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Publishedat 1st of November 2019 02:24:51 PMChapter 78

After that soldier took his leave, Yun Wu\'s eyes swept around the room and with that, at a gentle pace, she walked into the study at the back of this elegant room . The bookshelf in it was loaded with books . Writing brushes, ink sticks, ink slabs and paper were all available .

It seemed that this Zhou Feiyu was a man adept in both the pen and the sword .

But all of a sudden .

Yun Wu saw a painting on the desk out of the corner of her eye and was slightly stunned when she caught sight of what the painting presented .

"What do you think? Did I do a good job?" suddenly a solemn voice tinged with amus.e.m.e.nt came from outside the study .

She turned her head back and saw that Zhou Feiyu in black walked inside . Lips slightly curved, he was looking at her, a faint light glimmering in his black eyes .

Any woman would involuntarily be attracted to such a handsome man .

However, after giving a glimpse at him, Yun Wu withdrew her eyes .

On the table was a portrait of her, which was of cla.s.sical style . In terms of characterization, the portrait bore a striking resemblance to her .

She must admit that this man\'s painting skills were pretty good, since he managed to draw such a good likeness of her with merely painting brushes .

"You seem to have violated my portraiture right," Yun Wu said in a deep voice .

However, Zhou Feiyu was stunned after hearing this remark . He didn\'t quite understand what she meant .

Irrespective of whether he understood her or not, Yun Wu stretched out her hand and took that portrait, which was then abruptly set afire .

Zhou Feiyu knitted his eyebrows together .

"You . . . "

But then he just watched the flame in her hand and the absent-mindedness on her face, a look of amus.e.m.e.nt flashing across the bottom of his eyes .

"It seems that you little woman never cease to surprise me . "

After the portrait was burnt to ashes, the flame disappeared .

Then Yun Wu turned her head aside, gave a glance at him and curved her lips in a grim smile, "Speaking of surprises, is there anything more surprising than your ident.i.ty? The Seventh Prince of Zhou Dynasty?"

Zhou Feiyu\'s surname was Zhou . He had a remarkably high status in this army and also managed to reach Tier VII at such a young age .

Originally, Yun Wu had been merely speculating .

It was not until she saw the stamp on the painting that she became certain about it .

As far as she could remember, among all those princes of the Zhou Dynasty, there was a Prince Regent who was the youngest and well-known to every household . He fought valiantly on the battlefield at the age of twelve and did a lot of impressive wartime exploits . When he was fifteen, the t.i.tle of the Prince Regent was conferred on him, which was a rare exception . In most people\'s sight, he was second only to the Emperor .


However, the Seventh Prince\'s mother came from a humble family background, which was why he was not allowed to partic.i.p.ate in imperial court affairs, though he bore the t.i.tle of the Prince Regent . He was appointed supreme commander of the three armies stationed on the border and was supposed to a.s.sist the Crown Prince in succeeding to the throne in the future .

After that, the Seventh Prince had been staying on the border area and never came back to the royal palace .

Although this Luo City was not a border city, there were only three cities between it and the border .

So it was not absolutely impossible that this man was that legendary Seventh Prince .

The bland smile on Zhou Feiyu\'s well-featured face was replaced by coldness when he heard Yun Wu\'s words and a ferocious look flashed across the bottom of his eyes .

Yun Wu naturally saw it, but she pretended otherwise .

She walked past him to the table in the living room, sat down, poured a cup of tea and slowly took a sip of it, "If you want to kill me to keep your secret safe, you should do it now, because if you don\'t, you might not have another chance . "

He was probably the one who built this secret domestication base . And his purpose was very obvious .

Power, the throne, ambition . . . these things were always related to royal members .

If the existence of this secret domestication base was disclosed to outsiders, there would be dire consequences .

Zhou Feiyu took a deep look at Yun Wu with his black eyes, peering at her . The thought of killing her had indeed crossed his mind, but . . .

After quite a while, a smile appeared on Zhou Feiyu\'s solemn face .

"If you were someone else, I would surely have killed you . But sooner or later, you\'ll be my woman," there was a.s.sertiveness in his domineering tone .

This tone was always so unpleasant .

Yun Wu\'s eyebrows furrowed, "These are some quite big words . "

With a solemn smile, Zhou Feiyu said, "I took a fancy to you . No women I took fancy to run away from me . "

If these words were said to her by someone she liked, they would have made a pretty good love confession .

But clearly, Yun Wu was sneering at his conceited and unduly positive tone .

She slightly curved her lips in a faint smile, "Is that so? We\'ll see . "


At this moment, a knock on the door was heard .

The door was not closed, but seeing that Zhou Feiyu was in the room, the soldier who was carrying a lunch box still knocked .

Zhou Feiyu signaled him to come in . The soldier quickly placed the bowls and dishes on the table and then hurriedly left .

Zhou Feiyu took a bowl of rice and pa.s.sed it to Yun Wu .

"Have some . It\'s already dark . I\'ll get you out of here tomorrow if you want to leave . "

Yun Wu glanced at him and took the bowl, but then she returned it to him, leaned over and took another bowl of rice from the table .

