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Publishedat 15th of October 2019 05:34:53 AMChapter 67

Horror surged through Luo Shanshan . She was in early stage of Tier VII?

How was this possible? She was fifteen or sixteen years old at the most . . .

Amazed, Luo Shanshan quickly backed off and dodged the blow in a somewhat embarra.s.sing way, but the dagger in her hand snapped under Yun Wu\'s uncanny power .

At this moment, the street which originally had been uproarious instantly went quiet .

\'That blow was given by someone in early stage of Tier VI and with cyan-rank endowment, but that teenage girl not only parried it but also managed to fight back head-on and get the upper hand . \'

\'Who\'s that teenage girl exactly? What level is she at?\'

At this very moment .

"Who came to Murong family to court trouble?" a middle-aged steward in a gray robe led a group of guards out of the gate with thick killing aura about them .

On the sight of them, Luo Shanshan immediately pointed towards Yun Wu, a killing intent in her eyes which were full of hatred, "Steward Feng, you\'ve come just in time . Kill this woman who murdered my elder brother . "

The leader of guards, Steward Feng, was a top kung fu expert of the Murong family and he was in middle stage of Tier VII . And those guards under his command were all at Tier V or Tier VI .

Their power should be more than enough to handle an opponent in early stage of Tier VII .

Hearing this, Steward Feng darted a glance at the Elder Uncle\'s body and that guard lying on the ground and his face abruptly darkened . Glaring at Yun Wu, he reprimanded, "How dare you! You murdered a member of the Murong family . You\'re courting death . "

Yun Wu glanced at him flatly and ignored his words .

Seeing that she was acting as if he didn\'t exist, Steward Feng instantly went furious . In a deep voice, he said angrily, "What are you standing there for? Go kill that arrogant little b.i.t.c.h and feed her body to wild dogs . She dares to mess with members of the Murong family . She won\'t be able to atone for her crime even if she dies ten times . "

Hearing his words, the twelve guards behind him immediately mobilized their fighting spirit, whipped out their swords and hurtled towards Yun Wu .

Yun Wu\'s lips slowly curved up with a murderous look flashing across the bottom of her eyes . She wielded the whip in her hand and swung it at those guards with momentum like that of a tornado .

"Bang!" a loud bang like the sound of thunder was heard .

Those lookers-on merely heard the bang . When they collected themselves, they were all transfixed with shock by the scene in front of them .

"Shuhh . . . " faint sounds of gasps came from the crowd .

One whip blow, that was just one whip blow .

There was a straight crack on the ground from Yun Wu to the gate of the Murong Mansion, as if the ground had just been slit open by a huge saber .


The twelve guards, who originally had been charging at her, were hit by the lateral whip blow . Fighting spirit of the two sides violently impacted on each other and broken apart . "Puh," something sweet welled up to their throats and each of them spat a mouthful of blood in unison .

That was Tier VII early-stage fighting spirit .

This teenage girl was actually in early stage of Tier VII?


Maybe that was fear . Sharp pain spread across their bodies, cold sweat pouring off them .

It seemed as if Yun Wu had just casually gave a whip blow, and she hadn\'t even moved her trunk . There was a cold, bland look tinged with contempt at the bottom of her eyes, along with a faint killing intent .

She had made up her mind that she wouldn\'t try to conceal her strength today . Instead, she would make a scene and cause a sensation in Luoyang City .

"She\'s so – so powerful . . . "

"Who\'s that girl? Which family is she from?"

"She\'s so tough . At such a young age, she managed to defeat a team of guards of the Murong Mansion with just one whip blow . . . "

"I think she\'s not from Luo City . Otherwise, why haven\'t I never heard of a girl as tough as her before . . . "

" . . . "

After gasping, those lookers-on repeatedly exclaimed in astonishment . They were giving Yun Wu different gaze . The look in a lot of people\'s eyes became fevered .

Steward Feng\'s face was extremely sepulchral, but the intention to kill in his eyes was growing increasingly intenser .

How high the Murong Mansion\'s status was in the Luo City? Everybody knew the answer .

But today, they were under dire provocation . This little girl had inflicted a crushing defeat on twelve of their guards . As the leader of these guards, he felt that this was an unbearable humiliation .

Luo Shanshan, who had been standing at the side, also seemed to haven\'t expected that this teenage girl would be so powerful .

"Who\'re you? Where do you live?" Luo Shanshan looked at Yun Wu with a cold look in her eyes and asked .

Since her kung fu was so good, then she was surely from some unusual background . But surprisingly, judging from the gunny clothes without any jewel decoration she was wearing, she seemed to be from a poor family .

Maybe she was from some famous family that was not doing well .

If that was the case, she could temporarily subdue her anger and recruit this girl to the Murong family . When the occasion arose in the future, she could still kill her .

Steward Feng shared Luo Shanshan\'s opinion .

"Little girl, people of Murong Mansion are not unreasonable . I can see that your kung fu is pretty good . Murong Mansion is always eager to recruit talents . If you\'re willing to join us, then we can pretend that all these things have never happened . "

Although the color of this little girl\'s talent was still unknown, she was already in early stage of Tier VII at such a young age, so naturally her talent must be pretty good .

If they managed to recruit her, then sooner or later they would be able to get revenge for the humiliation that she had inflicted on them today .

Yun Wu kept silent .

After he said those words, Steward Feng didn\'t receive any response for quite a while .

Arms crossed over her chest, Yun Wu gave a flat glance at him with an arrogant look in her purple eyes, as if she was sneering at and disdaining him .

