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Publishedat 3rd of October 2019 06:29:14 AMChapter 61

Not to mention that thing had always been hers, and she couldn\'t just give it up like this .

"Wait a moment . "

Yun Wu said to Long Qingxie and with that her figure shot towards that platform above the surface of the lake .

When she got close to it, she flipped her hands, enwrapped them with fire element and grabbed that Flame Fruit among Vampiregra.s.ses as quick as she could .

She uprooted the whole plant .

"Rattle . . . " as if those Vampiregra.s.ses down below sensed that the Flame Fruit had been taken, they started crazily grinding their teeth and wiggling .

Yun Wu stood in the air and glanced down at them, her lips slightly curving in a smile .

Horrifying as they were, Vampiregra.s.ses were terrestrial plants after all .

At this moment, she looked at the Flame Fruit about double the size of a palm in her hands, secretly sighed briefly .

Because just by holding it in her hands, she could sense the dense Primal Fire in it . The fire element in her body seemed to have been tempted, which made her feel as if her blood was boiling .

She could only imagine how much energy there was in this 1,000-year-old Flame Fruit .

However, when Yun Wu saw that shriveled small red bean adhering to the top of the Flame Fruit, she pulled a wry face .

She could distinctly feel that the bean was absorbing the Flame Fruit\'s energy bit by bit .

What kind of flower seed was it?

"Move aside!" Long Qingxie\'s voice suddenly came .

And with that his figure dashed over and pulled her aside, giving a downward hack with a sword covered with fire .

"Quack . . . " an angry quacking came out of thin air .

The s.p.a.ce above the position which Long Qingxie had just slashed at twisted and with that a giant, black shadow emerged .

And a sharp claw whooshed across Yun Wu\'s original position .

Yun Wu\'s heart lurched . If Long Qingxie hadn\'t pulled her aside in time, she would have been torn apart by that sharp claw .

\'d.a.m.n it,\' she had actually failed to sense it .

However, it was not until this moment that she saw clearly that giant black shadow which had appeared out of thin air was a beast that had a tiger\'s face and condor\'s wings .

This was the first time that Yun Wu had seen a beast like this since she arrived in this another world .

Tiger Condors were terrestrial magic beasts that could fly . They possessed potent offensive capacity and were good at hiding themselves in another dimension .

Hiding themselves in another dimension?


Did this by any chance mean that it had been hiding in another dimension all along?

The moment she finished reading the information appeared in her mind, Yun Wu felt a chill down her spine . It turned out that such a giant magic beast had been hiding above their heads from the very beginning .

"Don\'t just stand there like a fool . This is a Tier-VI magic beast . Put away the Flame Fruit and leave here right away," Long Qingxie said in a serious tone, which was very rare .

A Tier-VI magic beast?

With a fleeting shift of attention, Yun Wu sent the Flame Fruit into the Storage s.p.a.ce provided by the red gemstone .

"Quack . . . "

However, the moment Yun Wu put away the Flame Fruit, that Tiger Condor seemed to be provoked . It let out an angry squeak with fury glinting in its piercing eyes .

The fighting spirit of a Grand Kung Fu Master surged out of Long Qingxie .

Yun Wu didn\'t turn around and flee right away . With a flip of her hands, burning flames appeared in her palms which were then pressed against each other . The contours of a dragon condensed into by fire element emerged . . .

"Roar . . . " roars of the dragon split the air .

The mighty roars undulated towards the Tiger Condor like furious tides .

They didn\'t know whether it was because of the daunting roars, but the Tiger Condor was stunned for a brief moment and a flicker of fear flashed across its angry eyes .


Taking advantage of this opportunity, Yun Wu grabbed Long Qingxie and enveloped herself in wind element, planning to leave as fast as she could . . .

But Tier-VI magic beasts were intelligent creatures . With that dragon shadow formed of fire element, she could only fool the Tigher Condor for a little while .

Before long, the Tiger Condor reacted .

"Quack . . . " with an angry squeak, it swung its sharp claws at the dragon shadow and tore it apart .

The next second, the Tiger Condor raised its head and gave a squeak, as if it was summoning something . The squeak rippled through the whole forest . . .

Meanwhile, as if having received some kind of order, those Vampiregra.s.ses down below started pursuing Yun Wu hotly one batch after another like they had feet . . .

Yun Wu had never expected that she would be running away from plants and a flying beast in a mountain .

Seeing that those Vampiregra.s.ses were getting closer and closer with sounds of grinding teeth and that the Tiger Condor followed by a flock of flying beasts were also approaching, Yun Wu broke out in a cold sweat .

But she pulled a wry face .

Because right at this moment she felt that she was like a thief being hotly pursued . . .

"Why didn\'t you leave first just now?" under this urgent circ.u.mstance, Long Qingxie wrapped his arm around her thin waist, turned his head aside and gave a meaningful glance at her, asking this question in a deep voice .

Frowning, Yun Wu asked rhetorically instead of answering, "You really want me to leave?"

"You tiny little thing always try to evade my question," Long Qingxie seemed resigned .

Yun Wu gave a glimpse at him out of the corner of her eye, "Then what kind of answer are you expecting me to give you?"

Long Qingxie gave a wicked grin, hugging her waist tighter, "You know clearly about it . "

But at this moment!

"Quack . . . "

A squeak came from the sky . The flock of flying beasts caught up with them and started flying downwards into the forest, chasing them at a steady speed .

If there were only a couple of them, they might be able to handle, but now there was a flock . If they launched an attack, they would surely be surrounded .

Frowning, the two people speeded up and fled straight forward .

But soon their faces somewhat darkened .