This suggested that she was very suspicious of him .

Zhou Feiyu was very embarra.s.sed .

But he giggled, "Little woman, you seem to be very suspicious of me . "

Yun Wu raised her purple eyes and coldly looked at him, "Do you think I have any reason to be unsuspicious of you?"

"And my name is Phoenix Wu . If you still want to enjoy this meal, you\'ll have to stop calling me that disgusting name . "

Little woman?

Yun Wu felt that this form of address was really disgusting .

After what she did in the Murong family, he would know the name "Phoenix Wu" sooner or later anyway .

"Phoenix Wu?" Zhou Feiyu raised his eyebrows and looked at her . "Your surname is Wu . Are you a member of the Wu Family?"

The Wu Family?

What was that?

Yun Wu was stunned for a second, ignoring him .

She didn\'t care whether he misunderstood or not . After the issue of the Murong family was dealt with, she would return to the capital city under the name Yun Wu . And before that, she hoped that that man would be able to find her after hearing about the scene she had made .

Part of the reason why she had made such a scene in the Murong family was indeed because she hoped that that missing man would be able to hear about it and find her .

That torrent had numerous branches which stretched out all over the three kingdoms, and she had no idea where the river had taken him .

Since she didn\'t have a clue where to find him, she might as well let him come to her .

Seeing that Yun Wu remained silent, Zhou Feiyu believed that his guess was right .

In Longxu Kingdom, near the border .

The Dragon Brook Town was located in the Longxu Kingdom near the Magic Beasts Forest .

Similar to the Dragon Town in the Zhou Kingdom, this town was in a out-of-the-way area but very busy, with an excited coming and going of people .

In a luxurious mansion in this town .

A tall figure slowly stood up in a medicated bath pool . His body was strong with skin firm and whiter than that of women, but red marks could be vaguely seen .

Those marks seemed to be left by newly-healed wounds .

"Master, I brought you your clothes," at this moment, a tender female voice came from the doorway . A coquettish woman carrying a suit of white clothes walked inside .

The man, who had just finished the bath, knitted his pretty eyebrows . A gust of wind blew over and the curtain drooped .

"Put down the clothes and leave," his voice was cold, deep and emotionless .

The woman instantly stopped and watched the man behind the curtain, disappointment gleaming in her charming eyes .

But soon, a smile appeared on her beautiful face and she said in a tender voice, "Master, your wounds have just healed . Please let Ruo Ling serve you!"

However, before she could take a step forward, that cold voice was heard again, "Lingqi!"

With that, a black figure came out of nowhere in a flash . She was wearing a black mask and black clothes, revealing only her icy, ruthless eyes which were on Ruoling .

"Miss Ruo, you know what kind of man master is very well . Please give me the clothes and leave . "

After saying this in a solemn voice, Lingqi took the clothes from Ruo Ling\'s hands .

Watching Lingqi in a black mask, Ruo Ling knitted her willow-leaf shaped eyebrows together and gave a glance at the curtain . Eventually, she still didn\'t dare to disobey . Somewhat reluctantly, she took her leave .

The door was closed .

Then Lingqi sent the clothes into the room, reporting .

"Master, I\'ve got some news of the person you asked me to find . "

"Keep talking!"

"I just got a message saying that a teenage girl made a scene in the Murong Mansion in Luo City of the Zhou Kingdom, but this message is not confirmed yet . I\'ve already had someone go nonstop to the Zhou Kingdom . "

The curtain was raised . A man in white languidly walked out .

"That\'s not necessary . I\'ll go there myself . "

At night .

After everything was done, Zhou Feiyu headed for the guest room .

Two guards were standing not far away from the door of the guest room Yun Wu was accommodated . On the sight of Zhou Feiyu, they bowed in unison .

The lamp was still ablaze in the room . Under the candlelight, a figure could be seen sitting in front of the table .

As a result, the two guards had been standing there unworried .

In an undertone, Zhou Feiyu said to the guard behind him, "Leave, all of you . "


After hearing his order, the guard who had been following him as well as the two guards near the doorway took their leave .


Zhou Feiyu knocked at the door .

But after quite a while, there was still no response .

"Miss Wu!" he called .

Finally, Zhou Feiyu realized that something was wrong . Without any noticeable movements, he exerted a force on the door which was then instantly opened, as if someone smashed it open .

Zhou Feiyu walked inside and looked around, but n.o.body was in .

Beside the candle, there was an erect paper model, the shadow of which was projected onto the window by the candlelight, bringing about a semblance of someone sitting beside the table .

Zhou Feiyu grabbed that paper model . The look on his face was somewhat cold, but at the same time, an intense desire to catch her rose in him .

"Phoenix Wu! You think you can run away from me?"

With a grip, the paper folding model was instantly crumpled into a ball . There was callousness tinged with sternness in his deep voice .

Under the cover of night, a phantom figure retraced the previous route and soundlessly left this magic beast woods .

While it was still dark, she quickly returned to the west wing .