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Translator: Soldier

All of a sudden.


A pained roar mixed with some kind of deep groan came.

Zhou Feiyu turned his head aside, gave a glimpse at that cage and asked in a cold, deep voice, "How\'s it going?"

"It\'s been four hours, but the cub still hasn\'t been delivered yet. The roar of the male leopard has a stimulative effect on the female one, but the male leopard is exhausted... " a medic reported to Zhou Feiyu respectfully.

Yun Wu walked forward and saw what was going on in that cell.

The area of the cell was over twenty square meters, but at this moment, it was filled with smell of blood.

A crimson leopard restrained by giant iron manacles was lying prostrate on the ground, blood all over its body. It stared squarely at Yun Wu and the others, who were standing outside the cell, with its ferocious eyes, letting out deep, weak growls.

Though it was covered in blood, it still looked fierce and aggressive.

Not far away behind, there was a magenta leopard the belly of which was round. The lower part of its body was b.l.o.o.d.y. It was also lying prostrate on the ground, deep and pained roars issuing from its mouth.

It was giving birth to a cub?

Seeing this scene, Yun Wu couldn\'t help slightly raising her eyebrows.

But judging from how that female leopard looked, the birth-giving process didn\'t seem to be going very well.

Zhou Feiyu glimpsed at the male leopard and said callously, "Go get another bowl of blood from the male leopard."

Hearing this, the medic was clearly stunned. In a somewhat hesitant, low voice, he said, "The male leopard is already too weak. If we take blood from it once again, it might–"

However, before the medic could finish his sentence, Zhou Feiyu\'s icy eyes darted to him, "Are you questioning my order?"

"I don\'t dare!" a cold shiver of fear ran through the medic, who immediately lowered his head and knelt down to the ground on his knees.

Zhou Feiyu gave him a cold sideways glance. Then he twisted his head aside and glanced at the four soldiers on the side, "Move!"


Carrying tools serving the purpose of keeping magic beasts under control, the four soldiers opened the door of the cell and walked towards that crimson leopard.


The moment the four soldiers went inside, the crimson leopard growled at them and struggled to its feet, arching its back in an offensive stance.

But it was manacled, exhausted and covered in wounds.

And the four soldiers were veterans. Keeping a fairly long distance from the crimson leopard, they pressed its neck and limbs against the ground with long tongs.

The crimson leopard was in a bad condition, so it was soon immobilized, growling repeatedly.


Seeing what the male leopard was going through, the female leopard roared. There was anger and despair in the roar. It tried to stand up but fell to the ground several times, its lower body bleeding continuously.


The roar sounded furious, unreconciled and desperate...

Seeing this, Yun Wu slightly frowned.

The look in Zhou Feiyu\'s eyes were completely cold and no signs of other emotions could be seen on his face. He noticed that Yun Wu was frowning and with that a smile appeared on his solemn face, "What\'s wrong? Are you pitying it?"

Pitying it?

In this world where the strong preyed on the weak, sympathy was redundant. Besides, she had come here with intent to kill magic beasts to get their blood.

But what was happening in the cell made Yun Wu somewhat uncomfortable.

Soon, the four soldiers got a bowl of blood.

The male leopard was lying on the ground, breathing weakly, but it was still staring at them with an extremely angry look in its ferocious eyes, as if it was trying to protect the female leopard behind it.

"Drink it. You\'ve seen it with your own eyes, so there\'s no need for you to suspect that I\'ve put something into it," Zhou Feiyu looked at Yun Wu and said with a bland smile.

At Zhou Feiyu\'s signal, those soldiers, who were carrying the bowl of blood, walked up to Yun Wu and handed the bowl to her.

Watching the blood in the bowl, Yun Wu raised her head and darted a cold glance at Zhou Feiyu, but there was no grat.i.tude in her eyes. Instead, her look was somewhat cold.

This man was definitely someone who would do anything to get what he wanted.

But Yun Wu still stretched out her hand, took the bowl and gulped the blood down in front of all these people.

The smile on Zhou Feiyu\'s face grew bigger when he saw this.

After drinking the blood, Yun Wu didn\'t return the bowl to that soldier but casually tossed it aside.

Ignoring the look on Zhou Feiyu\'s face, Yun Wu slowly walked past that soldier and went inside the cell.

"Girl, it\'s dangerous... " a soldier at the doorway hurriedly tried to stop her.

Yun Wu darted an icy glance at him with her purple eyes and he was stunned. When he collected himself, she was already in the cell.

"Roar... " the male leopard\'s eyes reddened with anger and it tried to stand up.

With her back to those people outside the cell, Yun Wu crouched in front of the male leopard and looked it in the eyes, her purple eyes shimmering with a faint purple light.

"Easy. I\'ve come here to help you. Since I drank your blood, you may think of this as me returning the favor."

She didn\'t know whether it could understand her or not, but surprisingly, with the hypnotic effect of Yun Wu\'s Soul Chain Technique, the male leopard, which had been struggling to stand up, gradually relaxed.

It stared at Yun Wu and the look in its eyes switched from angry to vigilant, to suspicious, and eventually the leopard uttered a low groan...

