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Publishedat 16th of September 2019 01:43:01 PMChapter 54

Mind-Control Technique

Naturally, a half-Sorcerer possessed some sorcery abilities .

Seeing that the black fog had condensed into a python, Yun Wu didn\'t know whether it was real or illusory . It was so bizarre .

"Girl, this is the Vitalization Power of the Sorcery Tribe . It vitalizes part of the user\'s power and shapes it into a magic beast which can actually fight like a magic beast!" Elder White\'s voice slowly came .

Vitalization Power?

It seemed that the Sorcery Tribe was becoming more and more incredible, but she was also becoming more and more curious about it .

"The sorcery power in me has already woken up . Does that mean I can also use the Vitalization Power?" Yun Wu asked in an undertone .

"Girl, you\'ve aroused the sorcery power in you, but your body hasn\'t revived yet, so you can only use the small amount of residual sorcery power in your meridians, and I\'m afraid that\'s not enough to be vitalized . Even if you succeed in vitalizing it, the magic beast it turns into will probably just be a weak one and won\'t be of much help . "

Hearing Elder White\'s words, Yun Wu was embarra.s.sed and resigned .

\'This body\'s so troublesome!\'


"Cheer up . Once your body revives, you will be able to unleash all the sorcery power in you," said Elder White . She didn\'t know whether he was merely trying to console her .

Unfortunately, seeing Zuo Feng as well as that python, Yun Wu didn\'t find those words very comforting . At least, she had to finish these enemies first before making further plans .

Seeing that Yun Wu didn\'t take any further action, Zuo Feng thought that she was afraid, so he felt a little complacent .

This was his secret weapon . Even opponents more powerful than him would suffer .

He waved his hand and said to the black python, "Black Python, go kill her . "

The black python seemed to be very intelligent . With a whooshing sound, it pounced on Yun Wu with its fanged mouth wide open . . .

Yun Wu\'s purple eyes became vigilant and a piece of information flashed across her mind . She took a sideways move, flipped her hands and two flames reappeared in her palms .

But this time she didn\'t shape the fire into fire b.a.l.l.s . Instead, she clasped her hands together . As if by magic, when the two flames were joined together, a faint roar of dragon was heard .

Instantly, her hands parted and a fiery red dragon shadow appeared out of thin air .


"Roar – "

The dragon shadow abruptly raised it head and gave a roar . If they looked at it carefully, they would find that the shadow was somewhat transparent . This was the first time that she had used this technique and it seemed that she could only shape her power into a dragon shadow .

But it seemed mighty enough, just like that Red Fire Dragon in the forbidden area .

This was not the Vitalization Power of the Sorcery Tribe, but another power called Elemental Vitalization, the information of which had just been provided by the Soaring Dragon Scroll .

As that dragon shadow appeared, the smug look in Zuo Feng\'s eyes was replaced by astonishment .

"You also have Vitalization Power?" he blurted in amazement .

But the next second, the dragon shadow\'s body entangled that black python, opened its mouth, roared and breathed fire which instantly engulfed that black python .

"Hiss . . . " as if in agony, the black python hissed, and its vitalized body seemed to have been penetrated . It burst and then dispersed like a cloud of black fog, leaving only a puff of black smoke .

"This is impossible . You . . . " seeing that his vitalized black python had ended up bursting and disappearing, Zuo Feng was shocked and couldn\'t subdue the horror in him no matter how hard he tried .

The vitalization of elements didn\'t rely on sorcery power but relied on element in the air .

Yun Wu was not as powerful as he was, but there was abundant fire element in this area, which gave her an advantage of favorable terrain .

But actually, even Yun Wu herself was astonished at the elemental power in her body .

Fire element was only one of the seven elements, and she hadn\'t used the other six elements yet . But she had already seen how potent the power was .

She felt somewhat lucky that she had partic.i.p.ated in that high-stake gamble . Of course, the price she had paid during the process was also beyond common people\'s imagination .

"You\'ve delayed your death for so long . Now are you ready to die?" Yun Wu\'s lips curved, but the look in her eyes was extremely cold .

These people must die today .

Zuo Feng\'s face instantly became dark . "You\'re not eligible to claim my life!" he raged . His figure abruptly vanished into thin air in a weird way .

He was nowhere to be found .

Yun Wu frowned and immediately exerted her spiritual power on the whole battleground, trying to detect the enemy .

Her spiritual power was like radar waves, scanning everything in this area .

All of a sudden .

She felt an uncanny twist and fluctuation of s.p.a.ce behind her .

Yun Wu abruptly dodged aside and that attack coming at her from twisted s.p.a.ce caught her blur .

One times . Two times . Three times . . .

None of the sneak attacks. .h.i.t the target . Zuo Feng, who had become invisible by using a special cloaking technique of the Sorcery Tribe, was rather annoyed, staring at Yun Wu indignantly .

"Don\'t you want to claim my life? Why don\'t you stop dodging and just come at me? You coward!"

Unexpectedly, Yun Wu actually stopped moving after hearing Zuo Feng\'s words .

Zuo Feng sneered secretly, \'This little girl is so easy to trick . She fell for simple reverse psychology . So stupid . \'

An evil look flashed across his eyes and he abruptly brandished his sword and dashed towards Yu Wu at a faster speed .

However, the next second, his pupils abruptly dilated .

"You . . . "

Lips curving in a smile, Yun Wu said with a seemingly innocent look, "Your reverse psychology was actually pretty good . You said those words and I actully managed to kill you . "

With that she exerted more strength .

