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Publishedat 26th of October 2019 11:06:01 AMChapter 74

These elders were rarely summoned if there wasn\'t anything important .

Concubine Qu said to that old man in a fairly respectful tone, "Third Uncle, the reason why I summoned my uncles and elder brothers here was because there is an important family issue that requires your presence . "

Hearing this, those elders sitting in the living room frowned, "What kind of issue? Yun\'er is the Lord of the City . What issue can\'t he handle?"

"That\'s right . What kind of issue requires a bunch of old men to offer help?"

"If Yun\'er were able to handle this thing, I wouldn\'t have disturbed you, uncles," said Concubine Qu with a pitiful look .

Seeing the look on Concubine Qu\'s face, those elders all believed that something serious had happened .

"What is it? Stop dawdling and cut to the chase," a short-tempered old man sitting on the left side yelled in an abrupt tone .

Hearing this, Concubine Qu seemed to have gained some confidence, "A woman burnt our offshoot mansion to the ground and also wounded my grandson Qian\'er as well as a lot of guards . Now she\'s come to my house with an old woman . Yun\'er was . . . was bewildered by that old woman\'s words . "

"Bewildered? What do you mean? Yun\'er is the Lord of the City . How could he be so easily bewildered by some old woman?" said the old man whom she called Third Uncle, a commanding and grim look on his face .

"That\'s true . With Yun\'er\'s current strength, who can bewilder him?"

Seeing that these elders didn\'t believe her, Concubine Qu secretly clenched her teeth and then said to Sky Murong and his brother who was sitting on the side, "You two, tell you uncles whether I\'m telling the truth . "

"Third Uncle, what my mother said was true . Today, the whole offshoot mansion was burnt down by that girl . She also wounded Qian\'er and killed the elder brother of my daughter-in-law," Sky Murong said coldly .

Earth Murong also supported them, "There\'s more to it . That girl bl.u.s.tered that she would ma.s.sacre our family, and she also broke Snow\'s legs . Thousands of people on the East Avenue saw it, but His Lordship not only didn\'t punish that girl but also took her and that old woman to main mansion . They were settled right in the East Garden Pavilion . "

Talking about what Cloud Murong had done, the two brothers were very angry .

Hearing their words, the Third Uncle\'s solemn face instantly darkened, "Is that so?"

The faces of all the other elders also abruptly darkened . One of them smacked his hand hard onto the surface of the table beside him, "How dare him!"

Seeing that her uncles were all consumed with fury, Concubine Qu was secretly rejoiced and intended to add fuel to the flames of their rage .

But at this moment .

"Why was somebody saying \'how dare you\'? Who\'s been stirring up enmity?" a slow, callous voice emanated from the doorway .


All people looked in the direction of the source of the voice .

They saw that two figures slowly walked inside in a leisurely manner .

On the sight of Grandma Medicine who was walking in the front, those elders frowned, but soon, as if something had suddenly occurred to them, a flicker of surprise flashed across the bottom of their eyes .

Sky Murong and the others were also stunned when they saw the one walking towards them .

Dressed in light blue brocade clothes, with beautiful black hair and purple eyes, Yun Wu walked into the living room supporting Grandma Medicine . Step by step, they walked towards Concubine Qu who was sitting in the host seat .

When the two approached her, Concubine Qu abruptly collected herself and looked at Grandma Medicine who had dressed up . A murderous look on her face, she thundered, "Who let this old woman in exactly? Guards! Get her out of here immediately!"

Hearing Concubine Qu\'s angry yelling, those elders sitting in the living room also collected themselves .

Four guards instantly rushed in and quickly walked towards Yun Wu and Grandma Medicine .

However, before they could approach, a big saber appeared out of thin air with a gleam of cold light and violently sank into the marble floor with a loud clang, erected in front of the four guards .

"Anyone goes beyond this saber will die!"

Yun Wu didn\'t turn her head back, but her icy cold voice, as if from the h.e.l.l, resounded through the whole living room .

Involuntarily, people in this room felt a wave of fear .

Not long ago, she had cut off the arms of two guards with a single saber slash in the East Garden Pavilion, and the news had almost spread through the whole Murong Mansion . This cold voice actually scared the four guards, and they didn\'t dare to move any further .

At this moment, supported by Yun Wu, Grandma Medicine had walked to the front of Concubine Qu who was sitting in the host seat .

Looking at livid-faced Concubine Qu with an icy look in her purple eyes, Yun Wu asked coldly, "Will you stand up yourself or should I make you to?"


Concubine Qu was stunned and with that her pupils abruptly contracted, eyes ablaze with anger .

"You little b.i.t.c.h – "

"Bang . . . " instantly, a ringing snap of a chair breaking was heard .

Upon Concubine Qu\'s mean words, she directly fell to the pile of smashed chair on the ground with a thud .

Yun Wu twitched her hand and a surge of potent wind elemental power hurtled past them . When the others gave the next blink, Concubine Qu had rolled all the way to a corner of the living room along with those pieces of wood, looking a total mess .

A whip sprang out of thin air and with a wave of Yun Wu\'s hand, the whip wrapped itself around the legs of a chair and pulled the chair to the host position in a quick and steady manner .

"Granny, sit down," and then Yun Wu settled Grandma Medicine, who was also stunned, in that chair .

