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Publishedat 17th of October 2019 09:05:57 AMChapter 68

Disbelief and horror pervaded those guards\' eyes .

Under Yun Wu\'s gaze, a guard hurriedly turned around, stumbled and rushed inside the mansion . He was so stiff that he moved like a machine .

All those lookers-on who had been watching were standing transfixed with shock . Then they subconsciously backed off, \'Who\'s this teenage girl exactly? She\'s way too tough . \'

Even the Soul Chain Technique had failed to restrict her, then . . .

"Loo – Look at Young Mistress Murong . . . "

"Why isn\'t she moving?"

" . . . "

Hearing the astonished exclamation and whispering of those lookers-on, Steward Feng stood up with the a.s.sistance of guards and hastily cast a look in Luo Shanshan\'s direction .


Utmost horror surged through him, \'Her soul is chained?\'

\'How\'s this possible? The Young Mistress was the one who performed the Soul Chain Technique . How come she became the one whose soul is chained?\'

At this very moment .

"Who\'s making all this noise in front of my house?" a rather cold male voice came from the other side of the vermilion-lacquered gate .

Before long, a tall, straight figure slowly walked out . Dressed in a luxurious brocade robe and with piercing eyes, that man had an air of n.o.bility and cold arrogance about him .

In his early thirties, he didn\'t count as a very handsome man but was somewhat well-featured .

After that man walked out of the mansion, those guards picked themselves up in a rather awkward manner . Together with Steward Feng, they respectfully bowed to and greeted that man, "Young Master!"

Thousand Murong\'s eyes swept across them . The guard had already informed him of the situation outside the mansion in a fl.u.s.tered way, but when he caught sight of those cracks on the ground and the embarra.s.sed look of Steward Feng as well as those guards, a look of coldness flashed across the bottom of his piercing eyes .

"What\'s this all about?" a somewhat sepulchral voice was heard .

And then Thousand Murong\'s eyes flashed in the direction of Yun Wu who was dressed in gunny clothes . Suddenly, he was stunned . Seeing her beauty, he was fairly amazed, but the amazement in his eyes soon disappeared .

Her apathetic purple eyes seemed bland and plain, but actually they were extremely dangerous .

In addition, there was a barely detectable killing aura about her .


\'She was the mysterious teenage girl whom the elder brother-in-law mentioned to me, and who\'s capable of performing Soul Chain Technique?\'

His suspicion was verified when he saw Luo Shanshan whose eyes were vacant and wooden .

"Little girl, may I ask why did you come here and make such a scene in front of the Murong Mansion after killing my elder brother?" Thousand Murong\'s voice was fairly cold, but he sounded rather polite .

But in the twinkling of an eye, he winked at the guards behind him and signaled them to bring Luo Shanshan in .

Yun Wu didn\'t try to stop him .

Gently stroking the handle of the whip with her white fingertips, she said in a bland voice, "Hand over the people I want . Otherwise, I\'ll do exactly what I\'ve just said I would do . "

\'What did she say she would do?\'

Right at the moment when Thousand Murong frowned, Steward Feng, who had retreated to the gate with the a.s.sistance of guards, whispered something into Thousand Murong\'s ears .

Instantly, Thousand Murong\'s face darkened .

"Little girl, you want to inflict a bloodbath on our Murong Mansion? Don\'t you think those words were a little too big for you?"

"Is that so?" Yun Wu coldly curved her lips . However, at this moment, she flipped that empty hand of hers and a flame popped out of her palm under the gaze of all people present .

Those lookers-on abruptly widened their eyes .

A flame?

A tangible flame? How was it possible?

Though warriors were capable of using elemental power, but it was impossible for them to manipulate real flame . Only summoners that had disappeared hundreds of years ago were capable of controlling tangible element .

Was this teenage girl by any chance a summoner . . .

This thought also flashed through Thousand Murong\'s mind, but he soon excluded this possibility .

If this teenage girl was a summoner, by no means would he have heard nothing . He knew what the existence of a summoner meant .

"Little girl, I don\'t know how you learned to control flame, but if this is all you\'re capable of, then wasn\'t it too unreasonable of you to threaten to inflict a bloodbath on Murong Mansion?"

It was not until those lookers-on heard his remarks that they stopped speculating .

Yet Yun Wu apathetically raise her eyes, flipped the other palm, out of which another flame popped, and clasped her hands .

With a wave of her hand, the contours of a fire dragon appeared out of thin air, giving off a potent Qi . Its strength was actually the same as that of a Tier IX peak-stage magic beast .


A deafening dragon roar, along with scorching heat, arose in the air .

In the blink of an eye, before anybody could react, that fire dragon soared above the Murong Mansion, opened its mouth and soon waves of furious fire were erupted downwards .

In the blink of an eye, patches of houses were aflame and the fire quickly started spreading .

"Fire . . . "

People\'s yelling to the accompaniment of the sounds of beating drums and gongs instantly came from inside the mansion .

A lot of guards and servants rushed over to help put out the fire, but when they saw the fire dragon coiling above the mansion, they all buckled at their knees .

What was that?

Outside the mansion .

The look on the faces of Steward Feng and the others were alternating uneasily between various expressions .

Thousand Murong looked at Yun Wu with sepulchral eyes, "You\'re refusing a toast only to drink a forfeit . "

Abruptly, Tier VII peak-stage fighting spirit surged out of him, along with a burst of icy cold killing aura, and then with an uncanny swish of his figure, he thrust a sword at the target .

