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When Grandma Medicine was telling what had happened to her back then, the atmosphere in the living room was changing drastically.

It actually sounded a very tired story to Yun Wu.

The general plot was that the younger sister\'s family was in straitened circ.u.mstances, so she came to her elder sister to live with her, but in the end, the younger sister became jealous and greedy and set a fire to kill her elder sister. She tried to make that fire look like an accident, but unexpectedly, her elder sister survived. But in the end, the elder sister still ended up being pushed off a cliff by her own younger sister.

Seriously injured, the elder sister was in a coma for several years. After she woke up, she found that her looks had been ruined. When she came back home, people tried to chase her away as if she was a crazy woman, but she also discovered that her own younger sister had replaced her and taken everything that used to belong to her.

It was a tacky story, but this kind of thing was very common in some large families.

After Grandma Medicine told her story, there was a dramatic expression on everybody\'s face except for Yun Wu\'s.

Concubine Qu\'s face was alternating between pale and red, but she was unable to speak. She just glared at Yun Wu, eyes blazing with fury.

"You crazy woman cut the nonsense!" with an extremely livid and cold face, Earth Murong thundered and wanted to attack Grandma Medicine.

However, before Yun Wu could make her move, the Third Uncle snapped coldly, "Enough! Your elders are here. It\'s not your place to talk!"

"Third Uncle, this crazy woman is not trustworthy. How can we trust her one-sided statement?" Earth Murong was very angry.

"That\'s true. Since there\'s no evidence, her story could be a complete fabrication," Sky Murong\'s face was also livid.

"I believe her. And that will be enough," right at this moment, Cloud Murong said in a deep voice.

His remark quieted the whole living room.

He believed her?

Sky Murong and Earth Murong looked at him in disbelief. In their eyes, Cloud Murong had always been an elder brother and a respectable Lord of the City.

But today, why did he disappoint them again and again?

And now he even said that he believed this unidentified old woman?

"She bears the exclusive symbol of our family on her shoulder – the unique mark given only to our father\'s legal wife."


Neither Sky Murong nor his brother believed it. But at this moment, a sly and cold look flashed across the bottom of Yun Wu\'s eyes and with that she waved her hand and withdrew that silver needle sticking in Concubine Qu\'s neck.

Almost as soon as she regained her ability to speak, Concubine Qu, whose eyes had been red with anger for a long time, pounced squarely on Grandma Medicine, yelling in a shrill voice, "You b.i.t.c.h! I\'ll kill you... "

Senses? Dignity? n.o.bility?

None of them could be seen on Concubine Qu at this moment. Compared with Grandma Medicine, she seemed more like the one who was crazy.

Cloud Murong\'s face darkened. With a swish of his figure, he instantly moved to the front of Grandma Medicine, stretched out his hand and gripped Concubine Qu\'s wrist, "Second Mother, please conduct yourself with dignity."

"Cloud Murong, I\'ve been taken care of you for so many years, but you started calling me Second Mother after meeting this b.i.t.c.h for the first time. You ungrateful b.a.s.t.a.r.d, back then I should have–" Concubine Qu was in an extremely excited mood and started saying words she wasn\'t supposed to say.

Sky Murong immediately clamped his hand on Concubine Qu\'s mouth and stopped her.

He had realized something.

"Wuh... " eyes reddening with anger, Concubine Qu struggled madly, trying to vent her anger.

Seeing this, all elders frowned.

As the Mistress, this kind of behavior was so undignified.

But if someone observed carefully enough, they would have noticed that something was wrong with Concubine Qu.

"Your Lordship, I\'ll take my mother away and let her have a rest."

After saying this, Sky Murong took Concubine Qu and quickly left, but before leaving, he clearly took a cold sideways glance at Yun Wu.

"Your Lordship, I\'d like to take my leave, too," Earth Murong said and then hurriedly followed his brother out of the living room.

The living room finally became quiet.

Yun Wu sat down on the chair beside her. Her eyes were half closed and she seemed languid, sleepy and totally unconcerned, but in fact, she was secretly performing Qi circulation.

She had depleted her energy and it was very likely that the beast blood that she drunk yesterday had also been consumed. She had been having dull pains in those wounds all along.

It seemed that she had to find a way to get some beast blood.

But when she was thinking about this, Cloud Murong was declaring something in front of his elders.

"Uncles, since today you\'re all here, let me get this straight. My mother is still alive, so she\'ll be living here in this mansion. And this little girl beside my mother is her adopted granddaughter, who\'s also my G.o.ddaughter... "


Seeing that Cloud Murong was so thick-skinned, Yun Wu ignored him.

But after Cloud Murong made that declaration, their dwelling directly switched from the guest room in the East Garden Pavilion to the west wing, which meant that he had directly acknowledged Grandma Medicine was his natural mother.

Having had her son back, Grandma Medicine was very happy, and people could see the happiness in her eyes.

Since Grandma Medicine was happy about it, Yun Wu didn\'t take any further action.

As regards those subsequent miscellaneous formalities of this large family, Yun Wu also didn\'t bother intervening.