\'Recruit me? Do they actually think they\'re G.o.ds?\'

He had said those words in a haughty tone, as if he was doing her a favor . Yun Wu couldn\'t help feeling that he was ridiculous .

She knew what they were up to . She had killed that fat man as well as those senior guards of the Murong Mansion . How could they let this go?

The indifferent, sarcastic look in Yun Wu\'s eyes made Steward Feng\'s face went unusually livid .

He felt humiliated, as if he had been slapped on the face .

"It seems that you are the kind of person who won\'t shed tears before seeing the coffin . I think I\'ll have to teach you a lesson so that you may know how pathetic your strength is . "

After saying that, he whipped out his saber and flashed towards Yun Wu like lightning .

Having seen Yun Wu\'s moves just now, Steward Feng didn\'t launch an attack on her frontally . Instead, he swished past her to distract the opponent and then slashed at Yun Wu violently . His blow was totally ruthlessly .

Yun Wu curved her lips in a cold smile and dodged aside with a weird swish of her figure .

"Clang . . . "

The big saber hit the solid ground hard and a crack appeared, indicating how potent the power was .

However, at this moment, the long whip on the ground abruptly coiled up like a ferocious python with giant, fanged mouth .

The whip fiercely hit Steward Feng\'s body head-on .


The sound of a whip hitting a human body was heard .

Instantly, his gray robe was slit open and a b.l.o.o.d.y mark was seen by everybody present . Steward Feng felt a burning pain and his face instantly went livid with a surprised look on it .

What was going on?

When Steward Feng lowered his head and saw that b.l.o.o.d.y wound caused by the whip, his face became hideous .

He was in middle stage of Tier VII . How could this girl in early stage of Tier VII breach his defense and hurt him?

However, right at this moment, Luo Shanshan suddenly swished forward and stood in front of Yun Wu at a position not far away from her .

"Little girl, I\'m the Young Mistress of the Murong family\'s offshoot . My name is Luo Shanshan," Luo Shanshan didn\'t launch another attack and the ferocity and anger on her face had disappeared . With a smile, she looked at Yun Wu .

Her current look could even be deemed unusually amiable .

Hearing her voice, Yun Wu raised her head and briefly met Luo Shanshan\'s eyes .

All of a sudden .

Yun Wu felt a shiver from head to toe .

Soul Chain?

Luo Shanshan\'s black eyes looked fixedly into Yun Wu\'s purple pupils, as if she was trying to enter Yun Wu\'s soul to shackle it .

At this moment, those lookers-on who had been spectating the fight couldn\'t help cast their eyes towards Luo Shanshan .

A lot of them who were looking at Luo Shanshan instantly felt dizzy . Suddenly, someone among the crowd yelled .

"Don\'t look at Young Mistress Murong\'s eyes . I heard that she used to practice Soul Chain Technique . If anybody looks at her eyes, his soul will be restricted, and he will be immobilized and powerless to defend against attacks . "

"What? Soul Chain Technique? No wonder I felt dizzy just now . . . "

"No way . That\'s unreasonably powerful . . . "

"That little girl is doomed . . . "

Exclamation of amazement rippled through the crowds . Before long, n.o.body present dared look at Luo Shanshan\'s eyes .

Including that Steward Feng .

That was why he hadn\'t noticed that when Luo Shanshan\'s originally haughty eyes met Yun Wu\'s purple ones, the confusion and surprise on her face gradually changed into horror and eventually into stiff woodenness . . .

Soul Chain Technique! But it was only the lowest level of the Mind-Control Technique .

Steward Feng saw that Yun Wu was actually staring transfixed at Luo Shanshan as if she had become a "fool" . A murderous look flashed across the bottom of his sepulchral eyes .

In the blink of an eye, his fighting spirit engulfed the big saber and he violently gave a lateral hack at Yun Wu .

This deed was absolutely despicable .

“Swish . . . ”


What kind of move could be deemed unpredictable? What kind of move could be deemed unexpected? Answers to both were displayed in the scene happened in this moment .

Yun Wu was still staring at Luo Shanshan with her purple eyes . However, the whip in her hand was laterally swung at Steward Feng with wind blades at lightning speed .

People merely heard the sound of a whip hitting a human body and with that they saw Steward Feng abruptly knelt down to the ground with a thud . Hardly anybody saw clearly what had happened . All attacks stopped .

Sweat beads as big as beans were pouring off Steward Feng\'s forehead . He disbelievingly looked at his legs which seemed to have been slashed numerous times, his face hideous and twisted .

He had clearly felt that he had been hit by only one whip blow, but when he reacted, he found that both his feet were covered in blood . He felt as if all his foot tendons had been severed, leaving him powerless to stand up .

How did this happen?

"We\'ve had enough fun . Now Let\'s get down to business . "

An apathetic voice was heard . Steward Feng\'s heard inexplicably lurched .

At this moment, Yun Wu finally withdrew her gaze, a faint smile on her face, but abruptly, a burst of killing aura surged out of her and pervaded the whole place as if it was tangible .

Horror surged through Steward Feng . The killing aura was so intense that even an a.s.sa.s.sin couldn\'t necessarily give off killing aura like this . Who was this teenage girl exactly . . .

"Get the one in charge of the Murong Mansion here or else there\'s going to be a bloodbath in Murong Mansion," Yun Wu said casually .

The guard, who had been standing at the gate with a saber all along, was transfixed with shock .

\'Even Steward Feng and the Young Mistress were . . . \'