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Publishedat 21st of October 2019 06:06:46 AMChapter 71

The vitalization of two sorts of element had cost Yun Wu more than half of her power, but in order to overawe the opponents, she flipped her hands again and clasped two flames together .

"Roar . . . " the fire dragon, which had just been broken apart by Cloud Murong, reappeared .

Wind, fire and water – three different temperature and Qi instantly pervaded the whole place .

Standing below the three elemental beasts, Yun Wu slightly squinted her purple eyes in which bloodthirstiness and frenzy glinted, her black hair flying though it was windless .

She didn\'t have much strength left, but the dash she was giving off was awe-inspiring .

Looking at the three elemental beasts coiling in mid-air, Cloud Murong could feel that they were all at Tier IV . Given that he was in Tier IX, they didn\'t count as a major threat to him .

However, he couldn\'t see through this teenage girl since she was too mysterious .

He worried that she still had something up her sleeve .

With a deep frown, Cloud Murong kept silent .

At this moment, the whole s.p.a.ce fell into quietness .

There were hundreds of pa.s.sers-by looking on, but none of them was talking at this instant . As if even the sound of a needle dropping on the ground could be heard, they just looked at the three elemental beasts coiling in mid-air, waiting for Cloud Murong\'s response .

It was completely quiet .

After quite a while .

"Qian\'er, did you or not imprison the little girl and her grandmother that this girl mentioned?" Cloud Murong raised his eyes and looked at Thousand Murong, asking in a deep voice .

Thousand Murong\'s face alternated between red and black restlessly, but at this moment, he answered reluctantly, "Yesterday, elder brother-in-law did tell me that he took a little girl back . As regards whether that girl is the one she wanted, I don\'t know . "

Cloud Murong\'s face slightly darkened as he heard this, "Go . Bring them here . "

Frowning, Thousand Murong gave a sideways glance at Yun Wu and then looked in Cloud Murong\'s direction, "Your Lordship–"

However, before he could finish his sentence, Sky Murong\'s eyes flashed in his direction, "Qian\'er, do what His Lordship told you to do . "

Under this circ.u.mstance, if some other issue arose, things might really become too tricky for the Murong family to handle .

Thousand Murong was consumed with anger, but he still ordered the guards beside him, "Go bring the person Elder Uncle took back . "


"Young–Young Master, the fire is so big . I\'m afraid the dungeon was already . . . " they were at the gateway but could still feel the fierce heat, and the fire was very close to them . The guard believed that everything in the dungeon must have been burnt to ashes .

Thousand Murong secretly hoped that the girl had died in the fire, \'This girl is so arrogant . If the little girl died in the fire, then there will be no evidence and she won\'t be able to act so haughtily any longer . \'

But before the guard finished his sentence, Yun Wu raised her hand and with that the icy python in mid-air flew towards the fierce fire .

"Zih, zih . . . "

Wherever the python flew over, everything on fire spat, as if someone had poured water on them . Soon, the big fire was put out . There were barely any houses left in the Murong Mansion .

However, the area amid which the dungeon was located stayed intact .

"Your Lordship, please come with me . Otherwise, I\'m afraid someone is going to kill me to make sure there\'s no witness," Yun Wu curved her lips but darted a glance at Thousand Murong with a sneer .

Thousand Murong was annoyed, face livid . What did she mean?

Frowning, Cloud Murong glanced at Yun and then walked towards the gate .

Yun Wu waved her hand at the fire dragon and Tiger Condor which then instantly disappeared into thin air . At the same time, Yun Wu walked inside the Murong Mansion with Cloud Murong .

Seeing this, Sky Murong and Earth Murong naturally followed them .

Seeing that they entered the Murong Mansion, those pa.s.sers-by that had been looking on outside the gate stayed with tacit agreement, as if they were waiting to see what would happen next .

"Guys, who on earth do you think that Triple-Attributed teenage girl is?"

"She\'s so tough . I think she must be a member of some secluded family . . . "

" . . . "

All people started whispering to each other . It was very likely that before long the news would spread through the whole Luo City and then ripple towards nearby towns . . .

But not long before .

In the Ouyang Mansion in the Water City .

Having failed to bring back the Vigorgra.s.s, Ouyang Qing and the others were sitting in a living room at their wits\' end .

Thinking of the man and the girl they had met that day, Ouyang Qing couldn\'t help rubbing his brows, a wry and resigned smile on his face .

"We have to find another way . I believe the Murong family is in the same situation . "

"The doctor said that father\'s condition required immediate treatment . What else can we do?" in the living room, a middle-aged man said in a deep voice, frowning .

"Later, I\'ll invite the medic here again," Ouyang Qing said .

But there was an expectant glint in his eyes, "Maybe, we can try find that girl . If she knows the situation we\'re in, maybe she\'ll give the Vigorgra.s.s to us . "

"Ke\'er, give up that fond hope . Don\'t forget that that girl already has a Grand Kung Fu Master around her," Ouyang Qing looked at him with a sullen look .

He knew exactly what he was thinking about .

Ouyang Ke frowned but didn\'t contradict .

But that middle-aged man seemed to have noticed that their conversation had some subtexts . He lifted his eyebrows and looked at Ouyang Qing, "What\'s going on?"

