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Publishedat 28th of October 2019 03:28:00 PMChapter 76

The front of the valley was a training square, but the rear of it was separated into several parts by high walls . Soldiers lived in the front . Magic beasts were imprisoned at the back .

She could see that it had taken quite some time to build this base .

The hills at the rear of the valley were the steepest . Maybe those magic beasts were imprisoned here so that they would not be able to flee, which was why there was no guard here .

With Heavenly Silk, Yun Wu directly descended from the steep cliff towards the valley . The Heavenly Silk was long enough, so she had shot it several times before she managed to land on the ground of the valley .


The position Yun Wu landed was not far away from an imprisoned Tier IV Iron Lion . Seeing this human, the Iron Lion roared repeatedly .

"Ring . . . "

The Iron Lion strained at the iron chains and clanked them, roaring angrily .

There were several scars on the body of that Iron Lion . It revealed its hideous fangs with ferocious eyes ablaze with anger . Clearly it hadn\'t been tamed yet .

The training had aroused its beast nature and it had gone out of control, so someone had chained its limbs .

Yun Wu lifted her eyebrows and curved her lips in a cruel smile .

These people had spared her a lot of trouble .

With a flip of her hand, she drew a dagger and closed in on the lion step by step .

"Roar– Roar . . . " the Iron Lion roared angrily while straining at the iron chains more violently, as if it wanted to tear Yun Wu into pieces .

However, right at the moment when Yun Wu was about to pounce on the target, sounds of measured and sure-footed tramps were heard and quickly getting closer .

"Captain, since the Iron Lion is roaring so loudly, it must be trying to free itself from the chains," a soldier said to the leader of the team .

A dozen trained Tier-V soldiers were marching towards the back of the valley in a column .

"Keep your eyes peeled . We can\'t afford to let any accidents happen in the next few days," the captain said solemnly with a cold look .

More than ten soldiers answered in unison, "Yes, Sir!"


Their voice displayed the tacit agreement between them and their consciousness of obeying orders .

The biggest difference between soldiers and guards was that there was better tacit teamwork among soldiers .

The combat effectiveness of an army was not loose but cohesive .

Once someone engaged an army, this person would be besieged and the enemies would never stop coming, unless this person was capable of wiping out the whole army .

Yun Wu had no intention to engage this army . Otherwise, it might be rather difficult for her to retreat unharmed, so she flashed into a pa.s.sage nearby and hid herself before those people arrived .

But after entering that pa.s.sage, she found that she seemed to have intruded into the territory of some other magic beasts .

When Yun Wu walked out of that pa.s.sage and saw those flying beasts locked in iron cages, a wave of amazement rose inside her .

Those flying beasts were exceptionally calm . When they saw her, they merely raised their eyes and looked at her without any other reaction .

Apparently they had been tamed, but she could still see their beast nature in their eyes, so it could be seen that these flying beasts had retained their beast nature though they had been tamed .

What was going on?

Yun Wu didn\'t know, but she must get some beast blood as soon as possible .

But . . .

What Yun Wu didn\'t know was that from the moment she walked into this area, someone had been watching her all along with a pair of black eyes .

And the reason why these magic beasts had been so quiet was because that person had been controlling them .

After walking around this area, Yun Wu became even more surprised . There were far more tame magic beasts than she had imagined, and a lot of them were at Tier-IV .

Once these magic beasts were sent to a battleground, their combat effectiveness would be immeasurable .

Astonished as she was, Yun Wu had finally found a suitable target – a Snow Leopard in peak stage of Tier IV . It was separately imprisoned in a corner, chained as well .

Given her current physical condition, she should save energy whenever she could .

But when she was about to make her move, a cold look suddenly flashed across her purple eyes and she shot some silver needles towards a target behind her . With a swish of her figure, she stabbed a dagger at the person who was hiding in concealment .

The man hiding in the dark sidestepped in a weird manner and quickly dodged her strike .

Right at this moment, with a gleam of cold light, the edge of a sword was pressed against Yun Wu\'s neck, and the tip of Yun Wu\'s dagger was also against his chest where the heart was .

The circ.u.mstance was exactly the same as the one in the forest that day .

There was a ghost of a smile on Zhou Feiyu\'s solemn face . He lowered his head and watched this little woman before him, a distinctly amused look in his eyes .

"We met again! This time you came to me yourself . "

Seeing Zhou Feiyu, Yun Wu frowned and recollected that he had been the man she had met in the forest, "It\'s you!"

Since this man appeared in this place, he should be a member of that army . But how had he discovered her?

"The way we met each other was always so special, which made my impression of you deeper and deeper," Zhou Feiyu watched her and mumbled in a deep voice .

He sounded as if he was intimately speaking honeyed words to his woman .

Yun Wu knitted her eyebrows tightly together, an icy look in her eyes . With a twitch of her hand, she pushed the sword on her shoulder away and swished a few steps away from this man .

