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Chapter 7 — The Most Sinister Poison

No, impossible. They clearly threw her off the cliff to serve as beast feed; she had no chance of survival.

The two vile slaves\' reactions elicited a bloodthirsty smile from Yun Wu.

"What\'s wrong? If I recall correctly, you two liked to \'play\' with me the most. It\'s only been a few days, why are you both scared to this degree?" Light laughter gently brushed by the maidservants\' ears. They couldn\'t help but shiver.

"Miss Xiao Cui, Miss Xiao Lu, what\'s wrong? Did something happen?" The voice of a guard sounded from behind the door, immediately and effectively snapping the two maidservants out of their stupors.

Their frightened eyes abruptly took on a ruthless light. Two rays of red, Rank One late-stage battle spirit sprang forth and steadily slashed at Yun Wu.

Regardless of whether she was a human or a ghost, they intended to kill her again.

Yun Wu promptly sidestepped and deftly avoided the attacks. In an instant, the shoddy bed behind her was pulverized by the two rays of red battle spirit.

Her eyebrows scrunched slightly. So this was the so-called strength of this world\'s martial arts? What a ferocious force.

A second later, the light in her eyes chilled. Her foot shifted, and the moment those vile slaves relaxed, their necks were, in a flash, severed by a dagger.

The art of killing actually did not involve much intricacy. It was as simple as finding the right timing and aiming at a fatal spot; at that point, issuing one move would be enough.

Through her acquired memories, she\'d learned that when one\'s martial prowess surpa.s.sed Rank Two, one would gain a defensive ability that would protect their whole body. Clearly, these vicious slaves hadn\'t reached that level.

Killing them was as easy as turning her hand.

On the ground, Xiao Cui and Xiao Lu\'s eyes were opened wide and full of shock. Even after death, it seemed like they never would\'ve imagined they would die under one strike from a sickly good-for-nothing.

Having heard the sounds of struggle, the two guards immediately rushed into the hut, but when they saw the corpses of Xiao Cui and Xiao Lu, then the girl standing over the bodies, their faces paled, and they turned back.

Just as they ran out of the hut, they felt something hit and numb their legs, forcing them on their knees.

"Where are you two going? Aren\'t you here to dismantle the hut? This hut is still intact, yet you\'re both already running away? Aren\'t you afraid the two Misses breaking your legs?"

Yun Wu strolled out of the hut, dragging the foot of a corpse on each hand as she leisurely walked towards the guards.

"Ninth, Ninth Miss, spare our lives, we don\'t know anything!" The panic-stricken guards looked at Yun Wu as if she were a ghost who crawled out of h.e.l.l. They were merely low-ranking guards, only at the medial-stage of Rank One. Aside from guarding the doorway and occasionally lifting things, they had never been in real combat.

If the Rank One late-staged Xiao Cui and Xiao Lu were killed, wouldn\'t it be even easier for the guards to die?

Yun Wu\'s cold eyes looked down at them loftily. "Take these two corpses back to their respective Miss and throw them in their rightful latrines. Any mistake, if found… your endings will be the same as theirs."

When they heard that, the guards looked at the corpses and shuddered, but they dared not defy. They nodded repeatedly, "Yes, yes.." Subsequently, they each hoisted a corpse and hurriedly fled.

Too terrifying—just one look was enough to cause others great alarm. That person, was that person still the sickly and bullied Ninth Miss? No, definitely not. Even if it was, it was surely a ghost.

After seeing the guards scurry off, Yun Xu slowly turned to look at the trail of blood sourced from the two corpses she had dragged out. She involuntarily thought of that night, the bloodstain they left behind when they swept her against the gravel ground.

The murderous intent in her heart did not calm. Instead, she contracted a feeling of bloodthirsty satisfaction.

She had declared, that when she returned, Yun family\'s peaceful days would end. Now, she, Yun Wu, had returned.


Perhaps the two guards really were frightened by Yun Wu, because they did not alarm anyone when they threw the corpses into each respective courtyard\'s latrine1An outdoor toilet..

However, before the corpses were found, Sixth Miss Yun Qing Er was already hastily ushering several maidservants with her to the back mountain.

"Xiao Lu, you stinking brat, I told you to find people to dismantle a tiny hut, and you loaf around for an entire morning…" The person had yet to arrive, but her angry voice did.

Yun Wu was basking in the sun with her body half-lying on top of a large rock that was near the hut. She opened her eyes, but only to carelessly turn her head towards the direction of the voice. When a familiar figure entered her line of sight, her lips lazily drew an arch.

Having bathed in the sunlight for a whole morning, the malice in her heart had finally calmed a bit, but that provided only temporary relief.

As a result of soaking in that blood-medicine pool, the wounds on her body were all fully healed. However, she\'d also happened to discover that a very sinister poison had been residing in her body for over a decade now. It was incurable.

Fortunately, the poison would not kill her instantly. Instead, it would gradually eat away at her internal organs until ultimately, she would die watching helplessly as her entire body rotted.

VIN: Is it just me, or does the last paragraph sound sarcastic af…? All this talk about latrines/toilets makes me wonder how the ancients used the loo, and I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m not getting any pretty images ^^;