Ouyang Qing sighed, "Nothing special . It\'s just that your son fell for that girl . "

Hearing this, the middle-aged man, who was also the Lord of Water City, Ouyang Yumei, raised his eyebrows and a look of surprise crossed his face, "Ke\'er has always been choosy about girls . Since this one caught his fancy, I guess she must be a special girl . "

"How could she be not special? She was the very girl who took the Vigorgra.s.s . "


Hearing this, Ouyang Yu frowned .

However, at this moment, a guard reported loudly outside the door, "Your Lordship, scouts sent a message here from the Luo City . "

"Come in," Ouyang Yu said blandly .

Soon, a guard carrying a letter with both hands quickly walked in and respectfully handed the letter to Ouyang Yu .

And then he took his leave .

"A message from the Luo City? Did the Murong family by any chance find the Vigorgra.s.s?" Ouyang Qing frowned . Ouyang Ke also looked in the direction of the letter .

Ouyang Yu opened the envelope . When he saw the contents of the letter, a surprised look appeared on his face which was usually steady and mild .

"What\'s it about? Why are you having this look?"

Ouyang Yu handed the letter to Ouyang Qing, who also showed a surprised look on his face while reading the letter .

A fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl who was Triple-Attributed and in early stage of Tier VII? And she also possessed the mysterious ability to condense element into tangible elemental beasts?

The letter also sketched what the girl had done in the Murong Mansion .

But these were more than enough to amaze them .

Ouyang Ke also took the letter, but after he read it, his eyes lit up . With a skeptical look, he said, "Second Uncle, do you think it\'s possible that this teenage girl mentioned in the letter is the same girl that we met in the Magic Beasts Forest?"

A teenage girl in early stage of Tier VII with weird capabilities .

All these conformed to the characteristics of the girl they had met in the forest . Besides, to find a teenage girl with such extraordinary endowments in this world was like to seek a needle at the bottom of the ocean .

Hearing this, Ouyang Qing seemed to have suddenly realized something . He instantly stood up from the chair, "Let\'s go to the Luo City and check it out . "

If she was really that girl, then she had the Vigorgra.s.s . They couldn\'t afford to let the Murong family beat them to it .

Ouyang Ke\'s eyes lit up .

In the Luoyang City, faces of the members of the Murong family darkened when they saw how much damage the fire had caused to the mansion .

Sky Murong, in particular, found it heart-rending to see this scene .

This mansion was his . All those decorations and furnishings had cost him a lot of money . There had also been many antiques in it . Now, they had all been destroyed . No wonder the scene wrung his heart .

Along the way, they saw that almost everything had been burnt .

But when approaching the dungeon, everybody felt a twinge of surprise .

Almost everything in the mansion had been burnt to the ground, but within a short radius of the dungeon, everything remained intact . Even the gra.s.s was still luxuriant .

Seeing this, Cloud Murong, who was walking side by side with Yun Wu, couldn\'t help giving a deep gaze at her .

Surprisingly, she had controlled the fire and made sure that it wouldn\'t spread to this dungeon . It seemed that she had known in advance that the person she wanted was in this dungeon . And with her power, it was not difficult for her to break into the dungeon and rescue the girl at all .

But instead, she had made such a scene outside the mansion . Clearly she had done that to force him to come here .

Every detail had been well planned . She had not only successfully provoked the Murong family but also humiliated them, and she had also made sure that the Murong family wouldn\'t dare to go too hard on her . What a shrewd girl .

What was her purpose of luring him here exactly?

Of course Yun Wu knew that Cloud Murong had been sizing her up with his deep eyes, but she generously let him .

Then they stopped at the gateway of the dungeon .

"Open the gate and bring them out," Yun Wu turned her head aside and looked at n.o.body else but Cloud Murong .

Cloud Murong\'s tightly knitted his eyebrows . Was she asking him to go inside and take the girl out himself?

Sky Murong and Earth Murong were standing behind . Hearing her words, their faces abruptly darkened .

Sky Murong said to the guard beside him, "Go inside and bring them here . "

Having the order, the guard was just about to walk towards the gate of the dungeon when Yun Wu slightly raised her right hand, produced a fire ball out of thin air and threw it to the ground in front of the guard .

"Bang!" a m.u.f.fled explosion was heard .

Scared, the guard immediately backed off .

"What\'re you doing?" Thousand Murong, who had been standing at the side, finally ran out of tolerance and glared sideways at Yun Wu .

Yun Wu curved her lips in a sneer and said with a piercing look in her eyes, "If you want me to let this go, demonstrate some sincerity . "

Sky Murong and the others were consumed with anger . Tension was rapidly reaching flashpoint .

Cloud Murong was indeed a competent Lord of the City . He took a deep breath and subdued the anger in him, displaying his capability of keeping a steady and restrained manner under any circ.u.mstance .

When they were at daggers drawn, Cloud Murong said in a deep voice, "Enough . Wait here, all of you . "

After that, he took the key from the guard\'s hand and walked towards the dungeon .

He opened the gate of the dungeon and saw that there was a staircase stretching down . He walked in and was greeted by a strong, musty smell .

Cloud Murong knitted his eyebrows but still walked downwards step by step . There were torches fixed on the walls of the underground chamber, so it was fairly bright . At the end of the staircase, he saw a pa.s.sage with cells fitted with iron bars on both sides .