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Publishedat 3rd of November 2019 04:08:26 PMChapter 79

The next day .

Yun Wu changed her clothes and leisurely walked out of the room .

She had just walked a short distance when she saw two handmaids coming towards her carrying a basin and some other things .

"Good morning, lady . "

"Let us help you wash your face and comb your hair . "

Seeing Yun Wu, the two handmaids said respectfully,

Yun Wu didn\'t know that not long after she left yesterday, Cloud Murong had publicly declared her natural mother\'s returning as well as the existence of his G.o.ddaughter .

It was very likely that all residents of the Luo City knew it now .

In merely two days, her ident.i.ty directly ascended from a fledgling little girl, who made a scene in the Murong Mansion, to a lady of the Murong family, which was very dramatic .

However, this dramatic change drew members of the Ouyang family of the Water City, and they seemed very nervous . Early this morning, they arrived at the Murong Mansion .

At this moment, in the living room of the Murong Mansion .

Sitting on the host seat, Cloud Murong looked at Ouyang Qing and Ouyang Ke who were sitting on the two sides .

"Second Patriarch Ouyang, you came here so early . Are you here to send your congratulations after hearing the good news of our family?"

Ouyang Qing smiled mildly, "We did come here to congratulate Lord Murong, but apart from that, there\'s an issue we\'d like to confirm . "

A faint smile appeared on Cloud Murong\'s poised face and he said in a deep voice, "May I ask whether this issue Second Patriarch Ouyang just talked about has anything to do with Murong family?"

At this moment, Ouyang Ke said, "Lord Murong, we\'d like to meet the girl who came here yesterday, who\'s also your G.o.ddaughter . "

A solemn look flashed across the bottom of Cloud Murong\'s eyes when he heard Ouyang Ke\'s words . In a deep voice, he said, "Surely you\'ll see her, but not now . My G.o.ddaughter has been in a closed-door cultivation, so I\'m afraid you\'ll have to wait a few days, Second Patriarch Ouyang . "

In fact, Cloud Murong had a shrewd idea why members of the Ouyang family had come here .

"Aren\'t you trying to drive your guests away, Lord Murong?" there was still a mild smile on Ouyang Qing\'s face, but his voice went somewhat deep .

Even if he was trying to drive them away, did they dare to play hardball on the Murong family\'s turf?

Besides, as the Lord of the City, Cloud Murong\'s att.i.tude could be deemed very polite .


Cloud Murong didn\'t reply but glanced at the steward who was standing at the side .

The steward immediately walked forward and said fairly respectfully, "Second Patriarch Ouyang, Young Master Ouyang, please return . "

Slightly frowning, Ouyang Ke was a little annoyed . He was just about to say something when Ouyang Qing raised his hand and stopped him .

"Now that Lord Murong put it this way, it seems that we don\'t deserve the honor . We\'ll take our leave right now . "

Upon these words, Ouyang Qing cupped his hands before his chest as a gesture of farewell and then left with Ouyang Ke .

"Second Uncle, judging by Cloud Murong\'s att.i.tude, that girl is no doubt the one we met in the Magic Beasts Forest . Maybe Cloud Murong didn\'t let us see her because he placed her under house arrest trying to get her Vigorgra.s.s," Ouyang Ke said in a cold voice the moment they walked out of the Murong Mansion .

Ouyang Qing\'s mild face also became rather cold, "No matter whether she\'s under house arrest or not, we can\'t let them get the Vigorgra.s.s . "

"What should we do?"

"We go back first and then let His Lordship himself lead his men here to demand that girl\'s release . "

The reason why they came here was because they wanted to find out whether that girl was the one they had met in the Magic Beasts Forest .

Though not having seen her, they believed that the answer was probably positive .

It was just that they didn\'t bring enough men here, so it was definitely not a wise choice to go to the opposing side\'s turf demanding that they hand over that girl .

In the west wing .

With several handmaids serving her and following her around, Yun Wu felt very uncomfortable . Grandma Medicine also felt the same way, so she asked them to stay in the outer courtyard of the west wing, telling them she would call them if she needed anything .

After changing the dressings for Grandma Medicine, Yun Wu went to Little Leaf\'s room .

She checked the wounds and refreshed the bandage .

Watching all those wounds on Little Leaf\'s thin body, Grandma Medicine felt very distressed .

"She suffered so much . "

"Don\'t worry, granny . Her condition has stabilized . Today she\'ll wake up, and then after half a month or so, she\'ll fully recover . "

Hearing Yun Wu\'s words, Grandma Medicine was relieved .

However, it seemed as if the pensiveness on her face would never dissolve .

Seeing this, Yun Wu had a shrewd what the reason was .

But she pretended that she didn\'t know, asking, "Granny, you seem to be preoccupied . What\'s wrong?"

Watching her with a tender and protective look in her eyes, Grandma Medicine shook her head and smiled, "Nothing . Maybe it\'s because I\'ve just come back and haven\'t accustomed myself to this new home . "

Last night, Cloud Murong took her to Wilderness Murong . Though old, Grandma Medicine was not stupid . She knew that he wanted her to persuade Yun Wu into treating Wilderness Murong .

One of them was her husband, and the other was her son . She cared much about them .

But she couldn\'t take advantage of this girl, especially when this girl had already done so many things for her . How could she ask her to do more?

The bond between people should be purely sincere . If one side tried to use the other, the bond would deteriorate .

