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Publishedat 14th of September 2019 02:27:43 PMChapter 53

Seven Elements


Yun Wu felt a loud bang in her mind and then piercing pain started spreading . She felt as if her head was about to explode and her whole body ached badly . The agony was so intolerable that she felt she was going to be destroyed .

But meanwhile a stream of colorful Qi abruptly rushed into her mind and went straight into her spiritual s.p.a.ce .

What\'s going on?

Yun Wu didn\'t know . She only knew that the moment the stream of colorful Qi entered her spiritual s.p.a.ce, all the things around her became extremely distinct, as if she could even sense -- no, she could even clearly see -- those bacteria in the air that were not visible to the naked eye .

With blood flowing in them, her eyes were exceptionally clean, purple pupils giving off certain sort of mysterious light .

But at this time, black blood flowed out of her mouth . Caked blood on her body and face started shedding bit by bit .

At this moment, she was like a snake shedding skin . Even the outer layers of her skin shed with those blood clots, revealing inner skin as white as snow .

It seemed as if the violently flowing blood was accelerating her metamorphosis .

The great pain gradually subsided . Some kind of mysterious power started converging at her Dantian and eventually condensed into seven small colorful beads which revolved around the golden-red bead in a extremely harmonious way .

But all of a sudden .

Yun Wu felt that something was swelling in her rapidly . . .

"Ah -- " an uncanny roar issued from her mouth uncontrollably .

Meanwhile, a colorful light shone through her body and potent elemental power surged out of her .

"Boom -- "

At this moment, the whole Magic Beasts Forest started quaking eerily, as if there was an earthquake . All the beasts became restless, and those in the forest on a hunt were horrified .

However, at this very moment .

A figure in purple with disheveled hair abruptly shot out of the cave and hurtled directly towards the white and the black figures in the air .


The impact of furious powers caused an explosion like that of fireworks .


Carrying Long Qingxie in her arms, Yun Wu flew down .

Long Qingxie\'s white clothes had been dyed red and his evilly handsome face was ghastly white, but when he saw the woman beside him, the corner of his lips evilly and boldly curved up .

"Are you okay?"

Yun Wu looked at him . He was covered in blood, and there was even a bleeding cut on his handsome face . Under this circ.u.mstance, it was not himself but her that he was worried about .

\'Is this man an idiot?\'

However, it was this him who gave her heart lurches .

She placed him on the ground, "Wait for a while . Let me finish those troublesome guys first . "

After saying this, she didn\'t wait for him to say anything and just leaped upwards . Floating in the air, she looked Zuo Feng in the face .

Long hair flying, she was an exceptionally beautiful teenage girl in purple . There was a suggestion of chilly air about her, which made her more attractive .

Zuo Feng watched Yun Wu, slightly astonished by her beauty, but there was also a flicker of pity in his eyes .

Because he had sensed a trace of Sorcery-Tribe Qi in her .

She was the target that the queen wanted eliminated, and yet she was only in early stage of Tier VII . In his eyes, killing her was as easy as pinching an ant to death .

Early stage of Tier VII?

Yes . Just now, she had skipped two tiers from early stage of Tier V .

Of course, Zuo Feng and the others didn\'t know this . Otherwise, they would be in a totally different mentality .

In as short as a month, she had turned from a loser who owned no fighting force at all into a Tier VII early-stage warrior . What a tier-skipping improvement this was!

If the news spread, all the people on the Shenzhou continent would be shocked .

"You\'re the one who aroused sorcery power?" watching Yun Wu, Zuo Feng asked with an eerie look in his eyes .

"Aren\'t you a half-sorcerer? What do you think?" Coldly lifting the corner of her lips, Yun Wu asked instead of answering .

Zuo Feng was dressed in a black robe, and there was something sinister and cold about him . He also had specks of blood on him .

"It seems that you are the target," killing intent suddenly flickered in Zuo Feng\'s eyes . "Then you\'ll have to die here . "

The moment he finished the last word, a surge of eerie, mysterious power hurtled towards Yun Wu .

Slightly squinting her purple eyes, Yun Wu didn\'t try to dodge . With a hand-clenching movement, she twisted the s.p.a.ce in front of her and the power coming at her surprisingly vanished into the twisted s.p.a.ce .

\'What kind of power is this?\'

Zuo Feng was distinctly stunned .

Jin Long and the others who had been watching from below were also stunned .

But soon a cold and ferocious look appeared on Zuo Feng\'s face . Intense killing aura surged out of him, along with an instant upsurge of fighting momentum, "Jin Long, join me! Let\'s kill her!"

Hearing Zuo Feng\'s words, Jin Long collected himself . A murderous look on his face, he immediately leaped upwards .

\'Two versus one?\'

Yun Wu squinted her eyes, \'It seems that they\'re determined to kill me . But judging by Zuo Feng\'s previous words, the queen shouldn\'t have known I\'m the one who has aroused sorcery power, but what happened today is on her regardless . \'

At this time, Zuo Feng and Jin Long launched an attack on her together, giving her no chance to speak .

Their blows were extreme quick, but Yun Wu managed to dodge aside . Two blasts of potent power impacted on each other, generating a shower of sparks .

However, Zuo Feng seemed to have antic.i.p.ated that she would dodge aside and he produced a black sphere out of thin air and tossed it before Yun Wu .

