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Publishedat 1st of October 2019 06:16:37 AMChapter 58

If he was to hold on to a woman like her, he had to capture her heart first .

But before that, he had to find a way to break the apathy in her . . .

At this moment .

He tightened his arm around Yun Wu\'s waist and raised her chin with the other hand . Lowering his head, he pressed his s.e.xy, thin lips towards Yun Wu\'s red ones .

However, when their lips were about to meet, Yun Wu reached out her hand and blocked the path of his lips .

"You haven\'t finished the job yet . Wouldn\'t I be taken advantage of if I let you claim the reward in advance?" looking at him with a smile, Yun Wu said in a low voice .

"You\'ll be mine in the future anyway, so this doesn\'t count as taking advantage of you . A small part of the reward in advance will be a great motivation for me," Long Qingxie said in a constricted and serious voice, yet the corner of his lips curved into a meaningful smile .

Yun Wu raised her eyebrows with a half smile on her face, "Are you saying that you won\'t take this task seriously if I don\'t give you part of the reward in advance?"

Long Qingxie moved close to her and answered in a wicked, deep voice, "Of course . I\'m a profiteering merchant . "

At this moment, a yell of anger was heard .

The two people, who were fighting at close quarters, were evenly matched, so it was natural that they started playing dirty tricks .

There was a b.l.o.o.d.y cut on Sky Murong\'s arm, and he was extremely angry, "Ouyang Qing, you literally stooped to shooting hidden weapons from behind . Don\'t you feel ashamed?"

"You\'re no better than me . Compared with you Sky Murong, I\'m a far less despicable man," there was also a b.l.o.o.d.y cut on Ouyang Qing\'s shoulder .

"Humph! Then today let\'s settle the scores between us, both new and old ones!"

"I can\'t wait . "

In the twinkling of an eye, the two figures shot at each other and started fighting again . The sounds of the fierce fighting ignited an intense aura of killing and violent undulations of Tier IX warriors\' power rippled outwards . The Qi was so potent that even those magic beasts around were pushed backwards by the after-effects .

Yun Wu was still hiding in the tree, and suddenly her heart seemed to have left her chest to pound in her throat .

Because, she noticed that the Vigor Gra.s.s on the rock was about to be broken by the power undulations .

Once picked or broken, Vigor Gra.s.ses would soon lose its medicinal effects and wither, so Vigor Gra.s.ses must be used on site .

When the two sides were in a chaotic fight, a slim, purple figure with black hair and divine beauty leaped downwards straight onto that rock .


However, she didn\'t even glance at those fighting around her . Instead, she crouched down and started cautiously digging that Vigor Gra.s.s along with the rock .

Seeing what she was doing, everybody around her instantly stopped fighting .

"You . . . It\'s you!" Snow Murong abruptly frowned on the sight of Yun Wu .

\'She\'s that mysterious teenage girl that I met on the periphery that night!\'

"Snow, you know her?" Sky Murong glanced in the direction of Yun Wu with a frown, startled secretly .

\'When did this teenage girl come? Did she just arrive or has she been hiding nearby for a long time?\' he thought . Surprisingly, he hadn\'t noticed her existence at all .

Ouyang Qing also slightly squinted, peering at her secretly . Even he hadn\'t sensed her Qi . Who was she exactly?

But when Ouyang Ke saw Yun Wu\'s beauty, a flicker of astonishment flashed across the bottom of his eyes .

"I don\'t know her . I just met her on the periphery the other day when I pa.s.sed by," Snow Murong replied to Sky Murong, but her eyes were fixed on Yun Wu all along .

\'Did she use some kind of smokescreen that night?\'

\'Otherwise, how come she disappeared at a speed that quick? She\'s just a teenage girl fifteen or sixteen years old . \'

Yun Wu was not really interested in their peering and speculations . She cautiously extracted that Vigor Gra.s.s with a dagger .

And then she planned to took a small basin out of her Storage s.p.a.ce and put the plant in . And then the job would be done .

But at this moment!

"Little girl, that Vigor Gra.s.s belongs to Murong family, so please return that Vigor Gra.s.s to us," Sky Murong said coldly .

No matter how mysterious this teenage girl was, people of the Murong family were determined to get this Vigor Gra.s.s .

"There\'s no Murong family\'s name on this Vigor Gra.s.s, and yet you said that it\'s yours! Aren\'t you bullying this girl?" surprisingly, it was Ouyang Ke who spoke .

The moment his words broke off, he nodded at Yun Wu in a polite and elegant manner, as if he was greeting her .

Seeing his behavior, Snow Murong snorted coldly .

But an aggressive look suddenly appeared in Sky Murong\'s eyes and he coldly glanced in the direction of Ouyang Ke, "You junior, you\'re in no place to speak . "

"Even so, you\'re in no place to lecture him!" a grim smile appeared on Ouyang Qing\'s mild face .

Sky Murong\'s face darkened .

Ouyang Qing turned to Yun Wu and said mildly, "Little girl, that Vigor Gra.s.s is really very important to me . I need it to save someone\'s life . Would you please sacrifice it to me? I\'m Ouyang Qing from the Ouyang family in Water City . As long as you give that Vigor Gra.s.s to me, I\'ll owe you a favor . What do you say?"

He was refined, elegant and polite . Compared with Sky Murong\'s words, Ouyang Qing\'s remarks were much more pleasant .

But this Ouyang Qing was obviously a two-faced person, and beneath his mild and refined exterior, he was very dangerous .

Sky Murong was no better than him . A righteous man as seemed, judging by his previous behavior, he was probably a sly and devious man .

