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Chapter 6 — Blood For Blood

The man intertwined their bodies and fell into the lake with her. Yun Wu was caught off-guard and choked on a large mouthful of water.

She started to cough as a broad smile appeared on the devil\'s handsome face. He wrapped one hand around her waist and teased her chin up with the other before saying impishly: "Immediately after waking up, you’ve sent yourself to my door… What an impatient little fellow. However, I like it. Remember—I am your man, Long Qing Xie."

Long Qing Xie proceeded to incline his head, intending to kiss her red lips, but then his face sank. He looked down to see Yun Wu holding a sharp-edged rock against his heart. The rock had appeared out of nowhere.

He was eerily dangerous, but she wasn\'t a simple character either.

"Those who wish to be my man are already lining up in the Palace of h.e.l.l. Would you still like me if I pierced your heart?" The corners of Yun Wu\'s lips arched into a vicious sneer.

Long Qing Xie lifted his line of sight from his chest to the girl before him.

Her pale little face was not outrageously beautiful, but in this moment, her bottomless black orbs held a shock of intense ferocity. That, in his eyes, was charming enough to be lethal.

Long Qing Xie acknowledged himself as a perilous yaone1 “妖孽” = A term used to describe enchanting beings who are able to entice others into doing questionable things, similar to a seductress. The common translation is ‘evildoer’., yet now, he was being thoroughly enthralled by Yun Wu.

Subconsciously, his lips slowly curved into a roguish smile. Ignoring her threat, he pinched her chin, drew closer to her little face, and flashed her a wicked smile.

"To die beneath a peony flower2 A peony flower refers to a beautiful woman. is still remarkably romantic. If we can be united in a wedlock, I would willingly fall into h.e.l.l with you."

His words had just fallen when a pair of pa.s.sionate lips covered her cold ones and domineeringly forced entry, burning hot and heartstopping.

Fall into h.e.l.l together?

Because of those words, Yun Wu\'s heart couldn\'t help but momentarily quiver. What a familiar-sounding sentence, striking a chord in her heart. Murderous intent abruptly sprang from her body. Her free hand turned over, and she slashed it at Long Qing Xie\'s neck in a knife-like manner.

"Little thing, you really don\'t save others worry. You\'ve even ruined such a nice atmosphere." Leaving her red lips, he smiled devilishly as he dodged her hand and simultaneously brushed aside the sharp rock that was pressing against his chest.

When Yun Wu saw this, her eyes gleamed with a cold light and she leaned forward, launching into an aggressive attack, but right when Long Qing Xie dropped back, she suddenly withdrew.

By the time he reacted, she had already swam to the opposite bank of the lake.

"Don\'t let me see you again, or I\'ll definitely kill you." Within her icy utterance, there was an almost imperceptible trace of a complex emotion. She did not turn to look at Long Qing Xie. Instead, she grabbed the belongings she\'d left by the lakeside and quickly disappeared into the night.

"Little thing, do you think you\'ve escaped from my palm, just like that? How naive." The man whispered and laughed lightly as he watched her fleeing figure.

What Yun Wu didn\'t know was that back then, when she propped up her broken body to fight against the wolves and tiger, the man\'s malicious eyes had shone with a faint hint of determination. He wanted to make her his, because from her body, he had detected the spirit of his own kind.


Early in the morning, a succession of footsteps came from the back mountain.

"Move faster. After that hut is dismantled, throw the logs into the latrine and let them soak for a while, then pull them out to be burned." A lofty voice commanded.

"Miss Xiao Cui, if the logs are thrown into the latrine3An outdoor toilet., then they wouldn\'t be able to ignite."

"Right. Miss Xiao Cui, why do it like that? Wouldn\'t it be easier to just directly burn them?"

"What do you two know? Third Miss and Sixth Miss said, since that good-for-nothing was so shameless as to attempt to seduce His Highness the Crown Prince, her death is not to be regretted. Her belongings are only suited to be thrown into the latrine."

Another sharp and arrogant voice rang out. "What are you spewing so much nonsense for? Just do what you were instructed to do. After that run-down hut is is dismantled, Sixth Miss wants a wooden shed to be erected in the same spot. She plans to raise some beasts there."

It was Sixth Miss Yun Qing Er\'s personal maidservant, Xiao Lu. The one who had spoken before was Third Miss Yun Ling Shui\'s personal maidservant, Xiao Cui.

These two servants happened to be the ones who threw Yun Wu off the cliff that day. They both possessed a somewhat spoiled and haughty air as they led a pair of stocky guards down the path to the hut.

Not a word of their dialogue was missed by Yun Wu\'s ears.

Inside the hut

Yun Wu\'s eyes turned murderous, but the corners of her mouth lifted. Those vicious servants had actually delivered themselves to her door.

Bang! The deafening sound of a door being kicked open.

Xiao Cui and Xiao Lu took the lead and stepped in. They intended to look around first to see if they could scavenge anything valuable from the hut before dismantling it. However, they found the place shabby and sorry-looking; comparable to a beggar\'s nest.

Their disdain-filled eyes did a sweep, they were about to let the two guards in when all of a sudden, the maidservants\' eyes widened, as if what they had seen was so terrifying, it shattered the greater part of their souls.

"Ninth… N-Ninth.."

In her shock, Xiao Cui could only stammer the word "ninth."

Xiao Lu was also scared beyond words as she watched Yun Wu stand up and slowly approach them. Xiao Lu wanted to flee, but her legs trembled violently.

"Ninth, Ninth Miss?"

VIN: I feel like the t.i.tles for chapter 5 and 6 are reversed, but they’re not.. Should I reverse them anyway? “From her body, he had detected the spirit of his own kind” I wonder if that’s foreshadowing or just a normal remark.