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Publishedat 23rd of October 2019 06:41:53 AMChapter 72

The two people were locked up respectively in two different cells opposite to each other .

Grandma Medicine opened her eyes and looked in the direction of the dungeon gate as she heard the sound of someone opening it . However, when she saw the figure walking downwards, her skeletal body gave a violent shiver, and tears instantly welled up in her eyes which seemed to have witnessed countless vicissitudes of life .

Her skinny hands were clasped tightly together, as if she was trying hard to suppress something .

Cloud Murong walked up to the two cells in which there were an old woman and a little girl respectively .

Gray-haired, the old woman was seemingly in her seventies or eighties . She was sitting on the ground with her back against the wall . There were some wounds on her . For some reason, Cloud Murong had an inexplicable feeling that this old woman looked somewhat familiar .

The little girl was merely ten years old or so . She was lying on a layer of straw on the ground, unconscious . He could tell that she had been tortured .

Cloud Murong involuntarily frowned .

But at this moment, footsteps came from behind .

Yun Wu walked down the staircase . When she saw the scene in the cells, an angry and murderous look flashed across her purple eyes, but then she saw Grandma Medicine\'s red eyes and managed to control herself .


The door of the cell was unlocked and Yun Wu walked in immediately, "Grandma Medicine! Are you okay?"

Grandma Medicine shook her head and pointed at the opposite cell somewhat anxiously, "I\'m fine . Go check on Little Leaf for me . Hurry . "

Yun Wu felt Grandma Medicine\'s pulse and confirmed that she was fine . Then she turned around and walked to another cell . She didn\'t wait for Cloud Murong to unlock the door but produced a big saber and slashed the lock open .

She walked inside and immediately felt Little Leaf\'s pulse .

Her pulse was feeble, but she was still alive .

Little Leaf\'s originally sallow face was deathly pale . She had been whipped and her small body was a ma.s.s of bruises . Her hands had been cruelly pinched by clamps and were covered in blood .

Rage consumed Yun Wu when she saw those wounds on Little Leaf . Killing aura instantly surged out of her and pervaded the whole dungeon .

Standing outside the cell, Cloud Murong felt a pang of horror .

Without abundant experience of killing, even an a.s.sa.s.sin couldn\'t have killing aura as horrifying as hers . Who was this teenage girl exactly . . .

Previously, Yun Wu had exerted her spiritual power to search the mansion, and she had known their positions, but she hadn\'t expected that Little Leaf had been tortured and that she was dying .


She recalled that the day before yesterday Little Leaf coaxed her into drinking the medicine and changed the dressings for her, but now she was lying on the ground in this cell, half dead .

The fury in her could be subdued no more . She was furious, extremely furious .

The kill aura she was giving off was so intense that it seemed to be becoming tangible .

"Well, girl . Since this little girl\'s injury is very serious, let\'s get out of here first . Then we go back to the Murong Mansion and have a doctor treat her . What do you say?" Cloud Murong said .

Maybe he had been shocked by the killing aura about her .

With a cold look in her eyes, Yun Wu cautiously carried Little Leaf, stood up and walked out of the cell, "Carry Grandma Medicine and follow me out of here . "

An order?

Yes, she said that in an imperative tone .

Cloud Murong was rather displeased, but he still walked into the cell, carried that somewhat familiar old woman on his back and followed her out of the dungeon .

When Sky Murong and the others, who had been waiting outside the dungeon, saw that Yun Wu was carrying a little girl covered in blood, they all frowned .

They were still alive?

But when they saw Cloud Murong, who was behind Yun Wu and carrying a gray-haired, dirty old woman on his back, the face of everyone of them instantly changed .

"Your Lordship, how could you degrade yourself and carry an old woman like her . . . "

"Your Lordship . . . "

Those guards hurriedly went forward .

Yun Wu, who was walking in front of them, said coldly without turning her head back, "If you want the Murong Mansion to be burnt to the ground as well, just let them carry her for you . "

After saying this, Yun Wu didn\'t wait to see how they would react but just enwrapped herself with wind element, leaped upwards, turned into a rapid blur and disappeared into mid-air in the blink of an eye .

All people present were startled .

Her speed was even faster than that of Cloud Murong . What kind of speed was that?

Above the luxurious mansion located in the middle of the busiest street in the city, a figure flashed over and then landed on the ground .

This was the main mansion of the Murong family . Having sensed that someone had intruded from above, a team of guards instantly flooded over . It seemed that the Murong Mansion had taken measures to guard against potential intrusion from above .

"Who are you? You dare to intrude in the Murong Mansion . "

However, right at this moment, a dignified voice came from the sky .

"Leave us, all of you!"

Carrying Grandma Medicine on his back, Cloud Murong also descended from mid-air .

Seeing this, those guards abruptly widened their eyes in amazement, but they still took their leave right away .

"Lead the way!" Yun Wu glanced at Cloud Murong and said no more .

Cloud Murong frowned but still walked in the direction of guest rooms .

Along the way, all handmaids and servants were surprised by the scene of Cloud Murong carrying a dirty old woman on his back .

What was going on?

Why did His Lordship carry a old woman back?

Various speculations spread through the whole Murong family, and then people heard the news about what had happened to the mansion of the Murong family\'s offshoot . . .

In the East Garden Pavilion .

In a guest room, after settling Little Leaf on a bed, Yun Wu said to Cloud Murong, "Have someone get me some clean water . "

There was really not much politeness in her tone .