Yun Wu curved up the corner of her lips . Gave it to him? Was that even possible?

With an instant shift of her attention, a jade bowl about the size of a palm appeared in her hand .

Without answering Ouyang Qing, she put the Vigor Gra.s.s in the bowl . And then she twitched her hand and sent the gra.s.s into her Storage s.p.a.ce under the gaze of everybody .

Storage s.p.a.ce?

When Yun Wu took that jade bowl out of thin air, all people present dilated their eyes, greed glinted in them .

They knew that Storage s.p.a.ce was very rare, and that even those with enough money couldn\'t find a seller .

Unexpectedly, this teenage girl had a Storage s.p.a.ce .

But the next moment, when they saw that Yun Wu put away the Vigor Gra.s.s into her Storage s.p.a.ce, all their faces instantly darkened .

"Little girl, what do you think you are you doing?" Ouyang Qing frowned, a cold look flickering in his eyes .

With an icy, sullen look on his face, Sky Murong glared at Yun Wu, "You dared to play us? Hand over the Vigor Gra.s.s immediately, or else I won\'t go easy on you . "

Hearing this, Yun Wu finally couldn\'t help smiling, "I seem to be getting this a lot lately . I wonder how hard you\'re going to go on me?"

Her purple eyes darted around, exerting some kind of mysterious suction .

For a moment, those whose eyes met her purple pupils seemed to be transfixed . They felt as if their souls had been immobilized, along with their bodies .

Sky Murong and Ouyang Qing, who were at Tier IX, instantly reacted to the danger, startled secretly .

They immediately moved their eyes aside, mobilizing powerful Qi in their body so as to fight against the restriction exerted on them by her weird purple eyes .

"Don\'t watch her eyes!"

Sky Murong yelled . Waving his hand, he exerted a surge of earth element and shrouded Snow Murong and the others with it so as to block their view of Yun Wu\'s eyes .

Ouyang Qing also took action quickly . Water element surged towards Ouyang Ke and the others and covered them, a curtain of light blue light isolating them from Yun Wu\'s gaze .

Seeing that her plan had got seen through so soon, Yun Wu felt rather bored . It seemed that the first level of the Mind-Control Technique, which was "Soul Chain", wasn\'t powerful enough . She had to put some efforts into the cultivation of it .

Thinking about this, Yun Wu leaped down the rock and was about to leave .

"Little girl, you can\'t take this Vigor Gra.s.s away," Ouyang Qing didn\'t look good, but he still blocked her path .

"Why can\'t I take it away? Is your name on it as well?" Yun Wu gave a leisurely glance at him, but then she also secretly glanced at a big tree not far away .

\'Just because I didn\'t let him kiss me, he really won\'t come down and help?\'

\'He\'s so petty!\'

At this moment, Sky Murong also flashed over .

"Hand over the Vigor Gra.s.s if you want to leave, or else you\'ll have to leave your life here as well," Sky Murong blocked Yun Wu\'s path with a cold face, an icy and wicked look appearing in his eyes .

Yun Wu sneered secretly, thinking, \'You think you\'re capable of taking my life?\'

However, Yun Wu said nothing . She detoured around them as if they didn\'t exist and intended to leave .

"Little girl, don\'t push me!" Sky Murong\'s eyes became ferocious . His Tier IX early-stage Qi started churning in him .

Naturally, Yun Wu felt the threatening undulations of his fighting spirit . She slowly stopped, turned her head back and looked at Sky Murong\'s cold, arrogant face . He probably thought that she was afraid .

As if he was showing mercy on her, he said, "Since you\'re still young, I\'ll give you a second chance . Hand over that Vigor Gra.s.s immediately and I\'ll spare you . "

Yun Wu couldn\'t help letting out a laugh!

Spare her? Did she need him to spare her? He sounded as if he was a good Samaritan, which was so funny .

"What\'s so funny?" Sky Murong frowned .

Yun Wu raised her eyes and curved the corner of her lips in a smile, saying in a bored tone, "Who do you think I was laughing at except for you?"

"You snotty-nosed little kid are so arrogant . I\'d like to find out what gives you the courage to sneer at me . "

Annoyed and embarra.s.sed, Sky Murong eventually became furious . He abruptly mobilized the Qi in him and hurled it directly towards Yun Wu .

A dismissive look flashed across the bottom of Yun Wu\'s eyes . With deft footwork, her figure flashed aside and dodged his attack .

"Tier VII early-stage Wind Attribute?"

The moment they sensed Yun Wu\'s strength, all people present were stunned and with that a flicker of astonishment flashed across their eyes .

Early stage of Tier VII?

She was so young, but she was already in early stage of Tier VII?

Snow Murong was already twenty, and everybody in Luoyang City regarded her as a genius among geniuses, but even she was only in peak stage of Tier III .

This teenage girl was only fifteen or sixteen, but she was already at Tier VII . Everybody knew very well what this meant .

A Tier VII kung fu master who was only a teenager? Her talent was literally against the rules of nature .

Snow Murong frowned, jealousy and anger welling up inside her . She always believed that the reason why Yun Wu suddenly disappeared that night was because she used some kind of smokescreen .

She hadn\'t expected that Yun Wu was a Tier VII kung fu expert .

Where did that leave her – a genius among geniuses?

\'No, she has to disappear . She has to be wiped off the face of this world . \'

"Second Uncle, she\'s so arrogant . Kill her . So that we can get not only the Vigor Gra.s.s but also the Storage s.p.a.ce, killing two birds with one stone," Snow Murong said to Sky Murong in a deep voice, a sinister and venomous look appearing in her eyes .