Hearing this, Yun Wu smiled but didn\'t bring it out into the open, "You\'ve been away for decades . It\'s very normal that you feel unused to it, but gradually you\'ll get used to it . "

Grandma Medicine nodded and moved her eyes to Little Leaf who was lying in bed .

Watching Grandma Medicine, Yun Wu found that she seemed to have no other words to say . As a matter of fact, Yun Wu was touched that Grandma Medicine didn\'t bring up Wilderness Murong\'s issue .

At least, granny didn\'t try to use her by making immoral requests .

Ten days later .

During these days, Yun Wu were either in Little Leaf\'s room checking her wounds or staying in her own room cultivating internal Qi . She refused to meet any members of the Murong family .

It was said that Wilderness Murong\'s condition had been stable over the past ten days . Cloud Murong had revamped the Murong Mansion . Grandma Medicine and Concubine Qu lived in the west wing and the east wing respectively .

Sky Murong\'s mansion had been burnt, so his family had moved back to the Murong Mansion, living near the east wing .

To support her natural mother, Earth Murong had also moved back from his own offshoot mansion .

As a result, the east wing became overcrowded . Cloud Murong had no choice but to have Snow Murong move to the west wing, sparing some room for people living in the east wing .

Snow Murong, who was still recovering from her broken legs, kept making noises every day, abusing Grandma Medicine with malicious curses . Her voice was so loud that even Yun Wu, who lived in a room in the corner, could hear it now and then .

It was also said that the Ouyang family of the Water City had visited the Murong Mansion frequently during the past ten days, and that even the Lord of Water City came . As regards the reason, they still came here for her .

But Cloud Murong made some plans in advance and he managed to have members of the Ouyang family leave every time they came .

In fact, Yun Wu hadn\'t always stayed in the west wing during the past ten days .

She sneaked out several times, so she heard all those rumors which had spread through the whole city, irrespective of whether she wanted to hear them or not .

But she didn\'t go to that forest in the suburb to hunt magic beasts . She had found a better way . When she needed beast blood, she directly went to the street where there were magic beasts on sale to order blood . Though the level of the beast blood was Tier II at the highest, she could get it in less than a day .

Something was better than nothing .

Beast blood was no longer a problem for the moment, but she wasn\'t relieved .

Because she had been waiting for ten days, but that man had never come . She didn\'t know whether it was because the scene she had made was not big enough, or because the river had taken that man to an out-of-the-way place where he couldn\'t hear any messages from the outside world . . .

It had been more than a month since she left the imperial city . She couldn\'t just keep waiting like this .

One day .

Early in the morning, it seemed as if something important was going to happen in the Murong Mansion . People were bustling around everywhere .

As usual, Yun Wu first went to Little Leaf\'s room . After ten days, most of her wounds healed . She wanted to check her fingers .

However, she had just walked into the hall when a handmaid was knocked down by her .

"Lady, so–sorry . Are you okay?" sitting on the ground, the handmaid hurriedly picked up those small bottles, put them back onto the tray, picked herself up and asked Yun Wu nervously .

Yun Wu glanced at those bottles on the tray and found that those were drugs that she prepared for Little Leaf and Grandma Medicine .

"Where are you taking these drugs?" Yun Wu slightly furrowed her brow and looked at that handmaid .

The handmaid was a little anxious but still answered respectfully, "The Venerable Master\'s very ill and there are not enough drugs, so the Venerable Mistress asked me to come here and get these . "

The Venerable Mistress was what servants of the Murong family called Grandma Medicine .

Hearing this, Yun Wu raised her eyebrows .

Very ill?

Wilderness Murong had a relapse?

During the past ten days, Yun Wu claimed that she was in a "closed-door cultivation", but that day, when n.o.body was around, she quietly went to see Wilderness Murong .

There was no wounds on him, and his Qi was normal, but he was in a trance and his whole body was swollen . So far n.o.body had been able to make an accurate diagnosis .

Actually, she didn\'t know what kind of disease it was either .

But judging from his pulse, he should be fine for the moment .

Yet today, his condition exacerbated?

Seeing that the handmaid appeared very anxious, Yun Wu didn\'t hold her up . She waved her hand and let her leave .

Then Yun Wu walked into the quiet living room and headed for Little Leaf\'s room .

To her surprise, Little Leaf wasn\'t in either . Those wounds on her body had almost healed, but full recovery from her injured fingers would take longer time . Where did she go under this circ.u.mstance?

"Where the h.e.l.l is everybody? Someone come here! Come here to serve your master . . . "

At this moment, an angry, loud voice emanated from a nearby room .

That was n.o.body else but Snow Murong . Ever since she moved here, she had always been angry and discontented, especially after she heard that her father had not only found a mother but also adopted a daughter .

She was exceptionally displeased with this .

An old countrywoman became her grandmother, and that hateful girl who broke her legs became her younger sister . How was she supposed to face residents of the Luo City after all this? And how was she supposed to live with such an unbearable humiliation?

She couldn\'t just swallow all this .

As a result, she yelled and swore every day to make everybody suffer .

However, for some reason, today she had got up and waited for quite a while, but n.o.body came in to serve her .

Was this that so-called grandmother trying to deal her a head-on blow at the first encounter?

The more she thought about it, the more annoyed she got .

"What\'s wrong, my lady? You started practicing singing so early?" suddenly, the door was pushed open and a seemingly jeering, languid voice came .