magical beasts was something everyone in the manor knew about.

Yet, right now..

"Fifth Sister, it\'s only been a few days since we last saw each other, do you not recognize me anymore?" Yun Wu’s soft voice drifted by like a zephyr.

Yun Qing Er’s eyes flashed with panic, and very quickly, astonishment and disbelief followed. "You, you\'re actually not dead? How could that be?"

"If I died, you wouldn’t have anyone to bully anymore. You wouldn’t be able to thrash at me and defuse anger, so wouldn’t Fifth Sister be disappointed?" Yun Wu said as she slowly rose from the rock and flexed her shoulders. Then, she smiled and lifted her eyes to lazily look at Yun Qing Er.

Yun Qing Er met her eyes and suddenly couldn\'t help but shiver. She was confused.

Undoubtedly, Yun Wu still looked like how she did before; sickly without a trace of battle spirit. In spite of that, the current Yun Wu made Yun Qing Er feel a vague sense of danger. However, rage started brewing in Yun Qing Er’s heart. She was already in a bad mood, and now not only was this good-for-nothing still alive, but she also dared to speak to her like that.

How could Yun Qing Er, someone who was pampered since childhood, tolerate that?

She drew out her whip, accompanied by a ray of yellow battle spirit. The straight whip curved and aimed towards Yun Wu as an angered voice spoke. "Good-for-nothing, you actually didn\'t die and dared to speak to this miss in that manner, looks like you\'re tired of living. Last time I couldn\'t finish you off, this time this miss will beat you to death!"

Integrated with yellow battle spirit, the whip became over ten times more powerful than usual. It whistled through the air, heading straight for Yun Wu.

Yun Wu\'s body flickered.

Crash! The whip smacked against the ground, making dust surge up and leaving a long, deep imprint on the ground.

Seeing this, murderous intent rose in Yun Wu\'s eyes. If it had been the previous Yun Wu, this one lash would\'ve split her in half. Since Yun Qing Er was going to be this ruthless, then don\'t blame Yun Wu for being cruel.

When the whip came down again, Yun Wu did not retreat. Quick as lightning, she wielded her dagger and forced it against Yun Qing Er’s throat. Whips were only suitable for long-range combat. Once the opponent entered close proximity, the whip would become useless.

Slight surprise appeared on Yun Qing Er’s face, as she didn\'t think a good-for-nothing would have such agility. However, her reaction was not slow either; the instant the dagger approached her neck, a ray of yellow battle spirit flared out from within her, coating her body in what seemed like an invulnerable suit of armor.

The dagger was abruptly broken while Yun Wu\'s body was forced back several paces as she felt a ghost of surprise flash through her heart.

Rank Two Pract.i.tioner\'s defense ability?

The Yun Qing Er in her acquired memories had not broken through Rank Two yet. However, looking at the situation now, perhaps she had already broken through Rank Two and was hiding her true strength.

With her temperament, such perseverance was impossible, which meant someone was guiding her.

Who? Could it be the person who poisoned Yun Wu?

That possibility turned Yun Wu\'s eyes even colder. A haze of brutality draped over Yun Qing Er’s face. She looked as if she had discovered something big, and that ‘something’ angered her greatly.

"s.l.u.t, not only did you not die, but you gained such proficient agility too? Looks like the Tier-2 Elemental Wind Pill I lost was stolen and eaten by you!"

Last time in the Dragon Pavilion Auction House, she had spent all of her savings to attain a Tier-2 Elemental Wind Pill and intended to consume it once she broke through Rank Two so she could increase the speed of her dual attacks. However, only after she broke through did she discover the pill had flown away without wings.

Now, seeing Yun Wu alive and so nimble, Yun Qing Er could not help but a.s.sociate it with her missing pill. This, she could not let go. That was a Tier-2 Elemental Wind Pill–Tier-2, ah.

VIN: The power and spirit terms of this world will be explained in chapter 10, so for now, go with the flow~