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Publishedat 19th of September 2019 01:15:19 PMChapter 55

Killing Enemies in a Forest

Yun Wu was soundlessly rushing in the forest, hotly pursuing her target like a leopard .

The a.s.sa.s.sin sensed the danger behind him and instantly hid himself into a big tree with dense foliage . He was definitely a master of camouflage and he did it without making any sounds . Common people could never detect him .

Yun Wu, who had been locating the target with spiritual power, sensed that he had stopped . The corner of her lips curved up into a cold smile . With a sudden move of her body, she disappeared into the top of the tree and slowly closed in on the target .

"Are you waiting for me?" as if uttered by a phantom, her voice was heard from behind him .

Before that a.s.sa.s.sin could react, Yun Wu\'s blade slid through his neck with a whooshing sound . The cut was very deep . Eyes dilated, the a.s.sa.s.sin\'s body fell down soundlessly .

After giving a cold glance at that a.s.sa.s.sin, Yun Wu enwrapped herself with wind element and instantly disappeared into the forest in another direction .

A night breeze pa.s.sed by .

Somewhere in the dark forest . After a cold gleam of the sword, with dilated eyes, another a.s.sa.s.sin watched Yun Wu, who had just cut his neck, his eyes full of horror .

\'She . . . when did she find my position?\'

In the same way, like a ghost, Yun Wu had soundlessly closed in on the targets and killed them, each kill taking only one slash .

Four down!

There was one left – that old man in black robe, who was in early stage of Tier IX .

Yun Wu smiled coldly . With a whooshing sound, her figure shot towards the periphery of the forest and instantly disappeared .

On the periphery of the Magic Beasts Forest .

There were more low-level magic beasts as well as more humans here, which caused disturbance to her spiritual detection .

Even with so much disturbance, she would still distinguish the old man\'s Qi which was unique to an a.s.sa.s.sin .

It seemed that this old man in a black robe was not a fool . He knew he should flee to the periphery where there were more people .

But his attempt to escape was doomed to failure .

On the sight of that purple figure that flashed in front of him, the old man in a black robe was somewhat horrified, the hair on his back standing on end .

\'How – How\'s this possible?\'


He had never revealed his Qi on his way . How came she still found his whereabouts?

When his eyes met her purple ones, a surge of horror rose in him and before he could yelp, his soul seemed to have been immobilized . A sharp sword was laterally swung at him and cut into his throat .

At this moment, both his yell and his horror were blocked in his throat .

The old man in a black rob widened his eyes, staring squarely at the two eerie purple eyes . Yun Wu curved the corner of her lips into a cruel smile, coquettish and icy .

She whipped out the sword, blood splattering .

Blood gushed out of the wound in his neck . His eyes full of horror, his body unconsciously fell backwards . . .

Maybe, they shouldn\'t have underestimated their enemies from the very beginning . They should have rushed into the cave and killed her the moment the fight started . But it was too late .

Yun Wu coldly glanced at the body on the ground, her eyes full of apathy . Then she turned around and walked in Long Qingxie\'s direction .

She had barely walked a couple of steps forward, however, when a female voice yelled from behind .

"Hey, who are you? Stop . "

Upon the yell, someone covered in fighting spirit rushed over . And then a female dressed in elegant clothes appeared in front of Yun Wu .

Behind her, a couple of figures with powerful Qi also rushed over . They were holding Legendary Luminous Pearls in their hands, lighting up the darkness around .

Yun Wu stopped . She slightly raised her eyes to the female getting in her way . She was about twenty, peak-stage of Tier III .

The three men behind her were all warriors in late stage of Tier VIII, and they were clearly lackeys!

It seemed that this female was from a n.o.ble background .

"Was it you who killed that old man?" after peering at Yun Wu for a while, the female pointed at the body of the black-robed old man and asked .

Yun Wu didn\'t answer but raised her eyebrows and glanced at her .

Seeing that Yun Wu remained silent, that female couldn\'t help frowning, "Are you dumb? I\'m asking you a question!"

Coldness glinted at the bottom of Yun Wu\'s eyes . Judging by her arrogant manner, the female must be a spoiled lady of some rich family .

However, Yun Wu was not interested in playing with a lady like this . She indifferently turned around, planning to get past her and leave .

Seeing this, the female was somewhat annoyed . With a sudden of her body, she blocked Yun Wu\'s path, "You little girl, don\'t be so arrogant . Do you know who I am?"

Coldly looking at her, Yun Wu asked rhetorically in a flat manner, "Does your ident.i.ty have anything to do with me?"

"So you\'re not dumb . Then why didn\'t you answer my question just now?" the female said coldly with a frown .

Yun Wu raised her eyebrows and said idly, "Why should I answer you? Wouldn\'t I have lost face if I answered your question?"

"Humph . You should feel greatly honored to be able to talk to me . I forgot to tell you – I\'m Snow Murong, the only daughter of the Lord of Luoyang City . You\'re lucky to get to know me, so don\'t be ungrateful . . . "

However, Yun Wu was totally uninterested in her words . She went past her and slowly walked away .

Snow Murong was angry and she blocked Yun Wu\'s path again, "Were you listening to me?"

This time, Yun Wu also went impatient, "Stop testing my patience and get out of my way!"

