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Translator: Soldier

Concubine Qu\' forehead furrowed when she saw senile Grandma Medicine. Clearly, it was not until Grandma Medicine stood up from the couch to slowly walk towards her that she recognized her.

Concubine Qu\'s pupils suddenly contracted and her face became somewhat hideous. Almost subconsciously, she blurted in a brittle voice, "It\'s you? You\'re still alive?"

Grandma Medicine looked at Concubine Qu whose face had just changed, wryness tinged with bitterness glinting in her eyes which had witnessed vicissitudes of her life, "I also hoped that I had died in that \'accident\' that you arranged, so that I wouldn\'t have to watch my own younger sister take my life, my husband and my son away from me."

Her remarks induced waves of shock in everybody\'s mind like a giant rock dropped into a still-surfaced lake...

Her own younger sister?

Taking her life away from her?

And her husband and son?

That old woman was referring to Elder Mistress? How was it possible? She was almost old enough to be Elder Mistress\'s mother.

However, Concubine Qu\'s face abruptly changed as if provoked, eyes ablaze with anger, "What are you still standing there for? Take these people to the Yamen[1. Yamen is a government office in feudal China] right away. They dare to talk nonsense here. They\'re courting death."

Hearing this, the guards were about to take action.

All of a sudden, with a gleam of cold light, a big saber was swung downwards.

"Clang!" the saber hit the marble ground, generating a shower of sparks. The after-effects of the impact rippled through the floor beneath everybody\'s feet.

"Whoever dares to touch her will lose his hands and feet," her extremely callous and domineering voice was heard by everyone in the room.

Angry, Concubine Qu thundered, "How dare you be so unruly in Murong Mansion? Kill them!"

Those guards\' eyes became ferocious after hearing the order. They whipped out their swords and launched an attack on Yun Wu and Grandma Medicine.

With a cold in her eyes, Yun Wu moved sideways to the front of Grandma Medicine, swinging the saber laterally at those guards in an extremely uncanny manner.

"Bang, bang..." two ringing sounds of sabers dropping to the ground were heard.

Without any fierce moves, she cut off the arms of the two guards in front of the others with only one saber slash.

Watching blood gushing out of the wounds in their arms, the two guards who were at the front widened their eyes in horror and sharp pain instantly surged through their nerves, "Ah... "

Two pained screams were heard, horrifying the other guards behind them.

Concubine Qu\'s heart lurched, \'This teenage girl actually can... \'

"Enough! All of you!" finally, Cloud Murong intervened, reprimanding.

Seeing that Cloud Murong stopped the guards, Concubine Qu looked at him with a displeased frown, "Yun\'er! You can\'t... "

But before she could finish speaking, the look on his face scared her silent.

Cloud Murong\'s face, which had always been mild and steady, was now icy, unusually icy.

"Little Li, take Elder Mistress to the living room," the order was given in a cold voice and n.o.body dared to disobey.

The handmaid beside Concubine Qu stretched out her hand to a.s.sist Concubine Qu who then got angry, eyes ablaze with anger, but she didn\'t disobey Cloud Murong\'s order in public. She pushed that handmaid aside, twitched her hand and led those guards out of the room.

The room returned to quietness, but the atmosphere was a little intense.

"What\'re you going to do about it? Before you answer, I\'d like to make this straight – from now on, Grandma Medicine\'s issues are my issues. If anyone dares to bully her or have some kind of stupid ideas, then he or she will make an enemy of me."

Originally, she had had no interest in intervening in their family issues, but since Grandma Medicine had once saved her life and the Murong family had happened to have offended her, she might as well push the boat along with the current and help Grandma Medicine get back what was rightfully hers, thinking of it as returning the favor she owed Grandma Medicine.

As regards why she had known Grandma Medicine\'s relation with the Murong Mansion, actually it hadn\'t been difficult for her to deduce. Apart from Grandma Medicine\'s unusual reactions to the Murong family, she had also accidentally found out an issue from the guard who had led the way.

All members of the Murong family bore a kind of special totemic symbol on them, and previously, she had accidentally saw one on Grandma Medicine\'s shoulder, which was the word "wilderness".

The Venerable Master of the Murong family\'s name was Wilderness Murong.

Her deductions and Grandma Medicine\'s reactions had added up to the answer.

This was also the exact reason why she had forced Cloud Murong to intervene.

All this aside, it was also the only way to save that small village of simplicity.

Since they had offended the Murong family, it was very unlikely that villagers of the small village could return to their previous peaceful life, so she might as well make this complicated situation even more complicated.

"Is this your original purpose?" without answering her question, Cloud Murong glanced at Grandma Medicine and then gazed at Yun Wu with a cold look in his eyes.

Smiling wryly, Yun Wu looked him in the eye, "Sort of."

Actually, there had been another reason...

"Even if what she said is true, it will be the Murong family\'s family issue. As an outsider, don\'t you think you are being a busybody?" staring at Yun Wu, Cloud Murong said.

Grandma Medicine\'s heart lurched when she heard his remarks. Did this mean that he believed her?

Yun Wu took out a handkerchief and started wiping the blood off the saber in a seemingly leisurely manner, "I\'m not interested in your family issue, but not long ago, I decided that I would regard Grandma Medicine as my own grandmother. I won\'t allow anybody to bully my relative."

Those casual words were said in a highly arrogant and domineering tone.

She wouldn\'t allow anybody to bully her relative?

Hearing her words, Cloud Murong was briefly stunned.

But the next second, a piercing look flashed across the bottom of his eyes.