"Relax. Have a good sleep. Everything will be done when you wake up," Yun Wu stretched out her hand and slowly stroked the leopard\'s head, saying in a gentle voice.

When Yun Wu touched it, the male leopard growled, but after that, it relaxed. Slowly, it closed its eyes, as if it had been hypnotized...

Outside the cell, Zhou Feiyu, the medic and those soldiers were all surprised by this scene.

What was going on?

That was a Tier-V Blaze Leopard!

It had been more than a year and a half since this leopard was shipped here. It had been through numerous training sessions but still hadn\'t been tamed due to its daunting ferocity. Even at this moment when it was feeble, it still refused to let humans get close to it.

But why was this happening? Was it really too feeble?


The female leopard roared. Unexpectedly, seeing that the male leopard didn\'t react, it managed to gather some strength, picked itself up and pounced on Yun Wu.

Zhou Feiyu, who was outside the cell, frowned and meant to take action.

But the next second, he was transfixed by what he saw. His eyebrows lifted and surprise gleamed in his eyes.

Those soldiers also watched the scene in the cell, amazed.

The female leopard had barely approached Yun Wu when it suddenly stopped and then slowly lay prostrate on the ground in a seemingly obedient manner, letting Yun Wu do whatever she wanted.

Yun Wu tore a strip of cloth off her clothes, blindfolded the female leopard and then used silver needles to anesthetize the lower body of it.

She took out a dagger and opened the womb tract for the female leopard. By performing womb-pressing technique, she successfully helped the female leopard give birth to leopard cubs through natural labor.

It took her almost an hour to get this done.

Though Yun Wu had medical skills, she had never delivered a baby before. But today she had delivered baby leopards, which was her first time.

Two leopard cubs were born. One of them was bright red and the other purple. Both of them were double the size of a palm.

And then Yun Wu st.i.tched up the opened womb tract, applied some medicine powder, which she had made by herself to her own secret formula, to the wound, removed the strip from the female leopard\'s eyes and pulled out those silver needles sticking in its acupoints.

"Roar–" the moment its acupoints were unblocked, the female leopard felt a sharp pain and roared.

This roar woke up the male leopard which had been lying at the side.


The two leopards roared repeatedly.

After sleeping for an hour, the male leopard seemed to have regained much of its strength and it stood up.

"Roar–" it roared squarely at Yun Wu.

Standing at the side, Yun Wu was neither fl.u.s.tered nor scared at all. She just quietly stood where she was and looked down at that male leopard.

She didn\'t know whether it was because of what she had done for the female leopard or not, but despite the fact that the male leopard was growling with its hideous fangs revealed, it didn\'t launch an attack on Yun Wu right away, which was very surprising.

All of a sudden.


The cubs\' howl was heard.

The two leopard cubs, the eyes of which were still closed, let out a howl and then instinctively craned to the female leopard\'s b.r.e.a.s.t.s.

The female leopard stopped roaring, lowered its head and looked at the bloodstained leopard cubs. There seemed to be a tender look in its eyes. It uttered a low groan, stuck its tongue out and started licking the cubs.

Maybe motherhood transcended species. No matter it was a magic beast or a human.

"I\'ve returned the favor. From now on, you\'re on your own," said Yun Wu, irrespective of whether they could understand or not. And then she walked out of the cell.


The male leopard roared, but unlike those previous ones, it was not an angry roar.

What was going on? n.o.body could understand.

But that medic was transfixed with shock. The way that she had delivered the leopard cubs had greatly astounded him.

\'How exactly did she manage to do that?\'

Those soldiers were also dumbfounded. She was just a teenage girl, yet she had managed to walk around two Tier-V magic beasts and also deliver magic beast cubs. How was this possible?

Zhou Feiyu watched Yun Wu walking out of the cell, his black eyes so deep that n.o.body knew what he was thinking.

"Where can I find water?" Yun Wu gave a glimpse at the soldier standing at the side and asked.

Her hands were covered in blood, which was giving off a strong smell.

Though she drank beast blood, that was because she had to. At this moment, she was not in the mood for smelling this disgusting odor of blood.

Hearing this, the soldier did a double take and then hurriedly glanced at Zhou Feiyu.

Zhou Feiyu nodded and the soldier took Yun Wu to wash her hands.

After Yun Wu left, the medic, who was still kneeling on the ground, asked Zhou Feiyu respectfully, "Your Highness, since... these leopard cubs have been delivered, should I take them out of cell and rear them separately or–?"

Zhou Feiyu gave a cold glance at the leopards in the cell and said in an icy voice, "Stick to the original plan. Do it quiet."



After Yun Wu washed her hands, the soldier didn\'t lead Yun Wu to the cell but brought her to an elegant room.

It was a room of unconventional decoration, full of rich and premium furnishings.

Given that this was a training base in an out-of-the-way mountainous area, the ident.i.ty of the people who lived in such an elegant room must be really special.

"Miss, please have a rest here. I\'ll go prepare a dinner for you," the soldier said and then left the room.

It was gradually dark outside.

Vaguely, she heard the roars of some magic beasts returning to their dens as well as the slogans shouted by the army coming back to the camp.