Sitting on a couch at the side, Grandma Medicine hadn\'t said anything so far, her old eyes fixed on Cloud Murong .

Cloud Murong had frowned numerous times, feeling rather weird .

Although Cloud Murong still found Yun Wu\'s imperative tone uncomfortable, he was gradually getting used to it .

He had someone prepared a basin of clean water as well as gauze and scissors .

Cloud Murong didn\'t leave but stood on the side and watched Yun Wu neatly dealing with Little Leaf\'s wounds . When Yun Wu was treating Little Leaf\'s fingers which had already been broken by clamps, Cloud Murong was shocked .

Two of Little Leaf\'s fingers had been deformed . She had to dislocate them first and then reset the bones . The skills she used were weird and the scene was unusually gory .

Ignoring Cloud Murong\'s presence, Yun Wu produced some vulneraries, which she had made previously, as well as some medicinal materials out of the Storage s.p.a.ce . Then she applied the drug to the wounds and bandaged them up .

When the treatment was done, though there was still a frown on Little Leaf\'s face, her breathing became steady .

Seeing all this with his own eyes, Cloud Murong was very surprised .

Judging from her neat and skillful movements, her medical skills were definitely not bad, though they were somewhat uncanny .

Involuntarily, the look in his eyes became rather fevered . He wondered whether she could treat the rare disease that his father had caught .

After treating Little Leaf, Yun Wu continued to dress the wounds on Grandma Medicine .

When everything was done, Yun Wu washed her hands, raised her eyes and looked at Cloud Murong who was also looking at her, "Don\'t give me that look . I don\'t like members of your family . "

She made this remark quickly and abruptly .

An embarra.s.sed look flashed across Cloud Murong\'s face . He was somewhat discontented . This teenage girl had always been so impolite .

"Girl, I can tell that your medical skills are pretty good . I wonder if you can . . . "

But before he could finish speaking, Yun Wu interrupted him coldly, "As regards your father\'s illness, I have no interest in it, and neither can I treat it . However, since you\'re such a dutiful son, why are you so unconcerned with your own mother?"

Hearing the last remark, Grandma Medicine abruptly froze and a surprised, fl.u.s.tered look flashed across her old eyes . She called nervously, "Miss . Wu!"

During the days when Yun Wu had been living with Little Leaf and her grandmother, Yun Wu didn\'t use the name "Yun Wu" . No matter what, she believed that now was not the right time to let others know her by the name of Yun Wu, so she had told them the name that she had used in her last incarnation, which was Wu Feng .

How did she know . . .

Hearing Yun Wu\'s words, Cloud Murong knitted his eyebrows tightly together, \'What did she mean by that last remark?\'

His mother had died right after giving birth to him . How could he show concern to her?

"Your Lordship, Elder Madam is here," a guard suddenly reported at the doorway .

Before long, the door was opened . A middle-aged female gloriously clothed in dull-red brocade clothes walked inside in a dignified manner with the a.s.sistance of a handmaid .

"Yun\'er, I heard that you brought that person home? The one who had burnt the offshoot mansion and also wounded my grandson?"

On hearing the voice, Grandma Medicine gave a shiver and her face abruptly went pale . She subconsciously turned her body aside, as if trying to hide herself .

Yun Wu noticed all these reactions of hers .

"Mother!" seeing that woman, Cloud Murong called in a fairly respectful tone .

Cloud Murong\'s calling that woman mother wrung Grandma Medicine\'s heart . She clasped her hands tightly together, as if trying hard to subdue something .

Concubine Qu was Cloud Murong\'s stepmother, Sky Murong and Earth Murong\'s natural mother as well as the Mistress of the Murong Mansion .

As soon as Concubine Qu walked in, she cast a gaze in the direction of Yun Wu who was wearing gunny clothes, sizing her up with extremely piercing eyes .

Arms folded across her chest, Yun Wu also move her eyes on that woman, sizing her up in the same way .

That woman appeared to be about fifty, with a slightly fat figure and fairly white skin . Judging from her features, she probably had been a very beautiful woman when she had been young, but her meridians indicated that she was at least in her sixties .

In this exotic world, as people cultivated, the gap between their actual age and the age they appeared to be would become increasingly wider .

Although this Concubine Qu was merely in Tier V, compared with Grandma Medicine who couldn\'t cultivate, she looked much younger .

"So you are the one who made a scene in the offshoot mansion?" Concubine Qu asked in a deep voice .

Not only had Thousand Murong, her favorite grandson, been wounded, but also his whole mansion had been burnt to the ground . Having been informed that Cloud Murong not only hadn\'t meted out punishment to that person but also had brought her back and settled her in a guest room, she naturally came here to take a look .

Yun Wu gave an apathetic glimpse at her and slightly curved her lips, "I am . "

"Well, now that you admitted it, then we shall send you to the Yamen[1 . Yamen is a government office in feudal China] . Guards, break this woman\'s legs, tie her up and send her to the Yamen," Concubine Qu\'s eyes were cold . Hearing her order, those guards outside the room immediately poured inside and walked towards Yun Wu .

"Stop . Don\'t hurt her," at this moment, an old voice suddenly emanated from the couch .

Everybody was stunned by this sudden voice .

Grandma Medicine slowly struggled to stand up from the couch, raising her old eyes, which had witnessed vicissitudes of her life, to meet the piercing ones of Concubine Qu .