Yun Wu\'s purple eyes became vigilant, \'A bomb?\' She hadn\'t expected that people of this world were able to produce bombs .

It was too late for her to dodge .

Zuo Feng curved the corner of his lips into a sinister smile and made a hand-clenching movement . With a crack, the bomb exploded before Yun Wu .

"Bomb . . . "

A loud explosion was heard . The blast released enormous amounts of energy along with numerous sparks, filling the whole battleground .

The bomb had exploded right in front of Yun Wu . The blast should have either killed or seriously injured her .

"The power of this bomb is pretty good . The queen’s done a great job," watching the explosion site with a sinister look, Zuo Feng mumbled in a sneering tone .

Jin Long was also smiling grimly, \'Finally, the mission is accomplished . \'

However, the next second, the smile on their faces froze and their eyes instantly dilated .

After the bomb exploded, they had been expecting to see Yun Wu\'s broken body drop to the ground . After all, Yun Wu was only in early stage of Tier VII, and that bomb was powerful enough to kill someone at Tier IX .

\'But how did . . . this happen?\'

After the fire caused by the explosion disappeared, a transparent barrier emerged in front of them .

Jin Long’s pupils abruptly contracted .

"A barrier? She\'s also capable of using barrier techniques?"

The old man in black robe and the other four a.s.sa.s.sins were also astonished .

But Zuo Feng\'s face suddenly darkened, and his sinister eyes were full of shock, "Not just any barrier . That\'s a s.p.a.ce barrier composed of s.p.a.ce element . "

s.p.a.ce element?

Did that mean . . .

Back then at the very beginning when this world came into being, there were originally seven elements on this Shenzhou continent -- wind, wood, water, earth, fire, thunder and s.p.a.ce . The last two were special elements and they were far more powerful than the other five .

It was a pity that very few people were capable of using the last two elements and in the end almost n.o.body was .

As a result, from a certain point of time on, thunder and spatial elements were gradually consigned to oblivion, and residents of Shenzhou continent believed that there were only five elements .

But there were still records on thunder element and s.p.a.ce element .

This was thunder element?

Yun Wu withdrew the s.p.a.ce barrier, a cold look in her purple eyes, "Since you\'re not capable of taking my life, I\'ll take yours . "

She flipped over her palm and a flame appeared -- that was a true flame not an illusory one, and the heat could be felt distinctly .


Hearing her words, they were stunned . And then when they saw that flame in the palm of her hand, a flicker of astonishment abruptly flashed across their eyes .

"A tangible flame? How -- How\'s that possible?" amazed, Jin Long couldn\'t help yelling, his voice full of disbelief .

The old man in black robe and the four a.s.sa.s.sins were even more astounded .

Although warriors were capable of controlling elemental power, they couldn\'t condense the power into tangible flames, but there was actually a flame in the palm of this woman in front of them . What was going on?

But the next second, all their perplexities were replaced by horror .

"Fire ball!" she yelled coldly and two fire b.a.l.l.s about the size of a fist were formed and thrown towards Zuo Feng .

Zuo Feng\'s face darkened and he instantly dodged aside .

But the fire b.a.l.l.s eerily pursued him hotly no matter how fast his speed was .

There was a cold smile on the corner of Yun Wu\'s mouth . Her red lips slightly parted, "Explode!"

"Boom" a loud explosion rippled through the Magic Beasts Forest, the ground quaking as if there was an earthquake .

Energy of the fire b.a.l.l.s instantly exploded with furious elemental power violently fluctuating outwards, and the after-effects threw Jin Long straight backwards .

This explosion was several times more powerful than that of the bomb .

The horrified look in the eyes of the old man in black robe and the four a.s.sa.s.sins proved this .

Long Qingxie also couldn\'t help lifting his eyebrows, a flicker of astonishment flashed across his eyes .

Having been blasted off his back by the after-effects of the explosion, Jin Long was not seriously injured, but his face also changed drastically . Watching Zuo Feng who was in the fire caused by the explosion, he looked terrified .

\'What kind of power is this?\'

After the sea of fire on the explosion site abated, a figure covered with wounds was seen . He stood in the air, half of his body covered in blood .

"Lor--Lord Zuo . . . " Jin Long yelled in shock .

Half of his body was intact, yet the other half was b.l.o.o.d.y . His looks were extremely eerie .

\'So this is what they call a half-sorcerer ?\'

Seeing the condition Zuo Feng was in, Yun Wu started weighing the situation . It seemed that her fire b.a.l.l.s were far from enough to handle a member of the Sorcery Tribe .

But if her opponent was a human Grand Kung Fu Master, then her fire b.a.l.l.s could seriously injure, even kill the opponent .

"You dare to hurt me?" Zuo Feng coldly glared at Yun Wu .

"I also want to kill you!" curling her lip, Yun Wu said coldly .

A glint of anger crossed Zuo Feng\'s eyes and then a sinister look abruptly appeared in them, "Those were really big words . I\'d like to find out what makes you so arrogant . "

As soon as he finished his remarks, a surge of dark Qi started condensing secretly .

"Hiss . . . " a python shrouded in black fog appeared out of thin air, and its vicious green eyes looked dark and horrifying .