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Publishedat 20th of October 2019 10:56:41 AMChapter 70

The man was clothed in a dark yellow brocade robe, and there was an air of steadiness and mildness about him, but the mildness was mixed with a trace of stateliness . He was around forty-five or so, neither fat nor thin, looking pretty refined .

Compared with that of Sky Murong and Earth Murong, the Qi of this middle-aged man walking towards the gateway was noticeably more restrained .

He was Cloud Murong, the Lord of Luoyang City .

"You must be really busy, my lord . I\'ve been through a lot to get you here," Yun Wu twisted her head around to look at Cloud Murong who was walking closer and said in a sneering tone .

The face of the Captain of Guards, who was behind Cloud Murong, darkened as he heard her sneering words, "Watch your mouth, girl . This is the Lord of Luoyang City . It\'s not your place to – "

However, before the Captain of Guards could finish his rebuke, the middle-aged man raised his hand and stopped him .

"Wait here, all of you," after making this remark in a dignified tone, Cloud Murong walked towards Yun Wu .

"My name is Cloud Murong . I\'m the Lord of Luoyang City as well as the father of the girl beneath you whip . May I ask whether you could release my daughter first before we talk?" Cloud Murong didn\'t get angry and his Qi had been mild and steady all along .

He must have already been informed of what had happened earlier .

This Cloud Murong was numerous times more restrained than that so-called the Second Patriarch and the Third Patriarch .

Judging from the fact that he had been composed all along after seeing how his daughter was being treated, his amazing secretiveness was beyond Yun Wu\'s expectation .

But after remaining silent for a second, Yun Wu twitched her waist and withdrew the whip without saying anything .

Seeing that Yun Wu compromised so willingly, Sky Murong and the others secretly snorted, thinking that she was afraid of the Lord of the City and those garrison soldiers .

"Thank you, girl . Would you please tell me the reason why you had me come here by adopting this kind of means?" after giving a glance at Snow Murong who was sitting on the ground, Cloud Murong knew that this teenage girl hadn\'t seriously injured Snow Murong and that Snow Murong had just got her legs broken, which meant that she would have to lie in bed for half a month to a full month or so .

"I\'m looking for someone," Yun Wu glimpsed at Thousand Murong and said blandly .

"Looking for someone?" Cloud Murong frowned .

A guard had just reported to him that she demanded the Murong family to hand over someone . Had the Murong family by any chance taken someone from her?

Cloud Murong was not stupid . He instantly turned his head aside and moved his eyes to Thousand Murong, saying in a deep voice, "Qian\'er, go bring the two people here . "


Hearing this, those lookers-on suddenly understood .

It turned out that the reason why this teenage girl had killed that man, wounded so many people as well as burnt the mansion of the Murong family\'s offshoot was because the Murong Mansion had taken someone from her?

But Thousand Murong\'s face was rather cold and sullen, "My lord, I don\'t have the person she wants . Everybody can see it – the whole mansion has been burnt down by her . All people have come out . "

Yun Wu slightly curved her lips, but the look in her eyes went cold, "Is that so? It seems that I was being far too merciful to you by burning only those peripheral houses . "

"Fire dragon!" she yelled .


A dragon roar came from those flaming houses and with that a dragon formed of fire soared up and coiled in mid-air, the air temperature rising drastically .

"Roar–" as if in response to Yun Wu\'s calling, the dragon let out another roar .

Those pa.s.sers-by who had been looking on backed off repeatedly, horror on their faces .

Though they had seen it before, people still felt horrified when they caught eyes of it again .

Though formed of fire, the dragon possessed Qi as potent as that of a magic beast .

What kind of means had that teenage girl adopted? How had she managed to do this?

"Go burn that treasure house in the secret chamber in the west," with a bland smile, Yun Wu ordered the fire dragon coiling in mid-air .

Not only Thousand Murong\'s face but also that of Sky Murong changed when they heard her remarks .

Instantly, Thousand Murong\'s face darkened, "Little girl, don\'t go too far . You\'ve already burnt my mansion and yet you want to burn my treasure house as well? You really think the Murong family is afraid of you?"

After that, his Tier IX potent Qi could be faintly seen about him .

Hearing his words, Yun Wu sneered, "I don\'t know whether the Murong family is afraid of me or not, but some members of the Murong family robbed villagers of their hard-earned medicinal herbs and also took a child and an old woman hostage . I\'ve already shown mercy on you by merely burning your mansion . Since you ungratefully turned down my nice gesture, you\'ll have to face the consequences you deserve . "

After saying this, Yun Wu winked at the fire dragon with her purple eyes and with that the fire dragon raised its head, let out a roar and was about to fly to the mansion .

All of a sudden .

A surge of potent water elemental power was hurled towards the fire dragon .

"Bang!" water element impacted on fire element with a m.u.f.fled bang and the fire dragon was broken apart .

It was Cloud Murong who made his move .

He was rather concerned about the issue that Yun Wu had just said about some members of the Murong Mansion robbing villagers of medicinal herbs and hurting them .

But the Murong family was the leader of the Luo City, and he couldn\'t let anybody arbitrarily trample on the dignity of the Murong family . This little girl was acting so aggressively in front of so many people, so Cloud Murong definitely had to do something .

With a cold look, Cloud Murong said in a deep voice, "Little girl, we can talk about this in a civilized way . There\'s no need to be so angry . "

Yun Wu coldly squinted her purple eyes .

