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Publishedat 22nd of September 2019 01:01:50 PMChapter 56

Flying Lines

Seeing that Yun Wu was astonished, Long Qingxie smiled even more wickedly . He stretched out his hand and stroked her little face, "Maybe, this is what you originally looked like . But, no matter what kind of change happens to you, you\'ll always be my Tiny . "

This was what she originally looked like?

What had she originally looked like? She had thought that she had already forgotten about that .

But now . . .

However, Yun Wu soon collected herself . Without saying anything, she put away the dagger, stretched out her hands and started taking off his clothes .

She planned to dress his wounds first .

He was covered in blood, and his clothes were torn . She could only imagine how many wounds she would see after taking off his clothes .

But after she cautiously took off his clothes, what she saw was smooth, totally intact skin .

There was no wounds at all!

Yun Wu was stunned .

None . There was not a single wound .

"What\'s going on?"

At this moment, Long Qingxie suddenly stretched out his arms and dragged her into his arms, "Tiny, there seems to be something I forgot to tell you!"

Something he had forgotten to tell her?

"What was it?"

Yun Wu struggled out of his arms and stood up, watching him with a tight frown .

There were no wounds, but there were saber cuts all over his clothes, and his white clothes had been dyed red by blood . Had he really got wounded?

Seeming to have known Yun Wu was confused, Long Qingxie languidly grabbed the dagger beside him and cut his naked arm really hard .

"Are you insane?" startled, Yun Wu hurriedly yelled .

But the next second, she was transfixed in shock again .


The deep, bleeding cut in his arm was actually healing at a speed visible to the naked eye, and eventually, the cut healed completely without even a scar .

And then, Long Qingxie continued, "Now you\'ve seen it yourself . I have a rather special const.i.tution . I was born with spontaneous healing power . "

Spontaneous healing power?

Yun Wu dilated her eyes, in which a flicker of surprise flashed across .

\'Is this man a Yōkai?\'

"My wounds healed, but I still lost too much blood and I\'m feeble . I feel dizzy . Let me hug you . . . "

Upon this, the man affected an air of pity, stretched out his arms and dragged Yun Wu, who was still in shock, into his arms .

Originally, Yun Wu had grown to have feelings for him, so she had tolerated some of his intimate behavior .

If this man only played pitiful, she would have let him and tolerated his taking advantage of her, but his hands started moving downwards . Yun Wu\'s eyes became severe .

"Long Qingxie, where are your hands going?"

Long Qingxie slightly curved his lips, as if he had just got caught by her when his big hands were stroking her back . Surprisingly, he didn\'t seem to feel ashamed at all, "I\'m just helping you get used to it, in case you got startled when I lose control of myself some other day . "

Hearing his words, Yun Wu was resigned, \'Does this man feel uncomfortable once he stops talking dirty?\'

"Stop it . Let go of me . "

"But I\'m still dizzy . . . " the man still wouldn\'t let go of this opportunity of taking advantage of her, and his hands started moving downwards .

Annoyed, Yun Wu stretched out her hand and gave him a hard pinch on the thigh .

"Ah!" Long Qingxie suddenly yelled, which startled Yun Wu .

"Why-Why did you yell so loudly?" she asked . And then she thought, \'Was the pinch too hard?\'

The man pulled a wry face when he saw how ignorant this woman was .

With a torrid look in his eyes, Long Qingxie stretched out his hand and grabbed the woman\'s little hand that was pinching his thigh . In a low voice, he said, "You tiny little thing . You can\'t pinch a man\'s inside thigh . "

\'Inside thigh?\'

Stunned, Yun Wu subconsciously lowered her head . When she saw that her hand, which was under his hand, was almost next to the man\'s that thing, her face instantly flushed scarlet .

Actually she had just casually gave a pinch, and she had been paying attention to which part of him she was pinching . The torrid look on the man\'s face made her heart flutter .

She had just meant to calm him down, but unexpectedly, what she had done ended up becoming flirting .

\'How did things end up this way?\'

But suddenly, Yun Wu was transfixed in shock . And then, she raised her eyes and looked at the man in surprise, "You\'ve made a breakthrough into the early stage of Grand Kung Fu Master?"

\'Wasn\'t he in peak stage of Tier VIII? When did he break through and become a Grand Kung Fu Master?\'

Yun Wu had accidentally sensed the power fluctuation in him, and she was absolutely astounded .

Upon these words, Long Qingxie\'s hand, which was holding one of hers, froze briefly, but soon, he couldn\'t help curving his lips up and stared at her with a wicked look, "How did you know?"

"I sensed it . "

"You sensed it?" Long Qingxie raised his eyebrows, his black eyes deeper . "Tiny, you never cease to surprise me . "

"Don\'t try to fool me . "

"You\'re such a smart girl . But even if I tell you, you might not believe it," Long Qingxie let her lie on her side against his chest, his fingers gently stroking her smooth black hair .

"How do you know whether I\'ll believe it or not if you don\'t tell me first?" Yun Wu was not quite used to his intimate behavior, but she didn\'t refuse and stand up . She just let him hug her like that .

After watching her in silence for a while, Long Qingxie said with a seemingly casual look, "I\'m a congenitally mutant warrior, born with top talents and Infinite Attribute, which means I can utilize five attributes . "

A mutant warrior?

Born with top talents?