It turned out that it was a dead end . There was a cliff ahead of them, and at the bottom of the cliff there was a broad, fast-flowing river . They could hear the whoosh of the rushing water from far away .

Both of them could fly by using lightness skills, but there was a large flock of flying beasts in the sky, which would probably intercept them soon if they flew .

"Let\'s jump down!" Yun Wu said decisively .

Long Qingxie curved his lips in a smile, "Hold on tight . "

The two leaped off the cliff without any hesitation as soon as they rushed out of the forest .

In the blink of an eye, the two figures disappeared into the raging torrent . . .

"Click, click . . . "

Standing at the edge of the cliff, those Vampiregra.s.ses seemed very angry, grinding their teeth .

In the sky, those flying beasts were circling .

Seeing that the two figures had jumped into the fast-flowing river, the Tiger Condor let out angry squeaks repeatedly, "Quack, quack . . . "

In the innermost area of the Magic Beasts Forest .

An old man, who was sitting cross-legged like a stone statue in a cave, slowly opened his eerie, deep, black eyes .

A piercing look flashed across those wise eyes which seemed to have witnessed vicissitudes of life .

Meanwhile, a middle-aged man at the side also opened his eyes, "Shifu, that was a Tiger Condor\'s squeak!"

"Go and take a look . The Flame Fruit will probably reach maturity in just a few days . We don\'t want any surprises," the old man\'s deep, dignified and old voice was heard .

The middle-aged man nodded in respect, "Yes, Shifu!"

After saying this, he stood up and walked towards the entrance of the save . The moment he walked out of the cave, with a sudden move of his body, he instantly vanished as if he had turned into air .

If Yun Wu and Long Qingxie had seen this, they would surely be startled .

Because that man\'s strength level was absolutely above that of a Grand Kung Fu Master, and if an apprentice\'s strength level was above that of a Grand Kung Fu Master, how powerful would his Shifu be?

"Hold tight to me and don\'t let go," Long Qingxie was tightly holding Yun Wu\'s hand but was still unable to steady themselves due to the raging torrent .

They had thought that the downstream part of the river would be slower .

Unexpectedly, instead of becoming slower, the river flowed faster and faster as they floated downstream . Underwater there were many sharp rocks on which the strong current impacted from time to time .

More and more cuts and bruises appeared on their bodies .

Even if they were good swimmers, they wouldn\'t be able to control their directions under such circ.u.mstances .

Not to mention that this river was very broad, and they couldn\'t find anything to grip on to get ash.o.r.e .

"Snap!" the sound of a bone breaking under impact was heard .

Carried by the torrent, the two figures were drifting downstream rapidly . . .

After an unknown length of time, Yun Wu gradually came around from a half unconscious state .

The moment she regained her sensation, sharp pains were felt . She could distinctly feel that several of her bones had been broken and that there were numerous cuts on her . Also, her abdomen had been penetrated by something . . .

She couldn\'t help letting out a m.u.f.fled grunt and with that her consciousness gradually recovered under the stimulation of great pains .

Slowly, she opened her eyes, discovering that she was lying on the riverside . Half of her body was still in the water and she felt icy cold .

She feebly struggled to sit up, coughed and spat out the water in her mouth, feeling a burning pain in the throat .

It was not until this moment that she saw clearly that there was a branch sticking in her abdomen . Her purple clothes were ragged and she was covered in wounds with multiple fractures .

Even so she was still alive . It seemed that this body of hers was indeed rather weird!

However, a figure abruptly flashed across her mind .

Long Qingxie?

This was a river with shingle riversides . Yun Wu hurriedly looked around but found no trace of that man .

She remembered that the last moment before she lost her consciousness, Long Qingxie seemed to impact on a sharp rock trying to protect her . . .

Although she knew that he possessed spontaneous healing power, she was still very worried about him .

She attempted to stand up .

But as she moved her body, the pains got intenser, as if every nerve in her body was screaming . Abruptly, a pang of intolerable pain shot across her body .

Something sweet welled up to her throat .

"Puh!" she spat out a mouthful of blood .

Yun Wu\'s face went ghastly white, but she discovered that the blood that she had spat out was black .

\'Black blood? What\'s going on?\'

She wanted to check her physical condition but the moment she tried to mobilize the Qi in her Dantian, the wound caused by that branch sticking in her abdomen ached badly . The great pain clutched at her every nerve and she nearly groaned involuntarily .

She broke out in a cold sweat . Her ragged clothes were soaking wet and she couldn\'t tell whether it was because of the sweat or the river water .

Still, Yun Wu stretched out her hand and attempted to pull out that branch sticking in her abdomen .

Having been soaking in water for so long, her wounds had become white . If she didn\'t pull this branch out, the wound would surely fester .

However, the moment Yun Wu\'s hand touched that branch, it twitched and sank deeper into her body .

The pain was unbearable, but Yun Wu abruptly widened her eyes . Watching that deadwood, Yun Wu didn\'t find anything unusual about it .

Was it because she was too weak so that she had just seen an illusion?

Stretching out her hand, she touched it again .

"Er!" the branch sank deeper again and Yun Wu\'s face abruptly went deathly pale .

That was not an illusion .

\'What the h.e.l.l is this thing?\'

She could distinctly feel that the branch seemed to be gnawing at the flesh in her abdomen, but it also seemed to be rooting and sprouting .

Yun Wu was horrified and this was the first time that she had felt fear .

But right at this moment, from the wound where the branch was, waves of biting pains ferociously swept over Yun Wu and she couldn\'t hold any longer . She lapsed into unconsciousness and fell to the ground limply .

Faintly, she seemed to be hearing distant footsteps . . .