She had accomplished these movements in a short stretch .



Sky Murong and Earth Murong reacted . Their faces abruptly darkened and in the blink of an eye, they rushed to the corner and helped Concubine Qu, who was pathetically embarra.s.sed, to her feet .

"You . . . You . . . You good-for-nothing fatheads! What are you standing there for? Kill her! Now!" having never been humiliated this way, Concubine Qu glared at Yun Wu and thundered in a shrill voice as soon as she regained her footing .

Hearing this, those guards didn\'t dare hesitate . Immediately, they whipped out their swords and charged at Yun Wu .

Curving her lips, Yun Wu waved her wrist and swung the whip at them . Before they could approach her, four figures were hit and thrown away .

With four m.u.f.fled thuds, the four guards fell to the ground .

Extremely sepulchral look appeared on those elders\' faces when they saw this scene, and their eyes reddened with anger .

This girl was arrogant enough to make such a scene in front of them?

"You\'re courting death . "

Several elders mobilized their powerful Qi and were about to make their moves .

"Old men, before you make your moves, make sure you know which one of them is the real Mistress of the Murong family, lest you take the wrong side," said Yun Wu coldly . Meanwhile, earth elemental power instantly pervaded the whole living room .

She was trying to overawe them .

A Tier VII kung fu master who was only a teenager? Feeling that Qi, those elders present clearly were stunned .

Earth element?

Sky Murong and Earth Murong\'s pupils abruptly contracted, a wave of fear sweeping over them .

\'This was the fourth elemental power she had shown . She actually . . . \'

As if by tacit agreement, killing intent appeared in the eyes of the two brothers at the same time, \'This girl must be eliminated . . . \'

Powerful Tier-IX and Tier-VIII fighting spirit were mobilized and the two brothers launched an attack on Yun Wu at lightning speed .

A cold look flashed across the bottom of Yun Wu\'s eyes . She drew some poisoned needles and took a small step forward . Once they got close, she would stab those poisoned needles at the main arteries in their neck .

She didn\'t mind killing people!

Especially when the enemies were these two hateful guys .

All of a sudden .


A blast of potent water elemental Qi shot over and forced Sky Murong and Earth Murong to stop .

Because of this sudden surge of power, Sky Murong and Earth Murong drew several steps back in unison and looked at the person who had just shown up .

An awkward look appeared on Sky Murong\'s face, "Your Lordship!"

Earth Murong looked sepulchral, "This female went too far . She not only humiliated our mother in public but also threw her to the ground . Your Lordship, today you must bring this girl to justice and make her give our mother an acceptable explanation no matter what . "

Cloud Murong walked into the living room, his solemn eyes sweeping around with a steady look on his face . He had got a general idea of what had just happened in this room .

"We\'ll deal with this later . Now that Second Mother has already had our uncles come over, then let\'s figure out some other issues first," he said in a dignified voice and in a conscientious manner .

But Concubine Qu and Sky Murong as well as the others were all stunned when they heard his words .

Second Mother?

What was going on? Hadn\'t he always been addressing her as mother? Why did he call her Second Mother this time?

Sky Murong and Earth Murong had no idea what was going on, but Concubine Qu\'s face suddenly darkened and an ominous premonition inexplicably rose inside her .

"Yun\'er, since you\'ve said that we would discuss this later, then let\'s–"

"Third Uncle, back then you once told me that my natural mother died soon after I was born, then please take a look at this old madam right in front of you . Do you know her?" before Concubine Qu could finish talking, Cloud Murong pointed at Grandma Medicine and asked his Third Uncle .


Concubine Qu\'s heart lurched and her face instantly became nervous . In the blink of an eye, she shot her eyes in the direction of the Third Uncle .

"Third Uncle, this–"

However, before she could finish her sentence, with a gleam of cold light, a silver needle had been stabbed into her Dumbness Acupoint .

When Sky Murong stretched out his hand to pull it off, Yun Wu said in an icy voice, "If you want her to become a mute, then go ahead and remove that silver needle . "

"You venomous b.i.t.c.h . . . " Earth Murong glared at her, clenching his fists until they clicked .

Hearing this, Yun Wu was totally indifferent . She folded her arms before her chest, a leisurely and apathetic look on her face .

Knitting his eyebrows tightly together, the Third Uncle watched Grandma Medicine who was sitting in the host seat, and then glanced at Yun Wu who was beside her .

After keeping silent for a couple of seconds, he said in a voice of senility, as if having let out a sigh, "After the fire in that year, we didn\'t find her body, but we also have never heard of your mother since then . "

"I didn\'t expect that you would come back after so many years," this remark was clearly meant for Grandma Medicine .

Grandma Medicine was somewhat pensive, but she was no longer afraid, and neither did she try to evade this issue, "A lot of things happened at that time . I fell off a cliff and was in a coma for several years . When I woke up, many things had changed . "

Short-tempered Sixth Uncle, who was sitting on the other side, frowned, "Fell off a cliff? Didn\'t you go missing in a fire? Why are you talking about falling off a cliff?"

Grandma Medicine glimpsed at Concubine Qu, "It\'s a long story . And it starts from the time when this younger sister of mine came to me to seek shelter . . . "

Hearing this, Concubine Qu\'s face instantly went pale . She wanted to do something but could neither move nor speak .