Infinite Attribute?

The man had put it as if these things were no big deal, but Yun Wu was astounded .

What did that mean? She believed that everybody knew the answer .

No wonder at that time this man told her that it wasn\'t difficult for him to break through into the rank of Grand Kung Fu Master . With these endowments, it was indeed a piece of cake .

\'This man is indeed a Yōkai!\'

Seeing Yun Wu\'s amazed look, Long Qingxie wickedly curved his lips, stretched out his hands and stroked her little head, "Stop giving me that awed look . Actually, there\'s downside, too . "

"Downside? What is it?" Yun Wu asked curiously .

Long Qingxie seemed to have no intention of keeping it a secret from her . He lowered his eyes and looked at her, "Since I\'m a mutant, I can\'t cultivate and making breakthrough by using methods that normal people use . "

\'He can\'t make breakthrough by using normal methods?\'

\'What does that mean?\'

Before Yun Wu could ask, Long Qingxie continued, "If I\'m to make a breakthrough, I have to do it in a b.l.o.o.d.y fight . I must cover myself with the blood of a powerful opponent and kill him or her with my bare hands . That\'ll enable me to make a tier-skipping breakthrough and gain the same powers that my opponent has . "

What a horrifyingly mighty power this was!

But Yun Wu secretly gasped, not because of his mysterious power, but because she was worried about him .

\'He must cover himself with the blood of a powerful opponent and kill him or her with his bare hands . \'

\'That means that he has to trade his blood, maybe even his life for breakthrough!\'

He had literally gained this kind of talent and this kind of breakthrough by risking his life .

She raised her head and her eyes met his wicked, black ones . She didn\'t know why, but for a second, when she saw his ghastly white face, she suddenly felt heart-broken over this man .

But the next moment, the man\'s words ruined the moment .

"Tiny, are you looking at me so seductively because you\'re fascinated by the charm of my endowments?"

Watching the man who was smiling wickedly, she literally wanted to roll eyes at him .

But at this moment she suddenly thought of something, "You\'re in early stage of Grand Kung Fu Master, so you got the powers of that Zuo Feng?"

Long Qingxie shrugged . His eyes were suddenly fixed on her with a weird look, "I did! But you\'re the one who killed him . "

This was also what he had been dismayed at . Yun Wu were the one who had killed the enemy, but he had still made a breakthrough, which was the first time that this kind of thing had happened .

Hearing these words, Yun Wu also frowned, but even he himself didn\'t know why, not to mention her .

After a night, Long Qingxie\'s strength fully recovered .

He had lost so much blood that even all his clothes had been dyed red, but after a night, he recovered so well that it seemed as if nothing had ever happened to him . He should be the only one in this world who was capable of this .

Long Qingxie walked out of the cave, dressed in white, silver-haired . Under the glow of the dawn, he was like a handsome man walking out of a painting .

In particular, the languid half smile on his handsome face was so charming that people who saw it would involuntarily hold their breath for so long that they might literally suffocate themselves .

Yun Wu couldn\'t help muttering, "Yōkai!"

Long Qingxie walked up to her and said with a big smile, "You like this?"

There were only three words, but they had been uttered in a distinctly delighted tone .

Yun Wu slightly squinted her beautiful eyes, \'This man has pretty quick ears . My voice was so low yet he still heard my words . "

Under his wicked gaze, Yun Wu curved the corner of her lips, "You\'re too coquettish and you might give me a heart attack, so I can\'t like you . "

Long Qingxie was stunned . His deep, black eyes met with Yun Wu\'s purple ones . Suddenly, he felt that his heart started beating much faster than usual .

\'This woman is better at seducing people than my Soul-Control Technique!\'\'

A wicked smile curled the corner of his lips, "You really can\'t stand it? Let me see . . . "

Upon these words, he reached out his hand to touch her chest .

With a half-smile on her face, Yun Wu severely squinted, "Keep your hand going and I\'ll cut it off . "

Long Qingxie\'s hand instantly stopped moving . He frowned, and an affected, frightened expression appeared on his wicked, handsome face, "You\'re so ferocious! Who will dare to marry you? It seems that I\'m the only one who\'ll have to make do with a marriage with you . "

The moment his words broke off, he shot out his hand and grabbed her bosom .

"But, you\'ll have to eat more, so that these small steamed buns will some day grow into bigger steamed buns," his wicked, deep voice was heard .

Eys dilated, Yun Wu lowered her head and looked at her chest . She saw that the man\'s hands were shamelessly rubbing against her bosoms .

Her face flushed red, embarra.s.sment and anger rising inside her . She instantly clenched her teeth and thundered, "Long Qingxie . . . "

\'He keeps saying that he wants my bosoms to become bigger . Why does he always have to be so lewd and dirty?"

Long Qingxie curved his lips in a wicked smile, "Aren\'t I right in front of you? You really didn\'t have to yell that loud . People might think that you like me very much . "

Yun Wu\'s eyes were blazing with anger . She twitched her hand and a wicked-looking giant knife appeared, "Do you believe that I can literally cut off your claws?"

"I do . But I can\'t let you do that, because I\'ll need them to enjoy big steam buns in the future," Long Qingxie smiled evilly and seductively, as if he was having a good time watching the furious look on her face .

"Then enjoy this giant knife first," clenching her teeth, Yun Wu actually swung the giant knife at him .