Anyway, that old fox, Cloud Murong, had his own plans, and he would surely be good to Grandma Medicine. And Yun Wu knew very well what he was up to.

As a result, she picked the quietest room of the west wing and told others that she would be staying in her room for a long period to recuperate. After that, she sneaked out of the Murong Mansion and headed for the forest to the west of the city. That forest belonged to the Murong family and they reared a lot of magic beasts there.

Since beast blood was available at a place not far away, she naturally would go there and take it.

In the suburb to the west of the city.

Originally, this place had been a vast, desolate woods. The Murong family had transformed it into a private woods for rearing magic beasts, and there were many magic beasts that they had collected from various places in this woods.

The Murong family never killed these magic beasts to harvest their magic cores. Instead, they had specially hired some tamers to train these magic beasts – without erasing their beast nature – to be obedient so that they could control these beasts.

Just like that Tier II Wood Wolf that Yun Wu had seen at the Peak Hollow.

Though that Wood Wolf hadn\'t been a high-level one, it had been tamed by human, and it still had had its beast nature, which alone had strengthened its attack power to a certain degree.

It was widely known that tamers didn\'t have high station in this world, and the reason was that though tamers were able to tame magic beasts, most tame magic beasts would lose their beast nature and thus become unthreatening magic beasts which were no different from livestock or pets.

The reason why so many people wanted to become summoners was because those magic beasts covenanted to summoners still had their original beast nature and attack power, which enabled them to launch attacks more powerful than that of human.

But those tame magic beasts of the Murong family\'s tamers possessed brutish attack power. Though they were not as powerful as magic beasts covenanted to summoners, they could still be a formidable threat to their enemies if they were in great number.

Judging from this, the Murong family was definitely ambitious.

And those tamers that the Murong family had hired were definitely not mediocre ones.

After entering the suburb to the west of the city, Yun Wu started prowling in gra.s.s, trying to stay out of other people\'s sight.

There were high fences around the back of the suburb and all entrances were heavily guarded by the Murong family\'s men. Every certain distance, there was a watchtower on which a kung fu expert was on sentry duty keeping the airs.p.a.ce above the woods under surveillance.

It was nearly impossible to flew into the woods.

As a result, if common people wanted to get in, they would have to go through the entrance.

But it was not difficult for Yun Wu to get in even if she couldn\'t leap above the woods and descend from mid-air.

She found a remote corner outside the fence and shot a length of Heavenly Silk. Like a ghost, her figure flashed through the fence. The moment Yun Wu went in, she maneuvered between the ranges of vision of those guards on those watchtowers, heading directly for the depths of the woods.

This magic beast woods was large. The deeper into it, the more luxuriant trees around her were.

But she hadn\'t seen a single magic beast on her way deeper into the woods, which was very weird. Yun Wu exerted all her spiritual power to search the area around her, trying to find a magic beast or two.

But after searching for quite a while, she hadn\'t even found a wild rabbit, much less of a magic beast or two.

What was going on?

Given that the entrance of this magic beast woods of the Murong family was guarded so heavily, by no means would there be no magic beasts in this woods, unless...

The moment suspicion rose inside Yun Wu, a roar like that of a lion dimly came from a valley in the depths of the woods.

She felt that the source of that roar was very far away.

But this roar proved that Yun Wu\'s speculation was right. There were indeed magic beasts here, but they were reared in pens. Or in another word, they were imprisoned.

No matter what, she had come here for beast blood.

Yun Wu headed for the source of that roar.

After getting through a grove and getting over a small hill, she finally arrived at a valley surrounded by three steep peaks.

However, what she saw surprised her to some extent.

Or what she saw greatly surprised her.

She had thought that the Murong family\'s ambition was to train magic beasts, but when she saw that scene down there, a rather amazed look flashed across her purple eyes. She would be lying if she said that she was not astonished.

Outside that vast valley, there was a large group of trained personnel who numbered at least hundreds.

There were not just a couple of tamers but a large group of them.

Lying prostrate on a hilltop in concealment, Yun Wu watched the militarized training square down below and speculated that the group of people were an army. Their garments aside, between them, there seemed to be some kind of tacit agreement that only existed between service men.

But Yun Wu was a little confused. This Murong family was only the governor of a city. How did they get involved with an army?

And instead of training in a military camp, this army had chosen to conduct secret training in this remote mountain. There must be something behind this.

However, no matter what the reason was, Yun Wu was uninterested in speculating or finding it out. What she needed was beast blood.

There must be some magic beasts imprisoned at the rear of this militarized training valley, so she decided to detour to the rear of it.

She carefully scouted the area, made an a.s.sessment of the situation and then decided to stealthily take a detour around the peak of that mountain.

Detouring around that steep peak proved to be much more difficult than she had imagined.

Fortunately, she had received training more dangerous than climbing that steep peak in her last incarnation. After about two hours, Yun Wu finally managed to detour to a position above the rear of the valley.

Standing on the mountain, she looked down at the whole valley.