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Publishedat 1st of October 2019 06:16:38 AMChapter 59

Hearing her words, Sky Murong was somewhat hesitant . But soon he thought of his previous att.i.tude as well as hers, realizing that it was impossible to co-opt her .

\'A genius with extraordinary talents like her will definitely make remarkable achievements in the future . And what happened today might be a reason for her taking revenge on me some day . \'

\'I must kill her!\'

Sky Murong\'s face abruptly became murderous, killing aura surging out of him, "No wonder you snotty kid are so arrogant . It turns out that you\'re in early stage of Tier VII . Today, I\'d like to find out what you can do with your pathetic Tier VII early-stage strength . "

Yun Wu squinted her cold eyes, watching Sky Murong who had suddenly become murderous .

She had a vague idea of what he might be thinking about . If he was unable to have an "extraordinary genius" like her, whom he had already offended, to work for him, then he must kill her, lest she became powerful enough one day and come back to retaliate against him .

However, what they hadn\'t expected was that if she wanted to retaliate, she didn\'t have to wait any longer, that she could kill them right now .

The instant his words broke off, Sky Murong\'s figure vanished into thin air .

The look in Yun Wu\'s eyes became cold . Her spiritual power instantly surged out of her body, spread in all directions and pervaded the whole place .

\'This guy really has some dirty tricks . I\'m only in early stage of Tier VII, but he still wants to attack me from behind instead of attacking frontally . He\'s indeed a sinister and despicable guy . \'


With a flash of cold light and the sound of splitting air, a sword was thrust at Yun Wu\'s back .

People around saw that a sword suddenly shot out of thin air and sank into Yun Wu\'s body like greased lightning .

Ouyang Qing slightly frowned . He somewhat disdained Sky Murong\'s despicable deeds, but he had never had any intentions to stop him .

Surprisingly, Ouyang Ke\'s face instantly darkened on the sight of Sky Murong\'s sneak attack . He had meant to rush forward, "Don\'t hurt her . . . ", but Ouyang Qing stopped him .

However, the next second, everybody was astonished .

How was it possible?

Sky Murong still maintained his position of that sneak attack, but Yun Wu\'s figure, which had just been stabbed by that sword, twisted and with that it disappeared .

A blur!

Yes, that was only a blur left by Yun Wu .


The moment Yun Wu\'s blur disappeared, Snow Murong\'s face instantly changed .

\'This is exactly what happened that night!\'

Sky Murong was in early stage of Tier VI, and she was only in early stage of Tier VII . Even if she was Wind-Attributed, there was no way that she could dodge a sneak attack launched by a Tier IX kung fu master, but she had not only managed to evade it but also disappeared into thin air .

\'Her speed is unbelievably fast . Who is she exactly?\'

Sky Murong was also somewhat astounded . He had spared no strength just now, intending to killer as soon as possible, but . . .

Watching the position where that vanished blur used to be, he was transfixed with disbelief .

"Those who want to take my life will lose their own lives first . . . " a cold voice suddenly pa.s.sed by Sky Murong\'s ears like a phantom .

Sky Murong\'s figure subconsciously flashed forward, swinging his sword at the source of that voice .

When Sky Murong\'s sword was swung downwards, Yun Wu\'s figure, which had just flashed out, turned into twisted blur again .

The speed was very fast .

The concentration of wind element in the air was countless times higher than usual .

Ouyang Qing, who had been standing on the other side spectating the fight, was somewhat horrified . A Tier VII early-stage warrior could never move at that speed .

But soon Sky Murong grasped the pattern of Yun Wu\'s movements . Having been played by her for so long, he went furious . Tier IX fighting spirit surged out and in the blink of an eye, he abruptly slashed at the position where Yun Wu flashed out .

Yun Wu\'s lips curved up and she drew a sword instantly . With a surge of potent, scorching fire element in her body, the sword was covered by fire and she shot forward head-on .

"Clang!" a piercing sound of swords clashing together was heard .

"s.h.i.t!" Sky Murong\'s face slightly changed, feeling a burning heat coming at him from Yun Wu\'s sword, which caused his hands to start spitting . That was some kind of weird power that seemed like fire elemental power but wasn\'t .

However, he had confirmed one thing – she was actually double-attributed!

Seeing this scene, those who had been watching at the side also widened their eyes and they could no longer conceal their astonishment .


\'She is actually double-attributed?\'

"Buzz – "

At this time, the two swords which had been pressed against each other suddenly separated, and that intangible power as well as the mysterious scorching heat voilently spread outwards in all directions .

Ouyang Qing quickly grabbed Ouyang Ke and backed off to dodge the shock waves and the heat .

Snow Murong, who was under the protection of three men in front of her, couldn\'t help feeling terrified, \'What kind of power is this?\'

\'Is that teenage girl really just a human?\'

"You\'re double-attributed . Who the h.e.l.l are you?" there was a sepulchral look in Sky Murong\'s eyes, and his hands were in burning pain .

Yun Wu curved her lips in a half smile, "Do you think it\'s necessary for me to explain it to you?"

However, she had indeed become somewhat impatient with these people . She felt that it was very boring to stop the fight halfway to talk nonsense .

Yun Wu detoured around them and intended to leave .

"You want to leave just like this?" Sky Murong yelled coldly, his eyes blazing with anger .

Should she stay and waste more time?

She was not interested .

But she would like to find out how much longer Long Qingxie, who was hiding on the tree, could keep standing by and watching her fight .