The cold look in his eyes was replaced by his normal steadiness and an inexplicable smile suddenly appeared on his face, "Since you\'ve made your point clear to such an extent, then as your G.o.dfather, I definitely won\'t let my mother suffer from any grievance."

Yun Wu\'s hands with which she was wiping the saber abruptly paused.


What G.o.dfather?

Suddenly, light dawned on Yun Wu. Frowning, she looked at Cloud Murong who was smiling mildly, "Cloud Murong, don\'t regard yourself as someone you\'re not. I – "

However, Cloud Murong didn\'t give her the chance to finish her speaking. After nodding at Grandma Medicine with a smile, he quickly turned around and left the room.

He behaved as if he had made up his mind to regard her as his G.o.ddaughter, which seemed a little shameless.

Yun Wu knitted her brows together tightly.

"Miss. Wu, actually you didn\'t have to do these things for me. I... have resigned myself to my fate a long time ago," Grandma Medicine said with a sigh, sorrow glinting in her eyes which had witnessed numerous ups and downs of her life.

Today, her son had carried her and walked such a distance. She had no regrets now.

Besides, she was unwilling to let her husband see her current senile looks.

"Granny, if you really have resigned yourself to your fate, you would have kept that symbol of the Murong family on your shoulder."

With Grandma Medicine\'s pharmacological knowledge, she could get rid of that symbol at any time, but she hadn\'t done that. Instead, she had been keeping it for decades. If she had really given up and made peace with destiny, she wouldn\'t have shown sorrow in her eyes so frequently, and she wouldn\'t have stayed single to this age either.

When Grandma Medicine heard Yun Wu\'s remarks, her heart lurched and she felt somewhat bitter and pensive...

Yes. During the past few decades, if she had really resigned herself to her fate, she wouldn\'t have kept this symbol, but even if she had refused to resign herself to her fate, even if she had wanted to fight her fate, what else could she have done?

"Granny, thank you for saving my life. I\'ll return the favor. I\'ve just said that I\'ll regard you as my grandmother, so from now on, you are my grandmother. I\'ll help you get back what\'s rightfully yours if you want," looking at Grandma Medicine, Yun Wu said seriously.

Grandma Medicine was stunned but soon understood that she was backing her up and offering to help her take revenge.

How did she feel? She felt pensive, touched and grateful...

She had lived a few extra decades and also suffered for a few extra decades. Now she was already in her seventies and didn\'t have much time left.

She was just a teenage girl, but she was willing to make an enemy of the Murong family to help her, an old woman who didn\'t have many years ahead. Was it worth the risk?

Grandma Medicine\'s eyes slightly reddened as she looked at Yun Wu, "Miss. Wu, I\'m just an old woman. Am I worth you doing this?"

Slightly curving her lips, Yun Wu reached out her hand and slowly wiped off the tears at the corners of Grandma Medicine\'s eyes. In her last incarnation, she had been an orphan who had been taken to a killer organization to receive training since childhood. She had never had any concepts of kinship, and neither had she had any previous experience of it.

Maybe having a grandmother was a pretty nice attempt for her.

"As long as I think it\'s worth it, then it\'s worth it. Granny, just think of it as you getting an extra granddaughter. All you have to do is be happy about it. You don\'t have to worry about what\'s coming next," now that she had intervened, then she would naturally get the job done.

Before long, Cloud Murong had a servant send three suits of clothes to their room.

Now that she had decided to retaliate against the Murong Mansion, Yun Wu naturally wouldn\'t be polite. She asked Grandma Medicine to change. She herself also changed those gunny clothes to the light blue brocade clothes that had just been sent here.

Little Leaf\'s clothes had been put aside. With those wounds, she wouldn\'t be able to get out of bed in a day or two.

After they changed, Yun Wu took some jewels out of the Storage s.p.a.ce and helped Grandma Medicine dress up. Though Grandma Medicine looked a lot older than Concubine Qu due to her gray hair and wrinkles, with Yun Wu\'s impressive make-up skills, there was an air of natural n.o.bility and dignity about Grandma Medicine.

There was a saying: clothes make a man just as a saddle makes a horse. Though Grandma Medicine was old, her intrinsic temperament was still in her. And with just a little efforts, it was fully revealed.

Looking into the mirror, Grandma Medicine was somewhat stunned.

"Granny, the most beautiful woman is the most confident one," Yun Wu whispered into Grandma Medicine\'s ears like a hypnotist.

Hearing this, Grandma Medicine couldn\'t help laughing, "Wu\'er, granny is already over seventy. I\'m an old woman now."

"As long as you have your confidence, your inward beauty will not wane a little bit even when you\'re ninety. So, granny, if you really want to get back what you have lost, then there\'s no need for you to be afraid. You just have to think that this Murong family has always been your home, and that in this home, there are your son and your husband," said Yun Wu very seriously.

That kind of seriousness was engraved in Grandma Medicine\'s heart like an incantation.

Her home? Her husband and her son?

Previously, Yun Wu had noticed that Grandma Medicine was inexplicably afraid of that Concubine Qu. Maybe something happened in the past had cast a shadow over her life, which had lasted decades.

So, before they walked out of this room, she needed Grandma Medicine to get rid of this shadow.


In the main living room.

At this moment, a lot of people were sitting in the roomy, luxurious living room. Apart from Sky Murong and Earth Murong, there were also some of their uncles.

The one who had summoned these people here was naturally Concubine Qu.

"Why exactly did you summon us here so urgently today?" in a commanding tone, an old man sitting in the first seat on the right side asked Concubine Qu who was sitting in the host seat.