"Shuh!" a faint sound of the sword sinking deeper into his flesh was heard .

Zuo Feng lowered his head and saw a sword sticking in his chest where the heart was, the b.l.o.o.d.y tip of the blade revealed behind his back .

Zuo Feng stared squarely at Yun Wu, his dilated, evil pupils full of disbelief .

\'How come she knew where I would emerge?\'

This sword attack was extremely accurate . It almost seemed as if she had antic.i.p.ated the precise position where he would appear, and that she had been waiting for him to show up .

Seeing the disbelief in his eyes, Yun Wu curved the corner of her lips and said in an undertone, "Don\'t underestimate your opponent . Although I\'m only at Tier VII, my strength is more than enough to kill you . . . "

Although her frontal attacks were not as lethal as his, she had seven elemental powers at her disposal now, so it wouldn\'t be easy for him to kill her . Since he had suicidally appeared beside her, she naturally wouldn\'t let go of this opportunity .

She pulled out the sword and blood splattered across her purple clothes .

However, the next moment, that fiery red dragon shadow in the air abruptly opened its frightful mouth and a breath of furious fire engulfed Zuo Feng\'s body .

"Ah – " Zuo Feng\'s piercing screech of pain was heard . Soon, his body was burnt to ashes .

At the same time, Long Qingxie suddenly felt a shiver and a faint white light flashed across his body . As if he had just detected something, a flicker of surprise flashed across his deep eyes . He couldn\'t help raising his head and stared squarely at Yun Wu who was high up in the air .

\'How\'s this possible?\'

"Shuh . . . "

Unexpectedly, those people on the ground gasped in horror .

"How – How\'s this possible? You – You . . . "

That was a Grand Kung Fu Master . . .

Jin Long’s mind went blank, his face full of shock and disbelief . When Yun Wu\'s eyes swept towards him, he inexplicably quivered and backed off . . .

Yun Wu squinted at him . Seeing the shock on his ghastly white face, Yun Wu couldn\'t help sneering secretly . She slowly raised her hand and a flame popped out of her palm, "What\'s wrong? You feel shocked?"

Jin Long subconsciously nodded but soon shook his head, as if he was at a loss how to react . His previous arrogance was nowhere to be seen .

Yun Wu suddenly curved up the corner of her lips, but her smile was cold . Her purple eyes were giving off an uncanny light, which gave him chills down the spine, but what was uncannier was that her purple eyes seemed to have the capability to penetrate and constrain his soul like two sharp nails .

"There\'s no need to be afraid . You won\'t feel shock again once you\'re dead," Jin Long’s pupils abruptly contracted when he heard Yun Wu\'s words and with that a flicker of horror crossed his mind . He wanted to flee .

However, he suddenly discovered that he couldn\'t turn his eyes, and he couldn\'t move his body either .

\'How\'s this possible?\'

\'Is this . . . \'

"Soul Chain?" he was horrified .

Yun Wu didn\'t hesitate . She infused the fire into the dragon shadow which had just devoured Zuo Feng . The dragon shadow became more distinct than before, and the contours of the dragon could be faintly seen .

"Go!" Yun Wu yelled coldly . The fire dragon roared, opened its mouth and dashed towards Jin Long with a whooshing sound .

"No – Ah – " his quivering sound had barely been heard when Jin Long’s body transfixed by those purple eyes was instantly devoured by the fire dragon . A screech of pain was heard .

A smell of burnt flesh filled the air . . .

All this happened too fast and the most important reason for it was Mind-Control Technique!

Yes . Previously, Yun Wu had briefly browsed the manual of Mind-Control Technique stolen from the treasure house . She hadn\'t expected that after swallowing those seven fruits, she had not only gained seven elemental powers but also mastered the first level of this technique, Soul Chain!

Mind-Control Technique was a skill that enabled the user to control people with eyes .

Yun Wu had just used this technique for the first time, and she distinctly feel that Soul Chain could only temporarily immobilize him but couldn\'t control his mind .

However, faces of the old man in black robe and the others abruptly went ghastly pale after they saw this scene .

\'Tier IX middle-stage Lord Jin has also been . . . \'

"Lor – Lord, what should we do?" one of those a.s.sa.s.sins stammered in a quivering voice, horror glinting in his eyes .

This girl was too weird!

A Grand Kung Fu Master and a Tier IX middle-stage warrior, who were their most powerful companions, had all been killed . What should they do?

Launch an attack together? That would probably be nothing but suicide .

The instant that a.s.sa.s.sin\'s quivering voice broke off, the eyes of the old man in black robe went sullen and he said in a deep voice, "Let\'s split up . Go back to report the queen!"

After saying this, with a sudden flash of his black figure, he disappeared into the dense forest .

Seeing this, the other four a.s.sa.s.sins split up and vanished into the forest in four different directions .

For a.s.sa.s.sins, a dense forest was the best sanctuary, and especially so when it was gradually dark .

Unfortunately, their opponent was a killer who was best at killing people in forests .

Yun Wu\'s lips curved into a cold sneer, but eventually she lowered her head and glanced at Long Qingxie who was below on the ground, "Do some Qi circulation first . I\'ll be back soon . "

Upon these words, her figure shot off in one of those four directions .

Watching in the direction that she disappeared, Long Qingxie, who was lying on the ground, felt the eerie change in his body, astonishment glinting in his deep eyes .