Seeing that Yun Wu ignored him, Sky Murong was annoyed, embarra.s.sed and eventually got furious . He thundered, "What are you standing there for? Kill her!"

The three Tier VIII warriors, who had been protecting Snow Murong, was stunned at first, but soon they mobilized their fighting spirit, whipped out their swords and launched attack on Yun Wu .

Yun Wu didn\'t try to dodge .

But at this moment, before the three Tier VIII warriors could get close to their target, a pleasant, magnetic and slow voice tinged with wickedness came to their ears, "You dare to mess with my woman . I think you must have overfed yourselves . "

A figure in white clothes leaped down onto the ground in a supernatural manner, his silver hair fluttering . But at the same time, three gleams of cold light flashed across those people\'s eyes and went into the bodies of the three warriors .

"Puh . . . "

The three warriors were darting towards Yun Wu, but their faces changed drastically . They felt a numbness and abruptly knelt down, spitting out a mouthful of black blood . Foul smell of blood instantly pervaded the place .


Sky Murong\'s body gave a shake . He watched that handsome silver-haired man who had suddenly shown up, his heart shivering involuntarily .

He had also failed to detect this man before he appeared . Besides, this man had actually breached Tier VIII peak-stage defense with merely a small dagger?

Long Qingxie curved his lips in a wicked, languid smile, walked up to Yun Wu and mumbled affectionately, "So naughty . "

Lifting her eyebrows and curving her lips, Yun Wu watched him with a smile, "Didn\'t you say that without getting part of the reward in advance, you would just stand by?"

Long Qingxie shrugged languidly with a seemingly resigned look, "You got me . From now on, you have to be responsible for me . "

Hearing this, Yun Wu got speechless .

However, at this moment, the two people had no intentions to put on a love scene of "sparring verbally" .

Under everybody\'s gaze, they just idly started walking away .

Both people of the Murong family and those of the Ouyang family were stunned, watching the two people who were walking side by side .

\'What\'s happening?\'

"Wait!" Ouyang Qing immediately yelled . In the twinkling of an eye, he flashed forward and blocked the two people\'s path .

"What are you doing? You want to get in our way as well?" Long Qingxie raised his eyebrows with a piercing look in his wicked, black eyes .

An observant man as he was, Ouyang Qing had noticed all the subtle changes of Long Qingxie\'s expression . He smiled gently, "Don\'t take me wrong . I have no intention to make an enemy of yours, but my father is seriously ill . He\'s been lying in bed and he really needs this Vigor Gra.s.s as a messenger drug . May I ask if you can kindly give it to me? No matter how much money you want, Ouyang family will pay it . "

\'Money?\' Yun Wu curved her lips . Having stolen the whole royal treasure house, she was already a rich woman . Why would she trade the gra.s.s for money?

Although this Ouyang Qing looked less hateful than that Sky Murong, but that was all .

However, before Yun Wu could speak, Long Qingxie said lazily, "Since the gra.s.s is already in our pocket, we will never give it to anybody, so just get out of our way if you don\'t have any other business concerning us . "

Ouyang Qing\'s face went cold, "Gentleman, we\'ve always been polite to you, so you should at least show some respect to us . "

"Show some respect?" Long Qingxie curved his lips in a smile, but the look in his eyes suddenly went icy . "Just now you intended to attack my woman . And now you want me to show you some respect . Who do you think you are?"

The moment he finished the last word in a cold voice, a burst of potent Qi abruptly surged out of him . He waved his hand and Ouyang Qing was thrown out .

Ouyang Qing impacted hard on a nearby tree . His face instantly went ghastly white, horror glinting in his eyes .

"Gra – Grand Kung Fu Master?"

How was this possible? How come this seemingly twenty-year-old man was a Grand Kung Fu Master?

Sky Murong was also shocked, watching Long Qingxie with widened eyes, his heart quivering even more violently .

He was actually a Grand Kung Fu Master . No wonder he could breach Tier IX peak-stage defense with merely a dagger .

Watching the man and the woman walking further away, n.o.body dared to go forward and try to stop them, and n.o.body could stop them .

Who were they exactly?

A mysterious teenage girl at Tier VII and a powerful young man who was a Grand Kung Fu Master .

Anybody who saw the two would feel amazed and shocked, which was exactly how these people felt at this moment . . .

"You were cool . Why didn\'t you show up earlier?" after walking out of those people\'s sight, Yun Wu raised her eyebrows, turned her head aside and glanced at the man beside her .

With a wicked smile, Long Qingxie stretched out his arm and wrapped it around her waist, "I just wanted to give you a chance to show your strength . If I had shown up and finished the fight at once, how could you show it?"

Yun Wu slapped his hand off her waist and simpered, saying, "Well, then I have to thank you . Because of the opportunity you gave me, I did have a good time showing my strength!"

"If you really want to thank me, how about a kiss . . . " Long Qingxie had a thick skin, regarding her sarcastic words as compliments . He even puckered his lips and moved on to Yun Wu for a kiss .

With a seemingly disgusted look, Yun Wu stretched out her hand and pushed his handsome face away, "Don\'t go too far . Or I\'ll be mad at you . "

"When were you not mad at me? But I like it when you\'re mad," Long Qingxie curved his lips in a smile, which made his bright black eyes exceptionally dazzling .

He looked as seductive as a vamp .

Yun Wu couldn\'t help muttering secretly, \'Yōkai!\'