"You . . . You dare to talk to me like this? Do you believe that I can make sure you never make it out of this Magic Beasts Forest?" the female\'s face went cold, and a ferocious, icy look appeared in her eyes .

As far as she could remember, n.o.body had ever dared talk to her like that .

Originally, she had planned to go into the depths of Magic Beasts Forest to collect some medicine . She happened to pa.s.s by this area and a heavy smell of blood caught her attention, so she walked here out of curiosity .

When she saw the body of the old man dressed in a.s.sa.s.sin suit as well as Yun Wu who had just left, she became curious .

Of course, she naturally didn\'t believe that Yun Wu was the one who had killed the old man . She was just a teenage girl . How could she kill an a.s.sa.s.sin? That was a joke .

She just wanted to see what this teenage girl, who dared walk alone in Magic Beasts Forest at night, looked like .

Unexpectedly, this teenage girl not only ignored her but also didn\'t show any reverence or surprise or admiration, which rather irritated her .

In Luoyang, she was an exceptionally talented genius and a lot of people tried to curry favor with her . Although currently she was in Magic Beasts Forest, her reputation preceded her .

\'I can\'t make it out of this Magic Beasts Forest?\'

Yun Wu had heard a lot of similar words .

Yun Wu gave a cold glance at this "willful" lady, a feeling of contempt rising in her .

She? She wanted to kill her?

But at this moment, it was Long Qingxie that Yun Wu was thinking about . She didn\'t know how he was, so she scorned to waste time on this spoiled lady .

But she gave her an advice before leaving .

"Lady, here\'s my advice for you – make some adjustments on your vain and arrogant att.i.tudes . Otherwise, some day you might get yourself killed without knowing how . "

The instant her words broke off, she covered herself with wind element and with that her figure vanished into thin air like a gust of wind .

Yes . In the eyes of the four people, she seemed to have vanished .

Snow Murong blinked and then blinked again . It wasn\'t until quite a while later that she seemed to have realized what had just happened . Her face instantly changed a little, eyes sweeping around, as if she was trying to find Yun Wu\'s whereabouts .

"Did-Did you see how she vanished?"

The three men were also shocked, "No, my lady!"

She had disappeared at a horrifyingly fast speed and they had barely sensed anything .

And they were in late stage of Tier VIII . If even they had failed to see anything, how powerful was that girl?

At this moment, the three men couldn\'t help feeling frightful .

If she had decided to attack their lady just now, could they have stopped her?

No . They definitely couldn\'t have .

Because that speed alone could only be matched by that of a Grand Kung Fu Master .

So that girl was a Grand Kung Fu Master?

Was it possible?

Instantly, the three men felt their backs break out in a fine film of cold sweat .

In the dark!

When Yun Wu returned to the outside of the cave!

Eyes open, Long Qingxie had already woken up from his Qi circulation, and his crimson eyes of bloodl.u.s.t had returned to their normal black color . But his handsome face was still ghastly white, and those b.l.o.o.d.y wounds all over his body were appalling .

"How do you feel?" Yun Wu walked up to him, asking .

"I\'ll live . You finished them?" Long Qingxie said casually as he raised his eyes and watched Yun Wu walking over .

He sounded as if the blood on his bloodstained white clothes was not his .

"Um . I got the job done . Now let me dress your wounds," Yun Wu looked at him with a frown .

Upon these words, she produced a couple of medicines out of the Storage s.p.a.ce along with those silver needles .

But Yun Wu had just crouch down, planning to take off his torn bloodstained clothes, when a big hand grabbed one of hers .

Yun Wu raised her eyes and looked at him, saying with a frown, "Stop that . Let go of me . Let me check your wounds first . "

But Long Qingxie curved his pale lips into a wickedly coquettish smile, "You care about me?"

\'Does this man really want to talk about this at this moment?\'

But this time, Yun Wu didn\'t contradict him . She wanted to draw her hand back, but the man wouldn\'t loosen his grip, as if he would never let go of her without hearing her answer .

Yun Wu couldn\'t help sighing secretly . She raised her purple eyes and met his deep black ones, "I do! I care about you . Are you satisfied with this answer?"

Long Qingxie\'s lips curved in a smile which looked wickedly coquettish, "I am . I\'m very satisfied . "

"Then would you please let me go?" Yun Wu raised her eyebrows and looked at his big hand which was gripping one of hers .

Hearing her words, Long Qingxie loosened his grip as if "reluctantly", but his black eyes were peering at her up and down with a fevered look in them .

Under his unduly fevered gaze, Yun Wu felt uneasy, frowning, "Why are you staring at me like this?"

"Tiny, you still haven\'t noticed that you\'ve changed?" Long Qingxie raised his eyebrows and looked at her, smiling .

She had changed?

Changed how? Her strength changed? n.o.body knew about this better than she did .

However, at this time, Long Qingxie handed her a sharp, gleaming dagger, in the mirror-like blade of which she saw her features .

Instantly, Yun Wu was stunned!

She confusedly watched her reflection in the blade . Her exquisite features were flawless, especially her thick eyebrows and big eyes with purple pupils, as if she was a Yōkai .

However, ignoring those purple pupils, wasn\'t this face exactly the same as the face she once had when she was young in modern society?

How did this happen?

How came that pretty face had completely metamorphosed into the face she once had when she was in modern society?