On the sight of his weird and extremely fast attack, Yun Wu lifted her eyebrows .

a.s.sa.s.sin skills?

As if from her bones, killing aura abruptly surged out of her, her black hair started flying though there was no wind . This time, she fought back head-on .

Surrounded by wind blades formed of wind element, the long whip corkscrewed squarely towards the sword coming at Yun Wu .


A ringing snap was heard . Thousand Murong watched the sword the blade of which had been twisted and the slits caused by wind blades on his arm, disbelief glinting in his eyes .

Blood was oozing out of the wounds . If it weren\'t for that he was trying hard to subdue the pain, he might not be able to hold the broken sword in his hand .

Wind blades? Wind element .

She was actually double-attributed?

"Like I said, if you hand over the two persons I want, there will be a bloodbath in Murong Mansion . . . " as if having been amplified by a loudspeaker, her cold voice tinged with bloodthirstiness was heard loud and clear by everybody present, which made her sound as if she had total supremacy over her opponents .

Thousand Murong\'s heart missed a beat and with that he looked at Yun Wu in utmost horror .

"You\'re double-attributed?"


Hearing this, those lookers-on exclaimed in astonishment once again .

Steward Feng also abruptly dilated his eyes and stared squarely at Yun Wu .

Everybody knew how rare double-attributed people were . In addition to the rarity, it was far more difficult for double-attributed people to cultivate .

But surprisingly, this teenage girl not only had a double-attributed const.i.tution but also reached early-stage of Tier VII .

Most people\'s endowments were even not good enough to enable them to reach Tier VII in their thirties or forties, not to mention at the age of fifteen or sixteen .

Was this teenage girl even a human?

As the situation outside the mansion remained deadlocked, the fire inside was spreading quickly, and more than half of the houses had been burnt down in the blink of an eye . . .

The largest luxurious mansion located in the middlemost area of the Luoyang City, where the eastern and western parts of the city met, was the main mansion of the Murong family as well as the dwelling of the Lord of Luoyang City .

However, several months ago, the former Lord of the Luoyang City developed a rare disease and had been lying in bed since then . All residents knew about this .

Many members of high status of the Murong family as well as its offshoot had left home to collect medicinal materials or seek prominent doctors .

This day, several senior members who had just returned were sitting in the main living room of the Murong family . The atmosphere was solemn .

"Did you find it? Father\'s condition is getting worse . Mother asked us to figure something out quickly," said a middle-aged man in his early forties . He was the Third Patriarch of the Murong family, Earth Murong .

"Originally, we\'ve already found a Vigorgra.s.s, but a man and a girl s.n.a.t.c.hed it . Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds," with widened, angry eyes, Snow Murong smacked her palm onto the surface of a tea table and nearly knocked the cup off the table .

Sky Murong, who was sitting on the opposite side, also had a sullen look on his face .

After that Vigorgra.s.s got s.n.a.t.c.hed by that man and the girl that day, they had searched the Magic Beasts Forest for another few days, but without luck, they hadn\'t found another one .

Eventually they had had no choice but to return empty-handed .

Although the Ouyang family had ended up just like them, they still felt very embarra.s.sed on the thought of what had happened that day as well as that man and the girl who were uncannily powerful, so they were in a really bad mood .

"What happened? According to the information we got, Vigorgra.s.s should grow right in the middle of the Magic Beasts Forest . Did the Ouyang family beat you to it?" Earth Murong asked with a frown .

"If they were members of the Ouyang family, things would have been a lot easier, but they were not," Sky Murong said, clenching his fists .

"Not them?" Earth Murong was confused . "Second Elder Brother, with your strength, who else are your matches except for members of the Ouyang family?"

Sky Murong\'s face went even more livid when he heard this question, a sense of humiliation surged through him .

"Third Uncle, let me explain this to you . . . "

However, Snow Murong had just started speaking when a guard hastily rushed into the living room .

"Second Patriarch . Something bad happened . Your . . . Your mansion . . . caught fire . . . "

And then another guard ran inside, stumbling . He was panting heavily . Clearly he had run a long distance to get here .

He was a guard of the mansion of the Murong family\'s offshoot, which was also Sky Murong\'s mansion .

The latter guard brokenly reported in an urgent manner, "Master, something bad happened . A teenage girl killed the Young Mistress\'s elder brother, injured Steward Feng and the guards and set a fire to the houses . She . . . She also said that . . . she was going to ma.s.sacre the Murong family . . . "

"What!" with a loud bang, Sky Murong smacked his hand on the table which instantly broke apart .

Scared, the guard buckled at the knees and nearly knelt down to the ground .

Sky Murong abruptly stood up from the chair, a murderous look in his eyes, "I\'d like to find out which b.a.s.t.a.r.d came here to court death and bluff ma.s.sacring the Murong family . "

With an angry twitch of his hand, Sky Murong swished out of the living room, leaped upwards and shot in the direction of the east avenue .

"Ma.s.sacre the Murong family? I also wonder which snotty kid dares to be so wildly arrogant," Earth Murong also stood up from his seat, face full of sullenness .

Soon, he also leaped upwards and flew away .

"What are you standing there for? Go tell my father to dispatch all the garrison there . She killed a member of the Murong family and dared to bl.u.s.ter . Whoever she is, by no means will she make it out of Luoyang City alive . "

Snow Murong had been simmering with anger, which made this incident a great opportunity for her to vent the anger .