"Talk about this in a civilized way? As the Lord of the city, you connived at your subordinates robbing villagers of medicinal herbs and bullying them . If you want to talk about this in a civilized way, then I will talk with you in the civilized way of the Murong family . "

The instant her cold voice broke off, Yun Wu abruptly mobilized the wind element in the air which soon condensed into numerous wind blades around the whip, and ferociously swung it at the two vermilion-lacquered gates behind Thousand Murong .

"Bang, bang!"

With two loud bangs, pieces of wood flew in all directions .

"The girl and her grandmother only have each other, but you people of the Murong Mansion coveted the old woman\'s ganoderma and took them hostage . Whether they\'re alive or not is still unknown . "

Cloud Murong\'s face suddenly darkened, \'Is she telling the truth? If it\'s not true, how could this teenage girl dare to come here?\' Instantly, his angry eyes flashed in the direction of Thousand Murong .

Sky Murong\'s face was sepulchral . He had always known that his avaricious son had been secretly sending his men to collect medicinal materials to resell them at a profit .

He had never expected that his son\'s deeds would lead to this situation .

Thousand Murong\'s face, needless to say, was extremely black . He glared at Yun Wu, eyes ablaze with rage .

If the Lord of the City knew this, severe punishment would surely be inflicted on him .

"I came here for the girl, but the nice Young Mistress of the Murong family came directly at me and aimed to kill me with every saber blow before I could say anything . They also intended to bully me with numerical superiority . You\'re so shameless . It surprised me that the Murong family isn\'t too embarra.s.sed to be in charge of this city . "

Each time Yun Wu finished making a remark, Cloud Murong\'s face grew more sullen, his eyebrows frowning tightly .

"Today, not to mention you, even if the Emperor himself came here, I\'ll still ma.s.sacre the Murong Mansion if you don\'t set them free and give me an acceptable explanation . . . "

Her voice was domineering and as icy cold as a glacier .

Hearing that she would still ma.s.sacre the Murong Mansion even if the Emperor himself came here, all people present went quiet, as if all people were holding their breath at this moment .

That remark was extremely offensive to both the Murong family and the Emperor, and it was punishable by death .

"These remarks are criminal and far above your station, girl . Disaster emanates from careless talk," hearing her words, Cloud Murong went angry . No matter how many crimes the Murong family had committed according to her accusations, the words "ma.s.sacre the Murong family" alone would make a reason more than sufficient to justify his killing intent .

"Is that so? But I only know that disaster emanates from the heart, especially from the hearts of those harboring evil intentions . "

The look on Cloud Murong\'s face became icy cold and grim as he heard these words . Potent Qi secretly started circulating in his meridians, but he still managed to subdue his anger and killing intent, showing only steadiness on his face .

If he launched an attack on a teenage girl in front of so many residents just because she made a few arrogant remarks, people would definitely have unfavorable opinions about the Murong family, especially on this occasion when the girl had accused the Murong family of a series of crimes .

Cloud Murong was not the only one who could think of this .

Undoubtedly, Yun Wu also knew what Cloud Murong was thinking about, and she had also antic.i.p.ated that he wouldn\'t fight her in front of so many people, but this was not her purpose .

She glimpsed at the other members of the Murong family . They all had murderous looks in their eyes, as if they were eager to attack her in unison and slash her to death .

"It seems that you don\'t quite believe that I\'m capable of inflicting a bloodbath on the Murong family . Fine . Today, I\'ll broaden your horizons," lips coldly curving up, Yun Wu looked in Cloud Murong\'s direction with a half smile on her face, "Your attribute is water, right?"

Eyebrows knitted together, Cloud Murong looked at this teenage girl in front of him .

Before Cloud Murong made a response, Yun Wu flipped her palm out of which a ball of water element popped . Then she did the same thing with the other palm and then clasped her hands together .

"Hiss, hiss . . . "

A bloodcurdling hiss of snake accompanied by a freezing Qi was heard .

Yun Wu waved her hand and a giant, blue python formed of water element abruptly appeared out of thin air . At this moment, the air temperature plunged drastically, as if the whole place suddenly dropped into a glacial cave .

"Hiss, hiss . . . "

Coiling in mid-air, the giant python overlooked the people down below with its eerie blue eyes in a seemingly condescending manner .

"Wa–Water attribute?"

"My G.o.d, she\'s Triple-Attributed?"

" . . . "

Someone among the crowd yelled in astonishment and with that all lookers-on gasped in unison .

Sky Murong and the others were also unusually surprised, \'Triple-Attributed?\'

This teenage girl was actually Triple-Attributed?

Cloud Murong was also amazed and somewhat shocked . This girl appeared to be merely fifteen or sixteen, but she was terrifyingly powerful . Besides, judging from her words, he was afraid that she hadn\'t displayed her full strength yet .

But with her trump card staying hidden, her aura was already so mighty and awe-inspiring . If they let her keep growing stronger . . .

"Today, if you don\'t hand over them to me, I\'ll set the whole Luo City by the ears before I ma.s.sacre the Murong Mansion," Yun Wu said in a cold voice tinged with a trace of arrogance .

Wind element popped out and she clasped her hands together .

"Roar, roar . . . " the contours of a green beast that looked like a Tiger Condor emerged out of thin air .

However, with her current strength, she was only capable of condensing element into Tier IV elemental beasts, but the aura about this wind elemental beast seemed just as mighty as that Tiger Condor that she saw in that valley that day .