"Don\'t be nervous . I bear you no malice . Otherwise, I wouldn\'t have cleared this area for you and let you walk around freely," without any other movements, Zhou Feiyu just stood where he was and said .

He maintained a n.o.ble smile on his solemn face .

Cleared this area for her?

Was he saying that he had helped her?

Yun Wu looked in the direction of that n.o.ble, solemn man, apathetically sizing him up . Today he was still clothed in a black robe with a pattern of a python . Judging from his sumptuous attire, it was very likely that he had a fairly high military rank .

However, while she was peering at him, Zhou Feiyu slightly raised his hand and made a hand gesture at no specific target .

Before long, a soldier carrying a box walked out of a pa.s.sage in the corner . After respectfully bowed down to Zhou Feiyu, the soldier handed the box over to him .

The soldier didn\'t say anything .

Zhou Feiyu took the box and waved his hand to have the soldier left .

After that soldier took his leave, the place returned to its previous quietness, but Yun Wu\'s look became colder, vigilance secretly rising in her .

It turned out that she had been spied on all along?

Didn\'t it mean that this man had seen everything she had done? And he had been waiting for her to jump into the trap .

And yet she hadn\'t known about it?

\'d.a.m.n it . \'

"You\'re so nervous, which is totally not like you . Are you by any chance afraid that I\'m going to eat you?" Zhou Feiyu watched Yun Wu and a smile appeared on his solemn face .

Yun Wu\'s facial expression didn\'t change much but the look in her eyes went cold .

"You knew about my intrusion? Then why did you let me in?"

Zhou Feiyu lifted his eyebrows and watched her in amus.e.m.e.nt, "Little woman, I should be the one who ask this question . You sneaked into my turf!"

Hearing this, Yun Wu curved her lips and talked back in a voice just as tough as his, "Your turf? As far as I know, this magic beasts woods belongs to the Murong family . Since when did it become yours?"

No matter whose turf this place actually was, nominally it belonged to the Murong family . The reason for this was because someone wanted to make sure that the secret in this magic beast woods stayed secret from outsiders .

Now that an outsider like her had discovered such a big secret, she would surely be eliminated .

However, this man seemed to have no such intention . She couldn\'t guess what he was thinking, but he was definitely up to something .

Yun Wu\'s words made Zhou Feiyu\'s smile slightly freeze, but his mood didn\'t seem to have changed much .

Without answering her, he took a bowl of beast blood out of the box in his hand, which was still giving off a strong smell of blood .

"A lot of effort has gone into rearing these magic beasts, and it would be a pity if any one of them got killed by you . I\'ve already had the beast blood you need prepared . Rest a.s.sured . It\'s the blood of a Tier-V beast, which should be able to meet your needs," saying this, Zhou Feiyu handed the beast blood to her .

On that day, he saw that she killed a magic beast to drink its blood . He had been keeping that in mind .

Though unaware of the details, he had told why she had come here, so he had had someone prepare some beast blood .

Watching Zhou Feiyu, Yun Wu glanced at the beast blood in front of her and slightly curved her lips, "Why are you doing this?"

A meaningful look flashed across Zhou Feiyu\'s deep eyes and he stared squarely at her, "Isn\'t it obvious? I\'m fawning on you!"

Fawning on her?

Hearing this answer, Yun Wu raised her eyebrows, but privately she found him ridiculous, \'This man\'s actually pretty interesting . He let me in just so he could give me some beast blood to fawn on me?\'

"If you\'re suspicious of this bowl of beast blood, I can take you somewhere to get some blood yourself . What do you say?" Zhou Feiyu watched her and said with a bland smile, as if he was amused to see her vigilant look .

Frowning, Yun Wu peered at him for a while, a half smile on her face, "Lead the way!"

Zhou Feiyu slightly curved his lips and took a deep look at her . Then he turned around and walked towards the pa.s.sage .

Yun Wu followed him at a moderate pace .

No matter what the intent of this man was, now that she was in here, she couldn\'t leave empty-handed . Since he himself had said that he would take her to get beast blood, she\'d like to find out what silly games he was playing .

After going through that pa.s.sage, they arrived at a corridor . There were cages on both sides of it . The magic beasts in those cages were all high-level ones, some of which had already been tamed .

Seeing human beings walking by, those beasts roared angrily .

Magic beasts without intelligence were just like common beasts, but once they became intelligent, then the success rate of taming them would be extremely low .

Even common beasts were unwilling to yield to human, let alone intelligent magic beasts .

As a result, every magic beast they pa.s.sed roared at them .

But Yun Wu paid extra attention to those magic beasts and discovered that the highest level of them was peak stage of Tier IV .

She didn\'t see any Tier-V magic beasts .

Finally, at the end of the corridor, Zhou Feiyu stopped in front of a cell with three walls .

At this moment, she also saw that four soldiers had been waiting at the side .

When they saw Zhou Feiyu, they all bowed to him respectfully but didn\'t say anything . Clearly he didn\'t want Yun Wu to know his ident.i.ty .